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Talon Build Guide by Guest

Talon Mid

Talon Mid

Updated on March 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 4,970 Views 0 Comments
4,970 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Talon Build Guide By Guest Updated on March 2, 2012
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Heya guys :)

I a'm Pawnista and this is my 1st Mobafire build :) I hope you like it :D
Also many of you would ask why Talon on mid ? Why not , many mele heroes are actualy good on mid because of their spells , one of them is Talon. He has ranged slow (Rake) and a jump on enemy (cuttroath) wich make him a werry good harraser expecialy vs mages wich often come on mid , and Rake can allso be used for farming minions due its low mana cost :)

Also sorry for any bad english , its not my native leangue :)
I will fix any mistakes I see as fast as i can , allso I will update this guide :)
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I know you were like dafuq ?!? when you saw my runes , but i will explain it now , why were these runes my choice :)

1st - Red and yellow runes - For them I took Critical strike chance , its because 12% critical strike chanse on lvl 1 is werry usefoul vs squishy champions which come on mid :) its enoguh to get 1 crit on lvl 3-7 (while you are on mid ) to drive away mid hero :)

2nd - Quint's -> Armour penetration , i dont need to explain this , maybe your asking why only 10 arp , answer is simple , 10 arp on runes + 6 arp and 10% arp from masteries is enough till you get your Brutalizer and black cleaver :) you will go vs squishy with allmost no armour on mid :)

3rd - Blue - Mana regen per 5 per lvl -> buying blue for crit isnt worth it because it gives u less than 0,3% , not profitabile at all. With mana regen per 5 per lvl runes gives you possibility of spaming Rake for harras and farm :)
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As you see i go for 21-0-9 taking all AD boost masteries in Offense tree and mana regen and runic affinity in utility tree.
In offence tree there is nothing to discus abaut , thats standard AD masteries , and in utility mana regen is usefoul for spamming Rake , with blue runes on mana regen you can spam spells werry often to harras or farm minions :)
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1st item should be Doria's Blade, it gives little bit DMG little bit Hp and little bit of Life steal , good item for start :)

2nd you shoud RUSH AS FAST AS YOU CAN brutalizer , its damage and armour penetration will give you massive DMG boots.

3rd I go for Phage , it gives little bit of survivability and little dmg , but also gives chance to slow enemies wich is aditional 10% auto attack damage due his passive.

4th item go for boots :) CD boots are good for him because he is realy cooldown dependant , he is not so much auto attack hero like Trynda and etc, his abilities are prime source of damage.

5th Bloodthirster , not much to say abaut it :)

6th go for black cleaver , 45 arp + attack speed + damage , not rly much to explain :)

7th Upgrade Phage into trinity.

Afte that game is almost allways ower but if you got stuck in long game you could go for Ghostblade or infinity :)
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Summoner Spells

I personaly prefer Ignite and flash , ignite for finishing off enemies with low hp and flash for escape or for chasing enemy if your cuttroath is on cooldown :)

allso usefoul summoner spells are exaust and ghost , and others ar allmost useless on Talon :)

*** Heal is good if you whant to troll a bit :D ***
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Pros / Cons


Werry good ganker , Cuttroath's blink on target and Rakes slow are good cc's .

Death for squishy's , if you are decently feed you will need 2x rake , ulti , cuttroath and few auto attack's to kill someone :)

Werry Good Vs mages with skillshots (Lux , Ahri & etc.) , easy to duke their skill shots , allso good vs combo mages (LeBlanc , Cassi & etc) primely because of silence on 3rd spell :)


Could he be more squishy ? One fail and thas instant death for you.
Cooldown and item dependent , if you dont get good farm at start you will suck whole game, and with no cooldowns even if you are feed nicely you will have hard time killing someone.
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Art of killing :)

on mid lane you will be allmost compleatly usseless until lvl 3 ,until then don't be too agressive , try to farm some minions with your rage ability , if possible hit enemy champion too.

on 3rd lvl you shound get all of your 3 spells , you should be able to harras alot with its combo, Cuttroath -> auto attack -> Noxian diplomacy (It restarts auto attack timer ) -> rake and then run away. I know Rage gives slow and slowed targets get bonus damage from auto attack, but in most times when you use cuttroath on enemy you will miss with your rake ability due of its movement if you cast it on smart cast , but if you whant it try it either way is good , but i prefer clear shoot of target :)
When you do this combo you will need some time , about 1-3 seconds to finish it , best if you go araund of target to prevent them from landing any skillshots. Allso when you run away from him try to go left right allso to prevent landing skillshots.

Reapeat this until you can finish them off with combo + ignite (and ulti if you have it ) :)

** One important thing when you are Midding is that you go away from your creep wave , either above them or undet them , but dont stand in line betwean opponent champion and your creep wave , so they would have to choose between casting spell on you or minions, and due your mobility , creeps will only block you , why to risk that when you can farm with rake from far away :)

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