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Talon Build Guide by Sillykatmeows

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sillykatmeows

Talon Raking in the kills

Sillykatmeows Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I was just really putting up what I like to use and still experimenting with. Since everyone's ideas are up and about right now just figured someone might find it useful. x3 Do more with it if I can after more games. Its my first guide to, I wanted a place to put my build and what I do somewhere more fancy then a notepad and it might help out some more players too!

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Pros / Cons

Very high burst
Can stealth out of ganks and getting targeted in team fights
Pretty powerful solo if done right
Easy to farm with
Clutch silence ability

Easy target if abilities are on CD
No real escape ability if ult is down and no creeps around
Usually targeted by enemy team in fights
Mostly single target burst
Requires some minor skillshots to receive passive bonus damage solo Prior to frozen mallet.

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Skill Sequence

I choose to max ASAP due to it making harassing and farming creeps very easy to do, a good note is to notice that the area that gets hit by the blades is actually a little farther then the radius indicator shows you. Also at rank 4 with a decent buy you can almost if not 1 shot all caster creeps same with rank 5 depending on how fed you are or how long the game has been going for the creeps to scale. Making it very easy to last hit them when they take a little bit of damage and netting you decent income even in a lane you might be pushed back.

Following up with You can use this after auto attacking to attack immediately after your auto attack, making last hitting once again easier to do. You can also use it to 1 shot a high HP target since it adds a good chunk of damage on top of your auto attack.

Lastly you get a rank of cutthroat at 3(4 if you don't need to harass your opponet more and they are already backed off a bit.) then max it last as its mostly for 3 things.
1) the blink burst combo of cutthroat -> -> AUTO ATTACK -> Which if done right should take off a good 1/4-1/2 of someones HP. If you are laning with someone use it when someone starts something or its safe to burst and you can GUARANTEE that they won't retaliate with you ending up dying for being over eager.

2)For the silence which can be game changing and cause your team to win a team fight. Silencing Fiddle mid channel for , or silencing their fed caster before your team focus's them down, blinking onto Kat who is using are decent examples of what I mean.

3)It places a debuff on your target of increasing your damage dealt to the target by 3/6/9/12/15% It sounds nice in theory however, you'll be doing more damage later in the game which is just another reason to rank it last as the other two skills will help you much better early on.

So just remember this skill is a blink and damage modifier BUT its also a silence! Make sure to take into account bursting someone a little faster might not be worth more then stopping a ult that can kill your entire team.

Last of the last of course level Every time you level this skill its CD gets reduced by a good chunk making it very spamable, much like Lux's finales funkeln. I feel with its short cooldown you can risk farming out a lane while some of the enemy team is mia as if they come to gank you, you can just pop it and get to safety before they can kill you. Don't push to far if the team is mostly mia and you have no allies near you. A low cooldown doesn't mean you should start team fights with it however. Always wait for fights to start before jumping into them and if their team is lined up well enough you can use it for its damage as each blade will hit targets they pass through. I tend to use it for when they start to focus me so they have to target someone else while I can line up the damage before jumping back onto someone.

Also using your summoner spells while in stealth from , breaks your stealth and retracts your blades.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells there are a few options. My own personal favorites would be..
and Though I can see , , and have their uses I would only really consider ghost though myself.

A bit more thought into each spell for this hero~

This allows you to get your passive bonus as well as give you a slow after rake is down if you miss or they have ghost while you don't. As well as shutting down most 1v1 fights, and end game can make a Completely useless for 3 seconds in a team fight or half his ult. Paired up with This is a good spell helps you kill, and live depending on how you use it. Also can kill over greedy tower divers.

EVERYONE loves this skill and its for a good reason, 72% of all Lol players take this skill just cause it has so many uses and WILL save your life more times then anything and its always annoying when your about to get a kill and they flash to safety. A few things to keep in note, using this while your in your ult will retract all your blades just keep it in mind.

Primarily the use I would think to use ghost to your advantage would be you can pop it before you burst someone then when you use your ult, since you already have the speed bonus you can easily get in front of a fleeing target which will net you the max damage from your ult since every blade will pass through them. Where as if you use flash you can't get the same effect very easily. Also using ghost before your ult when your about to be ganked can get you out just as easily as flash could and in case jarvin comes around to ult you just make sure there are creeps around or you might be screwed. x3

I can only really see this working if your solo top, but that's just more for early farming I don't really recommend it.

It can finish someone off you can't be bothered to chase as they will get to a tower or their team is coming. Works like it does on all other champs. I'd prefer the slow from exhaust for the passive bonus.

Getting out of CC? Short CD Sure it works. You can also just get a though in my opinion if its really needed. Or you could get a either way you end up having 1 other offensive/defensive summoner spell, just by taking a item.

No not recommended at all.

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I tend to take a more glass cannon approach to my masteries by taking 21/0/9 you can swap the 4 dmg in creeps to CDR if you like, but with blue buff and (if the other team lacks lots of CC) I don't think you need it and the 4 dmg can help early on for farming. Also take instead of if you are going to take ghost instead of flash. Also I take instead of , the way I see it as you will get buffs during the game they are VERY helpful you want to keep them as long as possible. A measly 6 gold a min at a average game time of half a hour is only 180 gold that's about ~9 creeps. Totally not worth it in my opinion.

Now for something kinda important most people tend to think that is > Which is totally NOT true. 90% of the time you WILL die in a game if you die ONCE the benefit of this mastery outweighs the other the minor regen you gain from Is so tiny it cannot compare to taking off a good ~30+ seconds off your dead time in a entire game.

Now then Alternative masteries I would consider would be a more cookie cutter 11/6/13 for imp flash as well as some defensive masteries. Could do 3/6/21 for lowered CDs and mana regen. I'd post links to them but I don't know how to do that. Anyway, I mostly prefer my masteries to others. You could also do a 21 in defensive tree build but I feel how I build Talon in my core build that I am good enough to not need the defensive tree.

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Greater mark of desolation Most ADs enjoy having Armor pen stacking this with a early game and you have quite a good chunk of armor pen, reducing most champs armor under 20

Ok I might get hate for this but I really enjoy being able to freely spam all of my abilities on Talon. Being able to rake creeps every pack and getting at least 3 or 4 of the 6 in the wave makes getting gold VERY easy which is important for any assassin champ. These runes also let you cutthroat -> -> AUTO ATTACK -> harass quite often and not go oom unless you spam it over and over again but people shouldn't be living to take advantage of that if your spamming those.

I just recently picked these up to see how well they do work early game and I can say if your laning vs a caster these will make your harassing just that much more deadly since they will run towards you to cast at you then you can burst them for more damage then they did to you and they will often be the ones backing off not you. They are also very useful prior to getting your for your

Early game with a dorin's shield you can easily have a good chunk of HP while other squishes might have around 500 This sets you up already at the start of the game with more HP to tank the creeps with after bursting someone. I also have lived with sub 80 life quite often so these runes have kept me alive before even after the first 20 mins of the game.

greater quintessence of desolation I am going to test around with these soon but I'm sure they work wonders, with a early and these you can knock some people under the 10 armor which in turn makes your burst hit like a truck.

Other runes you could use

greater seal of vitalitygreater seal of defense

I haven't tried them as I prefer my runes over these but give it a shot! Let me know how it works out for you in the comments!

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At the start of the game I take a and do the whole early game thing if all goes well you should be able to buy your and If you can't get both get the boots and as well as some sight ward however prioritize the wards over pots if they have a jungler If your soloing a lane you probably have a bit more money if you can get it try to go for a and your I enjoy soloing on Talon give it a try though I say hes more of a 1v1 solo not a 2v1 solo as 1 bad combo of heros can screw up your laning pretty bad.

Next base you should be able to get your if you can't then get your lv2 boots depending on their team you get or After those 2 get your vampiric sceptor As any Life steal is always a great thing. Don't forget sight ward

From here you can finish your or you can go for your -> Depending on how the other team is doing. I prefer to go for the the bloodtrhister since people usually die in the burst around mid game so you don't need the slow to continue chasing people. Don't forget sight ward

After that the core build is done you have a decent chunk of HP from frozen mallet you can get whatever you really care for. I'll give you 3 different last items for different scenarios

If the team is full of squishies and 1 tank without a lot of CC you can get

If there team is really beefy hp size with for example

The attack speed would help your bloodrazor do even more damage.

If your against a team that is stacking armor (the most annoying kind.)
and can really help you out there, but you should always focus the more squishy targets first in this scenario

In Heavy CC Teams I HIGHLY recommend a or a A banshee's is always good to have even if they don't have a lot of CC the shield will still get used for something and the extra hp/mr is very helpful.

Things to keep in mind
-Buy healing pots and wards almost anytime it is possible when your back in base. The more time you spend out of base the more EXP and gold you receive which is kinda important.
-Get the right boots I like the CD boots apposed to others if they aren't a heavy CC team as the CDs will help you burst people again soon after doing it once.
-Remember to USE your ghost blade, if you don't its not worth it build something else if you can't remember to use it but you'll never learn to if you don't.

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Farming & Tips and Tricks

Once you get to a lane you will either be Soloing or laning with someone I'll seperate them both so you can read the one you will be doing.

Generally I like to take mid or top if its 1v1 for soloing since actually has decent ranged attack with his While soloing its important to last hit it is more important prior till around 4 or 5 when your burst is starts to get pretty deadly. Starting at 3 or 4 you can start to use the burst combo (cutthroat -> -> AUTO ATTACK -> which should shave off a good chunk of their HP then just back off and go back to creeping. While lining up your try to hit the enemy champ with it even at lv 1 it will knock off a good 100 hp and if you do that every other creep wave they will have to back sooner then you, making your burst against them even better. Follow this general rule till lv 6 and into the mid game. Once you are 6 ALWAYS have mana to use shadow ***ualt If you don't keep the mana to use your ult, you will die to a gank, however with your ult up and your summoner spells you should have no problem living even if a surprise gank comes along. As long as you watch your minimap and notice them before you get :p

Duoing in lanes is almost the same, except you should do your burst when your partner can do something as well. Specially if they have a stun, most of the time when you go to burst someone they will either counter stun or run away. Always keep the enemy pair of champs in mind before walking into something stupid that will get you killed. to get your creep kills if you can't melee otherwise do as normal and rake for easy last hits and hitting enemy champs. Happy laning~

Now for probably the reason you read this section to begin with. With talons abilities there are a few things you can do to use his skills to their fullest. Some of these might sound a bit repeated if you read my skill sequence but I know some people aren't going to read that.

Mercy A pretty good passive considering his adds onto his auto attack. To get the passive bonus without anyone around you either have to your target to slow them or your could help you out there to. No real tricks to this though.

Adds quite a good chunk onto your next auto attack and resets your swing, so if you auto attack then use it you get 2 hits in instead of 1. Reveals your target for a bit, can be useful for another cutthroat through fog

A very good cone attack as well as having a few extra uses. While the obvious dmg cone is neat it also can tell you if people are in a bush or above a wall as it makes a sound when it hits. Great for killing off stealthers at low hp.

cutthroat Probably the whole reason I made this tricks section is this skill. There are a few uses for this skill other then attacking someone. While in either sides jungle if you carry wards with you(Like any good person should, specially if it can save your life.) If your being chased to the point of possible death you can ward a creep camp and blink to the creeps widening the gap between your pursuers. Works well doing this after using and running into a bush.

Another use for it would be its minor silence, this silence can change the outcome of a team fight if used correctly instead of for the damage buff or the blink. Stopping a enemy ult that could cause your team to die or a caster whose free casting on your team can win you a fight.

Always remember that this skill has a silence and isn't just a blink with a decent damage buff.

Lastly Hmm, tips and tricks wise for this skill. you can use it to juke by running the opposite of the obvious way back towards your base while being chased and safely tp in bushes. Remember that it gives you a movement bonus as well as putting you in stealth for a short time. Great for getting out of ganks.

Something to keep in mind is if your target is fleeing from you, in order to hit them with your ult a second time you need to be INFRONT of them running away. You can do this by having your buff up so you run faster then them while your stealthed, for this ults second hit is the reason I'm playing around with ghost,to see if the burst from being in front of them is worth dropping flash by itself.

Lastly has VERY good kiting ability with all his abilities specially with creeps around. Example being your top with sub 15% hp and a melee champ ganks you. First you toss a on them so they are slowed, after that you run towards the bushes(Did I mention we are at top in the middle in this example?) He chases you into the bushes you cutthroat to the creeps and toss another rake towards him. running down river if he continues chasing you can to make some more distance and cutthroat to a jungle creep and continue on your way. You should leave perfectly fine. Though if its your screwed. :p

Also if you think you can pull it off you can actually burst down a melee champ you've been kiting with your and

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Talon is a fun hero to play, I hope you enjoy playing him like I have the past few days. He makes for a interesting and more thought out gameplay since your positioning is Quite important specially with your ult. If you don't position yourself right only 2-4 of the blades will hit them nerfing the possible burst a bit.

Hope this guide helps some people out maybe with the more technical stuff then the items. I like my build but it might not be the highest voted. Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments~ Free to criticism as well, first guide and all.

Now go break some blades in people!