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Talon - The Noxian Shadow

Last updated on September 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Talon is a burst damage assassin who has several cc's which makes him a great asset to any team. He can easily take a 2v1 lane if there is one, and he also works great with most characters in a duo lane. He has an easy initiation with his Cutthroat ability, and an easy chase - or escape - with his Shadow Assault.

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I get armor penetration marks for 100% damage early game, and less of a reduction for late game. Flat armor seals are for when you're harassing the enemy, if either the champions or the minions target you, you'll take far less damage enabling more harass. CDR/lvl glyphs are to make his burst damage more frequent, making him maintain his "burst" damage. Armor penetration Quintessences for the early game damage and even less reduction from armor late game.
With these runes you should be doing full damage to most non tanks and about twice as much damage as you would normally to tanks. Your cooldowns at level 18 will be about 10% shorter with just the runes. The armor makes it so you don't have to build more armor in your items.

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I go with a standard 21-0-9 build with talon. I get him the 2% crit with exhaust upgrade mostly because he has absolutely no need for ability power, and to get smite with him is - in my eyes - extremely silly. I get the cooldown reduction because his abilities cost almost nothing all game, so to be able to use them more frequently is ideal. The attack speed and armor penetration along with more damage to minions allows better early game farm. The further damage is the main reason that i take this tree, if you've played talon it's obvious why. If you haven't, all of his abilities adjust with his attack damage except for cutthroat which doesn't adjust to anything. I personally prefer going into the utility tree for the bonus hp/mana regen and the bonus xp. But if you prefer the extra survivability than going into the defense tree would probably work out better for you.

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I start off with boots of speed and some potions for the early game harassing. Go for some early cooldown reduction and attack damage with the Inonian boots and the Brutalizer. I get the Avarice Blade afterwards, but I don't finish the ghostblade to get some extra gold coming in. I then get Phage and working into Frozen mallet, I start with phage for the chance to slow him to set off my passive, not to mention you get some attack damage with your health. If you're having a hard time staying in lane, might want to start with Giant's Belt first. After Frozen Mallet I get the B.F. Sword for some more attack damage and work into Bloodthirster for the lifesteal. After getting Bloodthirster I finish off the ghostblade to get that extra armor penetration and movespeed. At this point I normally have about 3000 health so I work for the Atma's Impaler for extra armor and about 60 attack damage. The last item really depends on the situation of the game, if you're dying a lot I would probably get warmog's, if armor is still and issue get Black Cleaver. If magic damage is the issue get a Banshee's veil.

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Skill Sequence

I start off and max rake first for the ranged attack early game to get some farm, and the slow late game that works with my passive. After that, the next thing I max is Noxian Diplomacy because it's damage adjusts to my attack damage. During the leveling up getting my ultimate whenever possible, for obvious reasons. Shorter cooldown on his best escape technique, also being his way of waiting for other abilities to cooldown. Last but certainly not least, I max his Cutthroat, I do this last because I normally don't find myself in the situation where I need to catch up to my opponent until the end game. I don't normally need the silence very often, because I save it for when they use some sort of channeling ability if they have one, or I use it instantly if they don't to make them hesitate, normally having at least half their health down before the silence wears off.

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Summoner Spells

I personally go for exhaust for when you get paired up with either a powerful late gamer such as Tryndamere, or Mordekaiser. This makes it much easier to be able to take out their main sources of damage. It also works well with Talon's passive early game, before you have the constant CC from Frozen Mallet.

Ghost is a solid summoner spell for him, being able to escape or catch up better than flash, but not quite as quick as flash.

Flash is also an acceptable summoner spell for the quick escape, through a wall, or for the quick gap closer.

All of the other summoner spells are really about your personal preferences and you should not be deterred from using the summoner spells that you prefer.

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At level 18, you should be doing full damage to most characters, i suggest you be getting blue buff if no one else requires it on your team, if you do you'll have 40% CDR and never run out of mana. With 40% cdr at 18 your ult has a 24 second cooldown, which is just stupid short. Being able to spam spells gives you much more farm and feed. Getting red buff early game is a good idea, but late game it's useless aside from the little bit of extra damage, give it to someone else. If you're on TT both the wolf's buff and the wraith's buff are extremely useful for Talon, and of course the dragon buff is useful for everyone. Depending on the last item you get with him, this build will get you anywhere from 3000 hp to 4200 hp before elixirs. Very end game all the elixirs help him, fortitude for the health and damage, brilliance for the cooldown reduction, and agility for the attackspeed and crit chance.
With baron buff and elixir of fortitude and depending on the last item, you should be around 400 attack damage at the end of the game.