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Talon Build Guide by ImBatman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImBatman

Talon-to close for comfort

ImBatman Last updated on February 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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By ImBatman.

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Hello there. This is my first guide so dont expect anything magical, although I think the build is very good and it works very well with me. It might not do so with you. Please don't blame this on me. And if you think it looks like rubish give it a try before you judge. It's all i ask. Thank you.

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Okay the runes are pretty basic and i think all talon players (who knows what they are doing) would somewhat agree. If you dont like the rune pick, feek free to try you're on compination that fits you're liking. I am pretty certain that these are some of the best runes for talon. As it gives him a high damage not only throughout the intiere game but also gives him high burst early on. The armor penatration is solly to be able to run down tanks when you gank. If you play right you'll hit em' like a truck.

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The masteries are also quite simple and i won't bother to go futher into detail on that subject. It's just making sure he gets a boost to his runes. And it also makes him more sustainable in laneing.

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Pros / Cons


+ Extremly high burst damage.
+ Great escape tools. ( Cutthroat and Shadow Assault.)
+ Great farming. Yes im talking about Rake :D
+ Can remain a threat the entiere game.
+ A marvelous chaser.


- When Shadow Assault is down there is not many way's of escaping.
- Is very squisy early on.
- often targeted in team fights.
- Long cooldown on Cutthroat.

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Now we are at the items. I understand that there maybe alot of people who dissagree with me on this build. But please before judgeing it, try it out and tell me what you think. Positive feedback on how to improve is most welcome.

Okay so you open out with a Doran's Blade. Pretty basic and ovbious choice since this gives him the best AD and more sustainable laning. After that you go into buying you're Berserker's Greaves (NOT Mercury's Treads Since you're Cloak and Dagger will get the tenacity for you. You decide wether you want to buy boots and trasision into berserker's or if you want to buy a dagger instead. After that you build you Cloak and Dagger i would sugest buying a cloak and then buy the full item a that you alredy have som attack speed from Berserker's Greaves. Then you start building on you're Frozen Mallet as it is a must buy for Talon. You don't finish it yet though, only buy a Phage and then start on you're Phantom Dancer by buying a Zeal, and then finishing it. You then buy a B.F sword for damage output, You upgrade it to an Infinity Edge for high burst.
Now you finish you're Frozen Mallet and sell you're dorans blade for a
The Black Cleaver. DONE

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Skill Sequence

In the case of skills, i have to point out that Rake is a must. It's you're best harasment tool and do good damage even early on. It's the ability you HAVE to take first and max first ( Unless you jungle Noxian Diplomacy)
Its important that after you max Rake, You start out by going on point higher in Noxian Diplomacy and then take turns to go up in Noxian Diplomacy and then Cutthroat to make sure you stay one point higher in Noxian Diplomacy.

And i think its ovbious that ALWAYS go up in Shadow Assault when you can! ( 6,11,16.)

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Summoner Spells

One of Talon's most important idea's is to get in and get out quickly and do as much damage as possible on the way.

That's why you're first choice ( Depending on how you like to play )
Should be

This allows talon to go in and quickly go in and deal damage and then leave a damage over time with Noxian Diplomacy and Ignite and then escape with ghost ( Maybe Shadow Assault.

Other good choice's are

Very good escape and chasing tool.
Good for chasing escaping and dueling.
If you jungle this is very effective. But not nessecary due to Noxian Diplomacy
Great for ganking

All others are No No's!

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How to play

When ganking there are to possible way's of apporoach. Both are very usefull and should be picked on situation.

1. This is for if you're target is high on health and close enough for you to hit him with youre cutthroat. You start out by simply jumping him with cutthroat Remember to have targeted the champion so that you auto-attack upon landing. After one hit you activate Noxian Diplomacy and when if you're target starts to run simply hit em' with Rake for slow then pop you Shadow Assault and wait for cooldowns make sure you keep runing so you stay in front of you're target, then simply use the same combo and take em' down.

2. The other on is for when you're target is low on health and is recalling or runing away. Make sure you're out of sight, then pop Shadow Assault and run towards you're target and burst them down as quickly as possible using you're full combo this way they won't know what hit em'

When being ganked its important to stay calm. Don't pop Shadow Assault right away ( unless its abseloutly necesary.) But try and get some distance betwen you and the chasers by poping ghost or flash. If using Shadow Assault there are also two options. The last is more risky but also more effective.

1. Simply use Shadow Assault and run like hell try to use ghost before poping it and then just go as fast as you can

2. Here you make sure that you're chasers see which way you're running and then use Shadow Assault and run a completely different direction. You won't get as far but it will likely put you're chasers of. When recalling in this situation make sure you're not on enemy territory. They might find you there randomly.

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Okay so that's it. If you think there is something i could improve please let me know.
Hope you find this Build/guide usefull and i'll see you next time