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Talon Build Guide by MoochOfWar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MoochOfWar

Talon-Ultimate Assassin

MoochOfWar Last updated on June 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first MOBAFIRE guide, so don't hate if I don't do so well. I will be talking about why I chose the masteries, items, runes, skill sequence, pros and cons and others. ENJOY!!!!

NOTE: This is for a solo-top guide but you can use it normal anyways.

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Pros / Cons

Talon is an awesome champion and can deal a lot of damage in such a short amount of time you have to avoid him if he is the enemy. He is either a really big help, or a really big ******* to fight.

-Deals so much damage that he takes down tanks.
-If you have enough speed you can be impossible to chase unless you are snared or slowed.
-Best assassin in-game.

-Only good with a tank around unless fed.
-Going head on destroys Talon, only use him as an immediate damage dealer or a last hitter.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Flash are usually basic summoner spells for any level 30s. I use ignite for a last hitter. If you are going up against a Volibear or Alistar make sure Voli's passive and Alistar's heal is on cooldown or else ignite is useless. Also, when ignite is on cooldown you get bonus attack damage. Pretty helpful. Flash is VERY good early game due to being really squishy and it helps you out of tight situations. Use flash, then rake them to slow them down and you got away.

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I don't usually play with runes because I buy champs instead but I know what to get. Always get some attack speed. People say that Talon isn't for auto-attacking and that's a complete load of ****, you NEED attack speed. Get some armor runes as well since you are squishy, you don't want to waste items on health because you are busy being the ad carry. Getting health runes may be good as well, but I don't recommend it.

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Focus on attack, getting the bonus ignite ad is crucial. Attack speed and damage is what you want. It is also really helpful to have the armor, you don't want to be too squishy, you know?

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I think that my build says it all. Attack speed, speed, and damage. I don't waste time with health, armor, and any other defense items, I use my runes and masteries for that. YOU NEED PHANTOMS or else you are completely useless in my opinion. Phantoms are also really helpful because of the crit chance you get. I think the bloodthirster was an obvious pick in this one, if you are low on health in a team fight, go to the jungle and heal up. Don't be so quick to recall. You may substitute your boots for Last Whisper if there is a major tank, but I like my speed. Occasional potions are helpful as well, and I recommend getting mana potions because in early game you run out of mana in almost 5 minutes.

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Skill Sequence

Always get Rake first. It's AoE, it slows, it is your only ranged move, so use it well. Noxian Deplomacy is good when you are assassinating or taking down a big minion, but always have it prepared and off cooldown in case someone tries to face you. I chose to use this as a level 4 skill because odds are, you won't be assassinating anyone in early game. Take your time, farm a lot, and when you get cut throat only use it when you know you are going to get the guy, or you are doing a team chase. My usual combo is Cutthroat, Noxian Deplomacy, then Rake when the the guy is running away. Takes a lot of health down, and cuts down tanks.

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Team Work

If you want to use team work effectively, you need to stay behind. Being in the front will just get you killed. Stay back and assassinate the running or weak targets. Remember that you are supposed to deal all your damage at once, so keep all your skills off cooldown. When you only have one person by you, make sure it is always a tank. It keeps the focus off you while you wreck 'em.

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To conclude, Talon is a badass. Complete and utter badass. Do not be afraid to use all of your skills to take down an enemy, as long as you have flash or your ult, you are fine. Be aggressive, but don't kill yourself. Thank you for reading this!!!!!

If I find another champ I like, I will make another build.