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Talon's Claws

Last updated on August 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I've seen a few guides about talon, and they seem in depth and decent but I never end up agreeing with everything they say, so I thought I would try to make one as well. This is my first guide so go easy on me and if you have anything to add don't hesitate to tell me I'm wrong. Also I like to be short and to the point so if you would like me to elaborate or debate on a topic feel free.

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Alright the runes I've chosen were for a general build when you might be going against an ad or ap champ and aren't set in stone, but what in league is. I like to have the armor and magic resist runes to give him some survivability early game. It lets you harass and farm without having to go back very often. I also chose armor pen. because every attack you use as talon is physical damage, and when your armor pen is higher than their actual armor you are pretty much doing true damage to them while their attacks are much weaker because of your increased armor and mr.

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I chose these masteries because talon is all into burst damage so I threw most of the points into the attack section, but what I had left over I used in defense so he's not so squishy early game.

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Your starting items can vary depending on how you like to play, but starting off i like to get boots and potions because you can build up from boots and the potions help you stay in your lane longer. I chose going with the Ionian boots for cdr so you can burst damage more often. The brutalizer helps with more armor pen if you are going against someone that has more armor and has nice cdr to go along with the boots. Next I like to get a BF sword to finally start on your damage but if you don't have enough for the BF I sometimes get the sheen because it goes well with your Q and with the cdr you can use it often. The BT and IE are both for damage, when you start to get into team fights with your armor pen the ad and ap carry will only take one or two bursts from you before they are dead unless they have been building tanky. The trinity force is nice to get because of the 150% proc you get when using a skill and extra movement speed, attack speed, and crit chance all go well with talon. Finally the phantom dancer is good to help you push turrets and the 30% crit is good for when you use Noxian Diplomacy and hit with a crit plus the trinity force 150% will make almost any reconsider. I usually don't get my entire build and even if I get this far back I have to get something else to live against whoever is a threat to me on the other team.

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Skill Sequence

I like to max out the rake first because it goes well with his passive. I don't usually get Cut throat until level 4 so that is when i start to really harass whoever I'm going against but again this is a guide not rules set in stone. then i max out noxian because it has a low cd and does good damage.

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Getting on my soap box

Okay, I thought I would tell you a few points that a lot of people that don't play talon don't know. When you are fighting someone you should wait for after a basic attack before you use Noxian Diplomacy because it resets your auto attack timer. If you do it right, you can do a basic attack and your Noxian almost at the same time. It just adds a basic attack in the fight but can add up. Second when I use my ult I almost never bring it right back in unless they are about to get out of my circle and I have to leave that area because there are too many enemies. If it is a 1v1 fight then I use E to silence and do extra damage to them, then I hit Q then W to rake and slow, and then I ult so they can't attack and i let my abilities cool down for a second round. If they try to run i try to follow right ahead and when my ult ends i use an auto attack and instantly hit Q for a second attack before they can start fighting back. They should be hurt enough by now not to want to fight so rake them again to slow them and finish them off.

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Summoner Spells

Eh, summoner spells are all about how you like to play and who you are playing against. I also like to use teleport if I gank bot by using their ward or to support them if a tower is getting hit. The only spell i always have is flash because it can be used to catch or get away from the enemy. The rest is pretty much up to how you like to play. Ignite is good against champs that have a lot of life steal or heals, and exhaust is good vs ad type guys and for catching them.

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Hey guys, again it's my first guide so tell me how it is and if you think it is any good. Oh yeah, bad name give me a better one :D