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League of Legends Build Guide Author loudmouth32

Tank busta Lucian

loudmouth32 Last updated on May 1, 2015
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I'm only in s5 yes but I think I have a pretty good grasp on Lucian. Lucian is a champion who has received so many nerfs it's not funny but the best part is that he is still very good if played right. He has a lot of damage all throughout the game and doesn't really have a weak point in terms of time. He's good early mid and late game. This build is how I like to play Lucian. It gives you a lot of damage and lets you shred tanks.

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Team Work

Lucian has a very good teamfight due to his natural burstiness and his ability to look after himself for the most part using his E. He needs minimal peel because he can dash away using his E. His ult is good at the start of the fight or using it to pick off the ones who might escape. Even though he can kinda peel for himself he works very well with teams that have all tanky champions save him and the mid laner. If you put a braum a nunu and a wukong on a team with Lucian he will shred the other team.

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Supports for Lucian

No doubt the best support for Lucian of all time is Braum. The mustache man himself is a monster with Lucian. He provides much needed CC no Lucian's kit and he also has good peel. But those aren't the reasons they work so well. Lucian's passive and braum's passive go so well together that it has broken the game. Lucian and braum can lock down an enemy so fast that it's not possible for counter play. In the late game when Lucian has some attack speed he and braum can almost insta stun a person. Let alone the early game. I've had multiple games where me and a friend play Lucian braum hide in a bush in the enemy jung or in lane and as soon as someone walks up they are stunned and then dead. Who said a black man and a white man can't be the best of friends?

Other good supports for Lucian are janna, morg, lulu, bard, nami, and leona.

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This part is going to be very long because there is a lot to cover. So the I.E. boots, and shiv are pretty normal and so is the BORK and the ghostblade. These items alone make you a ******** monster. Add an item whose summary is just "tons of damage" and has been approved by the pun master preak himself and you really will be doing tons of damage. Back when Lucian was still more OP than he is now you could build Tri force as your first item and you would do just as fine as someone who built I.E. When they nerfed him a bit people stopped building the item completely and I was confused as hell. I started building it as a last item and it still does crazy wonders for Lucian. This build will have you shredding tanks, assassins, bruisers, and everything thing else in between.


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