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Leona Build Guide by CastleGreySkull

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CastleGreySkull

Tank Leona: The Way She Was Meant to Be

CastleGreySkull Last updated on August 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Alright, so after seeing Leona built so poorly after so long of her being available to the public, I've decided to step up and create an account and a guide on how to work this tank to her full extent. People have been playing her as a tanky-DPS, saying that the AP put on her is what makes her so good late game and that building her pure tank is a waste of a good damage dealer, but this simply is not the case. Leona is a pure tank and damage sponge. She has the CC of an Amumu with the damage-taking ability of a Rammus. In my opinion, she is the best tank in the game at this moment.

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Pros / Cons

Great CC
Sturdy mid-late game
Perfect initiation with her Zenith Blade
Wonderful team fighter

Somewhat squishy early game, for a tank.
Best not to solo.
No real jungling ability until about 12(Blue buff for CDR and mana regen.)
Mana problems early game
Needs both Gold/10sec items due to her inability to properly farm
Low early game damage output.

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These runes that I have selected are just the ones that I run. Tanks are pretty generic in their set-up.
Quintescences: Health. Leona is very squishy early on, even with her Eclipse. If you choose movement speed quints, it is highly advised to get flat HP reds.
Reds: I just threw in some magic pen. Why not? You don't really need AP, but if your hits do a little more damage without having to build anything, there's no harm in it. These can be changed out for something more practical, like health if you want movement speed quints.
Yellows: Armor. Armor per level, flat armor, whatever suits you. Just get some armor of some kind.
Blues: Instead of MRES/lvl, you could get flat magic resist for early game sustainability. I just choose MRES/lvl so that I have a nice little boost later on because it is generally harder to stack on.

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Summoner Spells

I personally like to use Fortify and Teleport on Leona simply because they are the perfect tank-utility spells in my opinion.

Fortify, when spec'd into it, allows the turrets to shoot twice as fast and do splash damage to those around it. This means that when the turret fires, the people attacking the turret will get weakened as well, giving you or your teammates the opportunity to get kills if they are nearby. Its also good for those moments when the enemy decides its smart to turret dive the solo lane.

Teleport is for those "I need to get there right now" moments. The tank should be near when any and all action is taking place. Teleport allows this to happen, letting you teleport to nearby minions or turrets when fighting starts up.

There are substitutes for these spells such as Cleanse, Flash and maybe even Heal, but these two synergize with most tanks I play very well.

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The base items that I have chosen give you the most balanced build for your tank. there are a lot of things than can and definitely should be done differently depending on what goes on in your game. Nothing is set in stone and everything can be changed depending on the situations you are put in.
You should pay attention to the other team and what they have. If their team is the standard Tank, Support, Jungle, AP carry, AD carry then this is what you'd ideally like to use. If they are AD heavy then by all means, grab a Thornmail instead of a Guardian's Angel. If they are AP Heavy, stack some Force of Nature's, since they do stack. Never follow a guide if you don't see it working for your game, you need to have at least some mind of your own while building.

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Early Game

When the game begins, I like to grab a Ruby Crystal so that you start off strong with about 830HP. This gives you the ability to be a little more aggressive with the carry you lane with in order to quicken their feeding early on.
At level 4, I usually recall and grab a Heart of Gold. If I've assisted in at least two kills, I can get boots as well.
By level 6/7, you should be able to recall again and either get your Mercury Treads or a Regrowth Pendant for your Philosopher's Stone. Please note, Leona cannot farm well and both items are needed to gain gold faster.

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Mid Game

You should have a Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold and at least Boots of Speed at this point. The next thing you want to focus on is your Sunfire Cape, starting with the Giant's Belt.
By level 10, you should have the Sunfire Cape and be working on a Force of Nature, opening with the Negatron Cloak.

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Late Game

At this point, your build should consist of a Heart of Gold, Philosopher's Stone, Mercury Treads, Sunfire Cape and Force of Nature. If the other team hasn't surrendered yet, you start on a little more AD survivability.
Level 13, Force of Nature should be complete. Begin working on your Randuin's Omen by buying pieces of the Warden's Mail. DO NOT SELL YOUR PHILOSOPHER'S STONE YET.
Level 17, Randuin's Omen should be finished. Save up your gold from the Philosopher's Stone. Once you have 2.3k, sell the Philosopher's Stone and buy a Guardian Angel.

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This is how I play Leona. I build her this way in most cases and it never fails to bring me a Victory. AP Leona simply not viable, her scales are horrible. Tanky-DPS just leaves a bad taste in my mouth because I've never seen a Leona built that way that worked. Pure tank Leona is perfect, giving her the ability to be aggressive and bring in assists like mad. If you have any questions, any comments or concerns, or if you want to give me some advice on how I could possibly make this guide better, please let me know.