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League of Legends Build Guide Author desu desu ne


desu desu ne Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Hey everyone, and welcome to my first guide!

Long story short, I spent some time trying to play the heavy AD nuke Renekton build that seems to be really popular, and I quickly found myself dying a lot.
Not to say that there's anything wrong with that build, but it wasn't for me.

The remedy, as I saw it, was to move Renekton into a role wherein it would benefit your team for you to be focused more instead of having them lose a carry as soon as you pop your ult and everyone on the other team tears your brains out.

I wouldn't call Renekton a "true" tank, and I don't think anyone else would either, but the amount of health you end up with by following this build will definitely keep you a live a lot longer in team fights.

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I chose to go 0/22/8 because I was able to get a lot of powerful talents that way.
The additional health, reduced damage, increased armor/ magic resist, dodge, and attack speed all flow very well with the build.

I originally thought that it'd be a good idea to put my additional points into the offensive tree, but I ended up tossing them into the utility tree instead.

The utility tree gives Renekton a great answer to his real weakness, in my opinion: his early game.
The increased health regeneration combined with the regrowth pendant and an emphasis on Cull the Meek, gives you a lot of laning strength that you wouldn't ordinarily have had.
I know a lot of people focus on Ruthless Predator first, and, believe me, I understand why.
It's a really great spell for a nuker.
The reason I opt to level up Cull the Meek first followed by Slice and Dice is so I'm able to farm the **** out of creeps early on and rack up the cash for an early Warmog's Armor.

Cull the Meek also helps out a lot in what Tank-nektons role in team fights is: to be big, spewing AoE damage, and able to stun people trying to escape.
You won't be raking in the kills as much as you might have as a heavy AD nuke, but, rest assured, you'll get a decent chunk, and you'll really help out your team in the process.

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I think the runes are pretty self-explanatory, but I'll go into a little detail here just in case!

The dodge seals just pump up the dodge you're getting from masteries into something useful.
You'll be able to get the increased movement speed far more frequently this way, and I think that's definitely a perk!

I originally had a full set of armor pen marks, and I understand why the AD carry version opts for them.
I went with a full set of AS marks to get my attack speed up enough to reliably produce fury.
I'm not sure of the exact level at which you make it to one APS, but that's the mark I shoot far. It makes you far more able to use your empowered attacks more frequently, so you can get that long stun off during team fights alongside the reduced armor on your enemies.

The CDR glyphs are just to make sure you're as close to the CDR cap as you can be to make your moves as spammable as possible.

The flat health quints are there to make the laning phase a bit easier by making sure you have plenty of health.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I go with Ghost and Flash, no contest.
You need Ghost to make sure you're exceptionally mobile and ready to be there for the team fights, and I feel like Renekton really needs Flash to ensure that he has a way to get out of the way if a situation goes awry.

If you'd rather take Exhaust, go for it.
I'm not here to impose my strategy on you, just to let you know that it's been working out pretty well for me.

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To sum up, I feel this is a very strong Renekton build that takes him in a different, albeit equally effective, direction that can really help your team out over the course of the game while netting you quite a few kills.

Seeing as this is my first guide, I'm not overly sure how to add icons and what-not into the text here.
If anyone has any guide-building tips, but doesn't want to rate, feel free to comment!

I'll add more later, but I wanted to spread the news that Tank-nekton is a viable, and very fun, build to play!