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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dirty Goolash

Tank/Support Nasus

Dirty Goolash Last updated on June 5, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I see many guides out there telling you how to play Nasus DPS. I find that DPS Nasus doesn't play a good role, as Nasus is meant to be built as a tank. Tank Nasus is much more helpful to the team than DPS Nasus, and this build is a way to play Tank Nasus.

Ruby Crystal-Solid starting item for any tank. Provides a large amount of health for early game, helping you stay in lane longer. This is a good starting item for Nasus because since he has natural lifesteal, he doesn't need something to help him keep his health up.
Aegis of the Legion-I find it very helpful for all support tanks to rush an Aegis. It buffs up your team pretty good, and also buffs your minions. This makes it hard for enemies to push just by you being nearby and makes it easier for you to push.
Mercury's Treads-These are really the only boots I see fir for Nasus. I find Ninja Tabi sort of useless on tanks, since they will most likely be getting armor from other sources anyway, and the passive on these is way too amazing to pass up. But you can get whatever boots you please.
Trinity Force-All around great item for Nasus. Due to Nasus' ultimate, we don't need to stack armor immediately, so we get this instead. It gives him great damage when the passive of sheen is stacked on siphoning strike, and also gives some health and attack speed. The movement speed is always nice too. Since you don't really have any interrupt spells like other tanks, this item will help you hurt a bit more.
Banshee's Veil-This is a pretty obvious item. It gives health and magic resist, and the passive is simply amazing. It can save you from death many times.
If you manage to make it this far, just buy whatever you see fit.

The runes don't really matter, these are just the ones I like. The dodge runes are almost always accepted for any champ and can be really nice. Armor penetration is to help your farming early game for max damage. Health quintessences for survivability. I really like the Mana Regen runes because they let you spam your spells early game, which is crucial.


Early Game
You want to level Spirit Fire as early as possible for the farming ability.YOu want a side lane, not mid. Just spam your Spirit Fire and try to last hit with Siphoning Strike. You won't have much killing power, but you can easily help your lanemate kill with wither. Try to place Spirit Fire in between the caster and melee minions so both get damaged. Your ultimate doesn't make much of a difference at level 1, so don't go running in for a kill once you hit 6 like you're Annie. You really won't notice your ultimate until you hit level 11.

Mid Game
Just keep farming and try not to get ganked. If your teammates are in ganking squads, join them for a kill or two but you don't want to get underleveled. Make sure you're there if an early team fight breaks out, because your ult and wither/spirit fire can make a difference.

Late GameNow this is where it gets fun with Nasus. YOu can easily initiate team fights with your ult, and can soak up tons of damage. Just make sure your team is actually willing to fight (I've had bad experiences where I initiate and my team just stand there). You can either use Wither to shut down their main DPS because of its insane attack speed increase, or you can use it to catch runners. YOu also have exhaust though, which is like another Wither. Up to you what you want tod do. Nasus is a pretty team dependant champ, so you have to hope your team knows what they're doing when they're fighting.