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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ganandorf

Tank Veigar

Ganandorf Last updated on January 25, 2011
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Hi everyone, this is my Veigar build. The items may seem a little odd for a nuke, but thats because I play Veigar more as an off-tank and nuke class. This is viable because of veigar's baleful strike which, in essence, allows me to farm AP. I am able to get up to 400 AP, have 241 armor, 169 magic resist, and be able to take out the carry in two to three spells while tanking most of the enemy. Veigar is one of my favorite champions to play because of his passive and baleful strike which allow me to spam my abilities and have quick mana regen. Throw in the awesome power of a stun, a hardcore nuke, and an ult that can one shot some squishy casters, Veigar has the potential to completely destroy the enemy team.

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Pros / Cons

Super nuke, able to kill someone in 3 spells when utilized correctly.
Great AP farming ability.
Great stun.
Awesome stun, AoE nuke combo.

Hard to master Baleful Strike last hits early levels.
Very Squishy.
Slow champion.

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I typically take standard caster runes. I go marks and quints of insight for the magic pen, always a good idea with a caster, seals are mana per 5 per level to get some good regen at low levels. For glyphs i take cdr to help with the farming of AP at low levels.

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I take a standard 9/0/21 caster build to get the increased magic pen in offence, and the experience, mana and mana regen, and the cdr in utility.

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Spell Sequence

I like to max Baleful Strike first, and Dark Matter second. I get a point into Event Horizon at level two for the harass, although if you are low on mana do not use it at all, you need to be last hitting with baleful strike to build up a ton of AP before you can prioritize your stun over free AP. I always skill into my ult when available and max Event horizon last.

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Summoner Spells

I typically take ghost and flash as veigar is a pretty slow champion and has some issue getting out of tight jams. It is also a good idea, if you want, to take ghost and ignite as this may net you a first blood and allow you to finish off wounded foes. I recommend only these three, as clarity isn't really necessary due to your passive and all of the others can really be taken by other classes that benefit from them more than you do.

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I like to start with a doren's ring and a health potion, then take mid. Veigar has a good range on his spells and although he is pretty squishy in the early laning phase, he makes up for that later in the game. On my first trip back I like to take boots, and preferably a blasting want to build my deathcap quickly. After that I finish my boots with either merc treads if they are heavy on cc, or for sorcerers shoes to get some more increased magic pen. After I finish my deathcap I like to go with either a FoN or a Thornmail. I typically pick up both eventually, but it matters more on the enemy team composition which I pick up first. I grab a GA for some extra survivability and then its up to preference, a Warmog's if you need the health, or a Deathfire's Grasp for the awesome active.

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Mastering Veigar

Steps to mastering Veigar:
1: Being able to last hit effectively with Baleful Strike
2: Knowing when and where to place your Event Horizon/Dark Matter Combo
3: Knowing which Champion to use your ultimate on.

I am writing my guide to try and help remove Veigar's cons from the equation when considering whether to enter a team fight or not. Building Veigar as a tank is viable due to baleful strike because it allows you to recieve 1 AP per minion killed with the ability, and (1,2,3,4,5) AP per enemy Champion that is killed. Baleful strike takes a lot of work to master, however, because it is hard at low levels to last hit the minions due to its weak damage output. The best way to get a feel for how much damage baleful strike does at level one is to practice. If you dont want to take the time/are looking at this guide while you are queued for a game, the best way to master baleful strike is to target the minion, and only attack with baleful strike if you know they will die. Last hitting is very important but such a hard thing to master that it is key to practice with baleful strike and work on your timing.
Knowing when and where to use your E,W combo is vital in being a menacing Veigar. You always want to land the edge of your E ability on an Enemy Champion, if you are close enough and they are fleeing land it so he has to run through it again to escape, if you are not close enough or are chasing/being chased but he turns around to try and finish you off, land it so he has to run through it to get you. That way, you can get him stunned in place for your W ability, or if you are escaping, allows you to get away relatively safely. For your W ability, at low levels particularily, lead them with your nuke. If you see that they were running away from you before you dropped your E, place W a little in front of them. That way, if they get out of your stun your nuke will still hit them.
Finally comes the WTFOMGHAX ult that you have, if used correctly. You always want to target an AP champion like Vlad, or Lux, or Ryze. Rarely ever, until your AP is high, do you want to target an AD champ like Ashe, or a tank like Cho'gath or rammus. That is because it deals damage based on your AP AND[ the AP of the opposing Champion. That meanss when you ult a Ryze who has 150 AP, your spell is buffed by a percentage of that 150 AP, as well as buffed by your AP as well. When you have high AP ~200+, start using it in combo with your other spells on AD or tank champs because by then you will be able to do some serious damage.

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Tank Veigar has been one of my favorite non-traditional comps to play and I hope it becomes one of yours too. Thank you for taking your time to read my guide, rate and leave a comment to help me get better, as this is my first guide.

Thanks and go nuke some faces off while tanking a tower!