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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingslayer

Tankeon The Most OP Pantheon!

Kingslayer Last updated on October 30, 2010
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Hello and welcome to my guide to Tankeon.

First of all I would like to talk about:

Summoner abilities:
Revive: You probably think, What an idiot uses Revive?! I'll tell you, you do! Atleast if your playing Tankeon! ( If you use it to any other character I probably would call you an idiot aswell!) Okay, Now to the more intresting stuff, Why you use Revive. you may notice that It got a 9min cd, But thats alright, Cuz you wont die more the once every 9minitues anyway! ( If played good of course) But when you die, Just pop Revive, Get your 400 extra health and godmode movementspeed and just get the **** back in there with your ultimate punishing everyone and everything that comes in your way.
Exhaust: Great for chasing and fleeing, also amazing with the blind, It will easly give you 2-3 kills per game. Compared tothat probably would give you 1-2 kills. I find Exhaust as a much more Team-friendly spell aswell. It Can save your Teemo from their Feeded Ashe while you kick Tristanas ***.
Ghost: Another great summoner spell. But I'd rather have Exhaust for the blind, And No I'm not saying that Exhaust is an as good escape ability as ghost, cuz It is not. Ghost is one of the best escapes out there. The only one I would say is better is flash. But not for chasing tho. So all around Ghost is a neat spell. Pick it if you need it!
Cleanse: The best summoner spell there is! Not for all Characters of course but for Pantheon sure! But you don't play Pantheon, You play Tankeon so Cleanse is out of the picture! You do not need it!

Okay let's move on, Runes is next!

As you can see, I've picked two kinds of both yellow and red runes. That's cuz both of em are really good runes for Tankeon, Both crit and armor pen is very good attributes for Tankeon since he is cleary lacking damage, And with the crit in the Offence mastery tree you will get somewere near 8% at lvl 1. ( I Have not confirmed this yet.)
For the yellow once, If you still think your lacking damage, Go for Attack speed if not, Go for the Dodge runes. Since you got Nimbleness Dodge is freaking sweet and will get you lots of ganks and Escapes.
Quintesses is ofcourse health, Pure Health! You will need it at the lower levels!

Moving on, Next stop Item Build!
Pros: Great for the armor and the dodge! (See Section "Runes")
Cons: Lack of movement speed
Pros: Big stack of Health. Small amount of Damage. Godmode slow effect.
Cons: Expensive, It will take forever to get if you don't get lots of kills early game.
Pros: Very needed Mana pool increase. Nice Health gain. Block a spell ( ZOMG CHEAT! YOU BLOCK MY STUN!)
Cons: None, It's a flawless item
Pros: More lovely Armor. Big pile �´o crit. Gives nice damage late game. Cheap.
Cons: Not very amazing untill 3.5k Health +.
Pros: High Damage. Decent Lifesteal. Nice Stacking Effect.
Cons: Not godlike untill max stacks. You lose the stacks if you die. Play it safe or don't get this at all.
Pros: Huge Health. Will give your Atamas the boost it really needs.
Cons: Expensive. You don't really want the Hp5.
Pros: You will Destroy Melee Carries. Good Armor and Health.
Cons: Against Casters It is really worthless. Expensive.
Pros: Armor AND Magic Resist WOOP WOOP! You will ress when you get killed. Godmode!
Cons: As a lot of things here, It's Expensive! Also It provides 0 health So it wont boost your Atmas.


Good Team members:
Zilean, Soraka, Taric, Sona, Warwick, Udyr, Veigar. Probably misses some.

Zilean is the best teammember you can have together with Udyr. If your team lets you solo lane AND you have a Zilean, Then It's GG for them.
You want these for Heals, Stuns and Jungeling ability.

Bad Team members:
Shaco, Evelyn, Akali, Corki, Ezreal. Probably misses some here aswell.

These are just bad for you, They will give you no support at all and will probably just killsteal your kills.

Early game:
Start with the Cloth Armor and 5 Health pots, Yes you heard me. 5. This will let you get harrased so much and you don't even have to care. When you hit level 6 you should recall and grab the Ninja Tabi and a Ruby Crystal if you have the cash for it. Wait for your opponents to start hitting your turret, Drop down on them With the Grand Skyfall and just beat the **** out of them. First blood is yours if you meet any Squishes without any heals. Just grind and repeat until you have frozen mallet.

Mid game:
Once you have frozen mallet they will have to be at least 3 to take you down. 2 Can't do it, You will just kill one of them and run off, So just keep dropping in on them with GS and gank as much as you can. If you get the Banshee early it's pretty much GG for the other team. In team fight wait for your main tank to initiate and do what you alway do, GS and stun their squishes followed by a nice Spear Throw. You can tank the tower after you've gotten the mallet + Cataclyst so don't be afraid to take a few hits from your team. ( When I play I always have a Zilean with me and he will keep me alive until I get my Guardian Angel, So Diving the Towers is soooooo easy!)

Late game:
Banshees is complete and you've almost got your Atmas ready, It's time to let the bodies hit the ground, brake some bones and shatter some spines. As Always wait until the fight starts jump in with your 1000 damage GS and land a kill on their ****ing Teemo! Then Ace their entire team and rush their base. The game should be over when your Atmas + Guardian Angel is complete. You will be a killing machine, An Unstoppable force, An Unmovable Object! You have won. Good job.

Before you rate please Comment why and of course test it!

Cya around!