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Tankerdinger the Support Tank

Last updated on January 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build maximizes Heimer map control making it nearly imposible for the enemy team to take one of your towers until much later in the game (even then they backdooring can be stopped most of the time if you play it right), it also makes it much easier to gank. For this build you want to play super conervatively staying as close to your tower, and your turrets as possible. Last hit when you can and use your turrets to prevent enemy champions from pushing too close to your towers (His turrets attack fast for a good amount of damage). With the item build Laning really shinies because you lead with the mana Manipulator, although with the selection of the Teleport summoner spell going back is not a big deal so if you want/need to mid its not an issue (being ahead of the crowd can be nice). Heimer also makes a good 2v1 if your team has a jungler. Keep in mind the goal of this build is to defend your towers and allys. The build allows you to be all over the place to set up ganks, and to stop enemy pushes.

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I chose pretty standard caster runes. I really like the Magic pen, it makes your spells sting and being able to put out some damage as a tank is really nice. The mana regen is very nice, it lets you use your missle quite a bit more making for awsome farming capabilities, it also lets you replace your turrets if they are dying often (and just to reposition them). CDR/lvl glyphs lets you UPGRADE!!! faster allowing you to throw off the opponent with slowing turrets extra missle and faster bombs. Health quints make your early game cake with 100 extra health they will think twice before chasing you past your turrets.

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So i like to lead with the mana manipulator because if you are playing behind your turrets it is really scary for an enemy to attack you so you really shouldnt be too worried about your health early game, also the health quints make you nice and beefy to start. The mana regen makes it a lot easier to farm minion kills with missles (and unless your lane partner doesnt use mana they will love you too). I chose to skip boots as the next item and go right for an early game catalyst so you can stay in lane indefinately with teleport you wont miss out on any experience (when i play heimer i almost always end up 2-4 lvls ahead of my team by later in the gamae due to the fact that i am ALWAYS in my lane). After this you go for boots of mobility. Mobility makes running back and forth between lanes much faster so you can go save your turrrets/teamates (and ganking is fun sometimes too :D). After you get your boots you go right into crystal scepter this gives your turrets a nice slow effect all the time (your other spells too) making it very eaasy for you to run from most dangerous situations. You then finish Rod of ages so it will start getting its snowball effect, then upgrade mana manipulator to get more health/cdr not to mention an awsome CDR reducing aura for your allys. The reverie gives decent health/ HP/5 and also has an awsome active giving you and nearby allys a ghost effect (also sometimes makes the difference in getting to a tower to save it or not). For a last item its reallly situational but really like hourglass. The extra ability power makes all of your abilities harder while still giving you some nice defense, plus the active is incredible once you get targeted pop hourglass and a lot of the time it will swing the tide of a team fight in your favor. (i also sometimes build gaurdian angel if they have huge nukers and Force of nature if they have a lot of AP characters. The move speed is nice too.)

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Creeping / Jungling

Blue buff is always nice Coordinate with teamates to see if you can grab it as often as possible it increases your DPS significantly making enemies want to foucs you (lol but your tanky).

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Skill Sequence

Some people have asked why i dont put a point into the concusion grenade until 8 and my reason is simple. I feel that because of how slow it moves without UPGRADE!!! it is faily unreliable. I like to wait until i have a bigger mana pool so i can have enough mana to UPGRADE!!! use it as a stun and still have enough mana for a few missle barrages.

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Summoner Spells

Teleport and Fortify really shine in this build. Teleport lets you mid early game without having to be afraid of not having a health potion, and late game it lets you be everywhere at once. Fortify is also really amazing in the build it gives you those few precious second for you, your ally, or your minion wave to come interupt what would have been a dead tower.

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I chose 0/7/23 because strength of spirit is very helpful when playing a caster as a tank, and the the 2 extra points you get to use over the standard 9/0/21 is that you get a 30% longer baron and blue buff. The 21st point in Utility lets you use teleport and fortify more.