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Tankgana of Doom

Last updated on May 29, 2010
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Copied from Shadowburn league of legends thrad:

Credits & Notes
Yup, credits first before I get flamed and bashed in for copying or criticizing anyone. To start, I was easily inspired by condon (a really badass guide maker) and I’ve checked out a few others including the others that are on Morgana. Aka, my guide layout will be pretty similar, but I assure you, still nothing compared to condon.
Ok, now before I get bashed in for a “poor build.” Seriously, guides are how a person plays. I’m all open to constructive criticism and all that, but don’t be all “RAWR this guide sucks ‘cause he doesn’t use RoA” or some ****.

I. The intro
Right now, you’re looking at the guide made from the person who builds nothing but unorthodox. Suicide ap Anivia, atk spd/ad Soraka, and of course, the full-tank Morgana (if you’d guys would like the other two, be sure to ask). That being said, this guide is based on unlocking the other side of Morgana, the one that everyone hates.

II. Runes
With full-tank Morgana, you can go one of two ways: crit or survivability. “WTF?! CRIT??” yeah, you heard me. If you stack all crit runes, except the glyphs since you will need to fill those with mp regen, you can get up to 18% plus her 2% base gives you 20%. That’s a ****ing crit every 5 hits. But, if you insist, go ahead and stack dodge or hp or something. Just make sure you leave the mp regen glyphs.

III. Summoner skills
Clarity: You live and breathe off of this. You need it, don’t think otherwise.

Now for the expendable ones:
Teleport: Personal favorite. You really cant go wrong; being all over the map will only increase the enemies rage.
Flash: This’ll save your *** more than you think.
Cleanse: Pretty badass. It’s like insurance to your shield.
Ignite: Don’t you dare get this. You won’t get kills, this is just a waste of a skill slot.
The rest: You can argue for the others, but tele, flash, and cleanse completely dominate.

IV. Masteries
Pretty variable. If you really wanna be an ***hole, then go ahead and go the 9/21/0 route. That 4% reduction can become quite dangerous. Otherwise, I’d advise the 9/0/21 build, maxing out any thing that says mana, cd, or clarity.

V. Skills & Skill order
Passive – Soul Siphon: don’t get me wrong. This passive ain’t bad at all. When your ult procs on 5 people and you get the hp, you’ll understand its usefulness.
Dark binding (bind): Your early game initiator and end game own-that-girly-son-of-a-*****-running-away skill. Use this and make sure no one gets away.
Tormented soil (swamp): Good for two things: nabbing assists & lowing magic resistance. Oh, and neutral creeping obviously. Your money maker (via assists).
Black Shield (shield): Stop stuns, slows, silences, and etc. Your best friend. This what sets apart morg from the other “proper tanks” and why other mages can’t tank.
Soul Shackles (shackle/ult): Your terrify weaponry. What some may call the red lines of doom. You run into a 3v1, cast it, and watch them helplessly scatter, or better yet try and run after you as you slowly side step just out of their atk range (make sure you mock them).

Now how to build:
1.Dark binding
2.Tormented soil
3.Dark binding
4.Black shield
5.Dark binding
6.Soul shackles
Etc etc.
Basically focus primarily on your bind and secondarily into your swamp. Put only ONE, and I ****ing mean it, skill point into shield at lvl 4. Obviously getting your shackles whenever you can. You need that bind to last as long as possible, and that swamp to help deal damage EARLY game.

Why get bind at lvl 1? “But tormented soil helps you farm and get fed so you can WTFPWN them!!!” … really now? You idiot. If you’re laning in a side lane, then rush to the bush closest to the enemy tower and sit there with your buddy. The enemy comes rushes in, but oh wait, you snare them and your little bloodthirsty friend jumps on the opportunity. Either you just got first blood or they just lost a ****load of hp. If you’re mid, use it to harass. Simply, swamp burns TOO MUCH MANA. More to be seen later.
Shield at lvl 4 obviously to block stuns and any incoming early ap damage. Nothing pisses an ashe off more than her ashe being block and her running into her own demise. Or better yet, a zilean or katarina who keeps trying to harass you going “WTF, I got blocked again?? I’ll get him this time!” and then he doesn’t.

VI. Builds
Yes, yes, I know things can get pretty situational and what-not, but you gotta ****ing learn when to tweak. If they look like a melee heavy team, but turn out to have a ****load of ap, get a banshees or a force of ****ing nature. But I’ll help you out a bit.
First item: ruby crystal. It gives you a ton of hp, and you really need this to build on. After laning a good bit, you should have at LEAST 800 or around 1200 if your badass. Yeah, you should NOT leave the lane unless you have at least 800. Go back and pick up leviathan and boots if you have enough. If you don’t then buy 2 red and blue pots, it means that their harassing is heavy and you need it. Then, just lane until you’ve 1.) ****ed them up too badly 2.) taken their tower, or 3.) have enough for at least treads and need to go back.

After that, build a guardian angel. This is your game changer item. Explained later. Now comes the fork in the road.

If they are HEAVILY ap oriented, get a banshee’s and/or a force of nature. Then work your way to stacking up warmogs.

If they are HEAVILY melee oriented you sit there and laugh manically for a second. Go ahead and say “Your souls are ****ing mines!!!!!!!” Because they have lost. Build thornmail, then build wardens and turn that into randuin’s omen. Build another wardens if you wanna be a pain in the ***, and congrats, you’re half-god. You can literally put up your shield, run into a 5v1, pop randuins, and type out, “YOUR SOUL IS MINESSSS.” Watch as your team comes in and rape the enemy because the enemy was idiotic enough to pop their stuns and ults and focus you. You have 85% physical attack reduction; yup… just sit back and laugh.

BUT, if they are nicely balanced, then you go the normal, I’m-not-a-god-but-you-still-can’t-kill-me build. After your guardian angel, build warmogs. After warmogs, get warmogs. And after that, get another ****ing warmogs (though they’re dead after your first one). This ensures that you can take hits from both the KABOOMs of the ap and the WHACK WHACK WHACK of the ad.

VII. The game
Hopefully, now any unanswered gameplay questions get addressed.
First off, listen, Morgana’s range is no longer 350, MOVE ON; it is now 400. You can harass like a badass because 1.) you have twice their hp 2.) they can’t harass you because of reason #1 and 3.) you crit them for a ****ing block of their hp. You will make them scared. They will be scared. And all will be good in the world. Don’t waste your mana casting your swamp on the back row of creep; you will not kill them, nor will the enemy stand in there. Cast your bind on the enemy as much as you can though, making sure to combo it with swamp if you do get it. If your side lane, you’ll get kills in no time if your partner is half-decent. If you’re mid, you’ll have to wait. But early game rule is HARRASS > LAST HITTING; you want them scared more than you want money right now.

Now you’re lvl 6 and entering mid game (lvl 6-15~). Ok, Mr. I-took-the mid-lane-because-my-team-doesn’t-want-to, it’s your time to shine. The enemy should be around half hp, and you the same. Let them push to your tower. Run in, ult, DO NOT BIND, and watch as they run in fear of you. The stun procs, you auto-atk, and THEN you bind + swamp as they try and escape. You. Win. Lane a bit more and start running down the lanes and ult and rinse and repeat. You do the same if your side lane, but just later in the game. If you can, squeeze in any neutral creeps you can get; easy, needed money for someone who much last hitting. And, I’ll remind you now, you LIVE off your clarity. Don’t buy regen items, you need that money. If you can get a friend to get you golem, then all the better.

Right now, you are probably wondering why the **** does this build suck so badly because your like 2/3/7. Nope, that’s about right. Right now, you should probably die about 3-4 times if the other team is decent. If you died any more, then you probably suck and just need more practice OR your team is really really ****ty. BUT, notice your assists should be well over 4. This is good, you’ve made it passed the only phase you’re vulnerable. Now the fun begins.

Buy your guardian angel, and chuckle a bit (save that maniacal laugh). The reason why is that you now have about 4 stacks of leviathan and can actually hold yourself in a team fight as a semi-tank. Make sure you are in every team fight there is. Pop your ult when there is 2 or more champs in range, then you die because they focused you. WATCH THE MAGIC!! Your ult procs! That’s right, it ****ing procced while you were resurrecting and now your team commences the rape. They are stunned and you are on the guard for the stragglers who thought they had you. Bind any that runs away and throw your swamp somewhere. YOU DON’T GET KILLS, you get assists. Try and do damage so you get a larger cut of the kill money. Cue maniacal laugh after you slay them.

Grats, you entered late game nice and fed. Build up your warmogs and start the fear. By now, they realize you’re the tank, but it’s too little too late. They shoulda gankbanged you early game, but they were too scared of the crits that you do or because you would bind and shield and be safe. Too bad, so sad. By now, you should be running into 3v1 with your team trailing a good bit behind you and taking all the **** the enemy has to offer. Use your shield, pop your ult, and bind anyone running away. Attempt to eat up the 4 lifestealing mage neutral things on both yours and the enemy’s side and possibly getting golems if your team wants you to be not only the badass, stun/silence-eating, CCing, lockdown machine, but one that NEVER stops. Your restraint is your mana, and golem is your key.

VIII. Late Game
Seriously, this game was over when you owned them at the guardian angel, aoe stun, epic win, team battle from mid-game. Once you have a warmogs (or two), just run into a 5v1 or something and amuse yourself. You have like 15 stacks of leviathan (LOL to those with 20, I ACTUALLY feel bad for the other team when it happens), a guardian angel, 3000+ hp, and a ****ing shield that blocks slows, stuns, and everything in-between. Have fun, you win. As you run (with shield) into a turret with 4 champs “guarding” it, pop your shackle, watch as the enemy scatters. They’ll be all “WTF?? GET THE RED LINE OF DOOM OFF ME!!” Pick a juicy looking hero, bind, and send your bloodthirsty teammates after him. Resistance is futile <insert maniacal laugh II>. Andbytheway, if you haven’t figured out yet, YOU STILL DON’T GET KILLS. Your end score should look something like 5/5/29. Nonetheless, to gauge yourself upon my build, you should get 20+ assists. That is when you know you’ve done well regardless of your kills. Oh, you’ll be getting plenty of friend requests after a good game.

IX. Conclusion
Any comments? Questions? Suggested builds/items NOT mentioned in the morg guides? I know it’s not as good as condon’s guides, but I can only hope it is interesting enough for you to get through.

To address the RoA question: “why don’t I get it?” Simply because every cent you put into RoA, is NOT spent on your guardian angel aka your epic win item. Planning to get afterwards? RoA takes 15mins to charge you imbecile. 8/10 times the game is OVER not long after you get the guardian angel. Plus, warmogs makes you look like a badass with no end to his/her hp. Let them fear you as the never-dying tank, not the tank that can kinda dps.
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