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TankLee - nidalee

Last updated on June 27, 2010
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Masteries: 21.9.0

Runes: marks - magic penetration (sunfire/cougar)
seals - mana regen/lvl (it is important to have this because of your heal and you will have to be agressive to get their turret down on the first minuts of the game)
glyph - cooldowns (5.85% cougar)
greaters - 1 mana/level to get (20 at lvl 18)
2 magic penetration (sunfire/cougar)

Skills: cougar -> primal surge/swipe -> javelin toss/take down -> bushwhack/pounce

lvl 1 - primal surge
javelin toss
primal surge
primal surge
lvl 6 - cougar
and continue with primal surge and then javelin's

Flash + Cleanse (best combo, easy first blood/ easy for escape)
but dont flash like a noob or you will need it on a next battle (before you get the first/second sunfire), just remmember you can jump thought walls, wich makes this char one of the fastest in game.

Items: doran ring + hp pot
Rush sheen + normal boots
sunfire + sorcerer shoes
sunfire + sunfire + sunfire and at last finish with trinity force.

if their team have some magical damage you can buy one force of nature or just one bunshee and with all your life you will be killing with cougar as hell and you'll be hard to kill. Try this insane build and you will notice that you're a real carry. btw dont be afraid of healing until lvl 6 (at lvl 6 you will have like 18 mana regen / 5 seconds) wich can make you a reall pain *** to your lane.
Best lane for nidalee its for sure the mid.

This build feels really stupid you will see the sheen doing damage all the game.. a simple 1260 gold item if i'm not wrong.. but all the games i play i just end 15+ kills so easly and carring the team.

w3x3n @ League of legends (not eu)