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Gangplank Build Guide by Gnoxspeeder

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gnoxspeeder

Tankplank - Drink Rum, Never Die!

Gnoxspeeder Last updated on February 27, 2012
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Gangplank Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is created for and dedicated to my brother Tatravile.

This build is in my opinion the easiest way to learn and master the basic mechanics of League of Legends. By choosing the champion Gangplank and building him according to this guide you will have a character that will easily allow any new player to excel and allow any experienced player to refine their skills.

At the top you can switch between the two Gangplank profiles by clicking on the portraits. Profile 1 is a smaller mastery tree showing new players where to place their mastery points first and does not contain any runes. Profile 2 shows full masteries and full runes.

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Why Gangplank?


Learning is done best when your character is alive - and nobody likes to die. Gangplank can be incredibly hard to kill when build tanky, allowing new players to refine their skills while not dealing with the frustration of constant death.

Gangplank is one of the few champions who can heal themselves, and his heal ability (Remove Scurvy) comes with the bonus effect of remove CC. Raise Moral gives gangplank the ability to quickly flee danger, as well as to go in for a kill on a tower or player.

Parrrley is a great way to practice last-hitting and gives bonus gold for success.

Cannon Barrage gives Gangplank the ability to help his team and get kills anywhere on the map regardless of his current position. Learning to use this well will teach you good map awareness.

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* Use your summoner spell Teleport to get back to your lane quickly after buying or to change lanes to help your team.

* Mouse over enemies on the minimap to see their health. If you see a low health enemy champion you can cast your Cannon Barrage directly on the minimap, sending the attack there to help your team pick up some kills.

* Immediately upon getting enough gold, recall back and buy your Philosophers Stone. You want to get your bonus gold/sec ASAP. Then Teleport back to lane.

* Immediately upon getting enough gold, recall back and buy your Heart of Gold for the same reason.

* Last-hitting is VERY important. Use Parrrley to last hit as often as possible for the bonus gold if you have excess mana.

* Keep yourself healed up with Remove Scurvy and your summoner heal.

* In addition to running to safety, Raise Moral can be used to drop towers faster or go for a kill on an enemy.

* If your team is not using blue buff then make sure to get it.

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Proof of Purchase

This is the stat board of the first game that I tried with Gangplank after creating this guide. This was only my fourth game ever playing Gangplank. If I can do it then you can do it!

Game against Intermediate bots on 2/25/12.

Game played on the same day after 3 games of practice (all of which had 0 deaths)

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Get Pumped Up!

And finally, here is some music to play while ye' be chugging rum and killing all those enemy champions!