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TankWick Carry Me More

Last updated on April 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Here is my first guide and it's on [Warwick] of course :) First, let me talk about my thoughts on him. Although [Warwick] can be a great jungler, I find that he is not the best. He is a lot better laner and can give more to the team doing so. WW as a jungle is a great choice for beginners because of his sustain in the jungle and the ability to run the jungle without potions. The problem with this champion is that his jungles are very slow compared to others such as [udyr] who in my opinion, has the strongest jungle in the game right now. And on top of [udyr] there are many others such as [lee sin], [shyvana], [maokai] etc. Also, Warwick doesn't have very strong ganking capabilities. He has no CC other than his ult which takes a while to obtain because of his slow jungle and has slow base movement. Therefore, in my opinion he is much better laner because of his sustain in lane and the ability outlane many champs.

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LaneWick should be played as a tank and always a tank. He is not effective any other way. There are crazy things such as MageWick and the classic melee dps Warwick. These are builds that you see most often but doesn't not turn out very well. The problem with builds like this is that they only work against newer players who don't know how to make objectives. The melee dps ww build can dish out a lot of damage but if the enemy team chooses their targets correctly, you will be the first to gone. Melee dps is not something that really works well because it requires you to enter into the middle of the team where you will get CC like crazy. It Does work on some champions like [pantheon] because he has pokes and his passive synergize well with taking some damage. Warwick is not one of these champions. He has no pokes and his Hungering Strike has a very short range. So, to sum things up, he will get shutdown immediately unless you build some defenses into him. Which in end will limit his damage making him useless because he will not be a true tank neither a dps. Now, onto MageWick. MageWick is a wild build that you may sometime see. It also does not work... :/ The problem with MageWick is that stacking ap isn't effective unless you go somewhere beyond 400 ap. The reason for this is because at level 5 hungering strike which you will achieve at level 9, will already do 20% of the target's hp as magic dmg. This is one fifth of the target's health where flat damage at level 5 is 275. Then, ap scales 1 for 1 which is a good ratio and can cause a lot of damage, but the survivability of Wariwick is drastically decreased again. The best you can do is get a Rylai's and possibly a Rod of Ages to boost some survivability. Let's think about this though, Warwick has one spell that does magic damage which is Hungering Strike and is also on a 6 second cooldown. If your team is depending on you as their only magic damage source, they are going to be greatly disappointed. Yes, it may do a lot of damage but it provides no survivability. Like the situation with melee dps Warwick, their team will focus you down. In your defense you may say that Hungering Strike will heal me for a ton of health, but in between the 6 second cooldown you are completely vulnerable. Without the defense you sacrificed for damage, you are unable to survive until the next Hungering Strike. You also may say that how can you be so sure that i will be focused down first? Well it's because you are the only or main source of magic damage. This will guarantee that the enemy team will come after you.

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The first thing you want to max out isHungeringStrike. Maxing BloodScent is not something that is mandatory but my preference. It comes in handy when ever you are chasing down those little escapees from team fights or even in the laning phase. HuntersCall I something that could be useful for someone like your ad carries or pushing down turrets with a team, so just keep this in mind.

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Now, to discuss why TankWick is better than the rest. His laning phase early game is practically the same as any other build you may go into. Your only source of damage is Hunger Strike which deals the same amount of damage early game with melee dps or no significant decrease in damage compared to MageWick. Since the damage output is fairly the same, it is best to invest in survivability and sustain in the lane. [Doran's Ring] is an excellent item to start off with [Warwick] because it provides some flat ap that does help a little towards your damage. It also gives mana regen which [Warwick] needs. "Harassing" with Hungering Strike does not work. Especially in the early stages. It does no output enough damage and it's high mana cost disables Warwick. Hungering Strike is something you should use to exchange blows with or heal from taken damage. The main priority in the laning phase is to farm as much CS as possible. You don't need to be worried about dominating your lane as it will come naturally. A few Hungering Strikes here and there will definitely be enough until your jungler comes to finish them off. In other cases, you can Warwick's sustain is incredible, if your opponent dares harass you, you will just heal it all up. They will most likely use all their mana in the process. What if they do not use mana resource? You will still win because exchanging blows with Warwick does not work. Your Hungering Strike going along with your passive healing is just too strong. In Team Fights, as the tank, you should be aiming for the the carries. This means the ap carry or the ad carry. Which ever your team decides is most important or which ever one deals the most damage.