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Tankwick The Initiator & Clean Up Crew

Last updated on February 12, 2011
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This is my first guide I have EVER written so give me some mercy.

Okay quick breakdown on what this guide and build actually is about. This build will not mega carry a game, you are still reliant on your team backing you up. If you don't know how to jungle its okay, just read DEWO's Jungle Warwick Guide here. He explains it much better then I do.

I will explain why I picked the runes I did, my item choices, jungling, masteries and when to ult.

*Note* Apparently I forgot to log in when I started writing this, so its posted by a Guest Account too. -sigh-

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Full attack speed rune page. Why?
Simple answer, with the full attack speed bonus of 38% you can start virtually anywhere in your jungle and not have to start off with Cloth+Pots x5. This seriously amps up your survivability by being able to use a unpredictable jungle pattern and you jungle faster by taking boots.

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0/17/13 are my standard jungle masteries. The resists, dodge chance and extra HP are too hard to give up. It gives you extra tanking power early game and will help you in the jungle if someone tries to interrupt you.

For the times when your not jungling and are covering off a lane for a bit, or you find yourself unable to take blue buff for any reason. The Utility Tree helps you stay out longer, but I still recommend you getting Golem because it lets you spam your Q and W so much more. The CDR is essential for early game ganking too. Awareness is mandatory on any jungler so you can level up in ratio with solo lanes.

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Creeping / Jungling

As I said earlier in the guide. You can start anywhere you want in the jungle, I personally start at the creeps beside Golem, go for Golem, proceed to wraiths, skip Lizard and take out golem camp beside it, then take lizard. Clean up the jungle as they respawn but on your first trip back you want enough to get Madreds Razor and a few wards.

Jump all over the chance to hold mid lane, jungling is your way of gaining exp but covering lanes for team mates will grant you more experience. I often hold middle for a few creep waves at level 8. You should go for your first gank at whichever lane needs more help, *YOU NEED CO-ORDINATION WITH TEAM MATES TO GANK!*

My biggest freakin pet peeve is when I see a Warwick still focusing on the jungle and were all level 14/15. If you are ganking well and getting fed, just focus on getting all the buffs and dragon, leave the side creeps for you to heal up on after a fight. If you are having a bad game and are losing, its acceptable to focus clearing the jungle till about level 12. Also when a tower is being taken, and your focusing wraith camp or finishing off the wolves, DONT! Towers are priority you need to work WITH your team to win games.

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Finally, on to the good stuff. The thing I get questioned about by random people in Solo Q, my item choice.

The question that comes up the most is, "Noobwick, no blood razor"
I don't build Mardreds Blood Razor because it is a huge cost, and is not the main focus in my build. You are building not extreme damage but you will survive a lot of damage.

The healing you receive from Your Passive + Wriggles + Spirit visage is godly in team fights and 2 vs 1. Extreme amounts of armor shut down the enemy DPS and the reduced AS aura from Frozen Heart. Decent amount of Magic Resist + Banshee's Veil will shut down most casters because you have ability to close the gap between you two which is a casters biggest weakness.

These items Max your CDR without costing too much money, your R+Q have ridiculous CD time and become extremely spammable.

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When to Ult!

I have seen so many Warwicks fail at this during my ventures of the scary solo queue. Your work space is where you Ult and their tower or nearest team mate. If covering off on a lane I like to get them around 50% HP, start a fight and wait till they start running away to use my ultimate. Even if they have a team mate running up, chances are when you use your ult they will die, if not your Q will be up and you can use that to land the finishing blow.

ALWAYS check if anyone is missing or if your team mates are close by to back you up. I prefer to have a hard stun with me when I jump in, but a solid slow or burst damage champ will work out too.

Another big thing is just being smart with your jump. If there is a team fight going on mid, your team mates are at half, your at full and they have plenty of AoE/Hard stun along with good amount of HP. DONT JUMP IN! I have seen this happen plenty of times, WW Ult, no one backs up, Warwick QQ's and fails at life.