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Warwick Build Guide by cha0tix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cha0tix

Tankwick, Your Friendly Neighborhood Tank

cha0tix Last updated on April 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is cha0tix, presenting you with my very first build. This is my guide to building and playing a tanky Lanewick, and I hope you enjoy :D
NOTE: I will be adding pictures later, as well as discussing my build more in depth.

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Why should you pick Lanewick?

I think that most people play Warwick as a jungler, and this is just showing people that it is really fun to lane with him, and he can get really strong (especially if he is going in a solo lane). Also, if you choose to play Lanewick instead of Junglewick, you wont have to carry around smite and only be able to use it while fightnig Baron (because late game junglers really dont need to use it to get a kill on harder enemies and even dragon, and they will also spend a bunch of time in lane andyway helping either push or defend.

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I chose the Greater Glyph of Focus because it really helps alot throughout the game, especially in late game when you max out your skills and can use them over and over again. This works really well with Warwick's W (Hunters Call), because once it is maxed the duration lasts so long that you only have a few seconds to wait before using the ability again. With this rune, you can pretty much spam your W, and if you have enough mana then you can indefinitely keep up the attack speed buff, which is very helpful.

I chose the Greater Seal of Replenishment because early game I often find myself running in to a lot of problems with mana, and this just helps you regain the mana. This is because early game I often use my Q alot, and since it takes a pretty big chunk out of your mana (over 100 mana), it is always helpful to have some extra mana regen.

I chose the Greater Mark of Insight because it helps out alot against tankier enemies, or just enemies who buy magic resist items. This helps out with your Q and your R, which is important because they are your main damaging moves.

I chose the Greater Quintessence of Vitality because it gives you some nice later game health, which is really helpful if your going to play tanky. This could be swapped out for the Greater Quintessence of Fortitude whic gives a smaller amount of health throughout the game no matter our level, but really do not need any health early game, so I chose a Quintessence that would make me end up with a bunch of health later.

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I chose Brute Force mostly to just advance through the Offensive mastery tree, and also because attack is useful for farming, and its generally good for most champions unless they are straight AP champions who dont really need to auto-attack. I chose Summoners Wrath just because of the Ignite bonus, which increases your attack damage and ability power (both of which are useful to Warwick) whenever Ignite is on cooldown. I picked sorcery because it helps reduce cooldown times, which, combined with the Greater Glyph of Focus, allows for me to spam my moves even more. I then chose Demolitionist because it syngergizes well with your W and Wit's End, allowing you to take down turrets extremely fast. I chose weapons expertise and Arcane Knowledge, because they both allow you to get through a tanks armor quickly. I chose Havoc because it just gives you an all around damage buff, which is really nice. I chose Vampirism because it works well with Warwick's W, allowing him to heal off of minions faster if he is either pushing or defending. I picked Sunder just to advance through the mastery tree more, and because it gives a nice armor penetration bonus. I picked Executioner because it helps me deal damage to low health enemies, which also works well with my E that allows me to see enemies with low health that are near me.

I picked Hardiness because it gives you a nice armor buff, which will help out early game when people wont be using abilities as much.

I chose Summoners Insight because Warwick doesn't really have any escape moves (unless your E is toggled on and you are running from an enemy with under 50% of their health remaining), so it is nice to have reduced cooldown time on Flash which helps you run away from enemies. I also chose Expanded Mind and Meditation because, as I have said before, I often run in to mana problems from using my Q.

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Passive - Eternal Thirst: This is a nice passive because it synergizes with your E and allows you to gain a lot of health off of minions if, for example, your enemy recalled and you chose to push the enemies turret/inhibitor even though you dont have a bunch of health. It also helps if your going 1v1 against an enemy because it helps you regain health while attacking and hurting the enemy.

Q - Hungering Strike: This is your main skill that you will be using against an enemy whether you are in a team fight or a 1v1. You will heal alot of health later in the game with this ability, making it also impotant in helping you heal up after a battle or helping you tank out Baron.

W - Hunters Call: This is an amzing ability that you will be using to either farm creeps, push the turret, or hurt an enemy while your other damage-dealing skills are on cooldown. It will help you heal yourself when combined with the passive, and will also help you take down an enemy turret really fast. LAter in the game when you have maxed this skill out, this skill will affect Warwick for so long that by the time the buff ends, you will almost be ready to use it again.

E - Blood Scent: This is helpful because it allows you to track down enemy champions that you are chasing, run from other enemies, and even show if you are being ganked. This essentially gives you a sight ward for any enemy with lower than 50% health that is within the radius of the ability (which can get pretty large).

R - Infinite Duress: This is your most important ganking tool, and is also used to kill of enemies in small groups. It also allows you to heal alot of health if you are fighting an enemy. NOTE: Never use this to initiate a team fight unless you are a bunch of levels above all of the enemies, because using this will most likely get you focused and killed.

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Summoner Spells

I always go with Flash and Ignite, for some pretty simple reasons. Flash is Warwick's only real excape move, and it can be used to get in range of an enemy so that you can ult them. Ignite is great for finishing enemies off, and while on cooldown you also benefit from it (if you used the same masteries as me), because it increases your damage output.

Some other spells that may work well are Exhaust and Telepoty. Exhaust is AMAZING for shutting down an enemy carry or escaping from an enemy while running away from them. Teleport is also amazing, because it allows you to move around the battlefield quickly and help you push, go Baron, join your teammates for a team fight, or defend. NOTE: Never swap one of these spells for Flash. If you want one of them, always switch it for Ignite, which is good but not as important as Flash.

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I always start off with Cloth Armor and five Health Potions, because it gives you long-term survivability in lane and eventually builds in yo a Frozen Heart. Next, I go with Boots of Speed and upgrade then to Sorcerers Shoes, because magic penetration is very helpful when using your Q and your R. After this, I go with a Recurve Bow and a Null-magic Mantle, and build up to a Wit's End, which gives you a nice attack speed buff, magic resistance, and extra magic damage. All around, it's a pretty solid early game item. Next, I build up a Glacial Shround, making sure to prioritize a Chain Vest over a Ruby Crystal. After I get these, I just go straight for the Frozen Heart (because there isn't any space for another item. After this, I build up to Force of Nature. I start out by prioritizing thr Negatron Cape, and then buying two Regeneration Pendants, after which I finish the Force of Nature. After this, i'm a pretty solid tank, but just to get some more health I build a Giants Belt and a Ruby Crystal, and then build Warmog's Armor.

After the main build is complete, you still have one slot left. This slot can be occupied by whatever you want it to, but it should definitely be a situational item. Some suggestions are: Spirit Visage, Madred's Bloodrazor, Atma's Impaler, and Frozen Mallet. These items allow you to either tank out a fight or just deal more damage (since you already are pretty tanky. You can also switch out your Wit's End for a Madred's Bloodrazor if you dont want too many dps items, but still want the positive affects of a Madred's Bloodrazor.

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I hope you liked my build, because it has served me well for many games. I will be editing it in the future and adding some more chapters on how to jungle, what to do in a team fight, and how to farm. I would like to thank my friends for helping guide me towards building Warwick as a tank instead of a dps oriented champion.
- cha0tix