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Tanky Garen (cuz all your friends like dps, ap, or carries)

Last updated on November 17, 2011
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Was sup! This is like my first build, but it's with a champion I feel immensely comfortable and confident with: Garen! Recently, my friend claimed that AD Garen is much more popular than tanky Garen. And I will admit his AD scales like crazy with Judgement and Decisive Strike. But with his "Shield of Justice!"/ Courage and his passive Garen can be an astounding tank.

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The runes I typically would take are Armor Penetration Marks, because the main offensive ability Garen really uses is Judgement. (SPIN TO WIN!) I also grab Dodge Seals to go with the mastery that would give you more dodge and the movement speed boost. But now with the new patch, that's not there anymore. -_- So now I just go flat Health Regen Seals, to work with my passive. For my Glyphs I grab Cooldown because Garens cooldowns are actually kind of hard to handle...another reason why I like tanky Garen instead. AD Garen really shines with judgement, but tanky Garen is just there to absorb damage or Kill Secure with his ultimate. For Quintessences I grab flat HP. I suggest maybe doing Flat Armor to replace the Marks or Seals, but I'm poor on IP and can't grab everything I would like.

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For Garen I grab 8/22/0. For the offensive tree grab the enhanced Ghost and Exhaust, AD boost(albeit a small one), and the Cooldown Reduction. Max out the MR and Armor, then get the Veterans Scars mastery by maxing out Durability, also get anything that reduces any incoming damage except for the one for AOE(Area of Effect) Spells. Put in 2 points for Mercenary, cuz you'll probably get a descent amount of assists and Juggernaut, cuz ya tanky Garen.

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Start with a Dorans shield, mostly cuz anything else doesn't give you...enough. Next build towards Boots of Swiftness, cuz Mercury Treads aren't necessary with Judgement. And Boots of Mobility are better for ganking, where Garen is meant to be in a team battle. Your next big item should be Sunfire Cape, get Giants Belt before you get Chain Vest. Then Force of Nature for the increased Health Regen and Movement Speed...yes the Magic Resist is secondary to me(well, depending on the opposing team). The next items will be more dependent on the situation. If there's alot of AD carries like Tryn, Caitlyn, or Graves, I suggest getting Randuin's Omen next. If your team has more AP in it like Brand, Veigar, or Orianna get Spirit Visage next. It's passive will help your Health Regen even more. If you're dominating your game then you can get Frozen Mallet...just for a smidge of AD, but mostly to slow you enemies especially for a gank or if you wanna help your teamates get a kill. That's what I usually get.

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Skill Sequence

First get Decisive Strike. o_0 What?! I thought this was Tanky Garen? Why not get the "Shield of Justice!"? Excellent question. It's because Garen is infact very good AD (I already stated that) I like to get the most reliable source of damage, plus the silence and movement speed is great for a gank with your teams jungler or your laning partner to get that extra gold and experience. It's just better utility(more in a single skill). But right after you level up to level 2. Get the "Shield of Justice!" and start last hitting to help your shields passive ability. Level 3 get your "Spin to Win" then max that first, while maxing "Shield of Justice!" Second...Level up your ultimate when ever you can.

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Summoner Spells

I usually get Ghost and Exhaust. These are excellent chasing items, but I usually don't get them for my kills. I use them for when someone's trying to kill my more squishy or vulnerable champions, then I'll slow them with my improved exhaust and if I'm playing with a good player, they usually can turn around and use my exhaust to get a turn around kill (hope ur lucky with that). Ghost I use for running away with Decisive Strike and Judgement, in case all my teamates die or I'm getting ganked. Cuz I usually only get 2-4 deaths. Ghost can also help clean up low health enemy champions after a team fight.

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I'm just gonna say what I'd say to you in person. I like tanky Garen. It's helped my friends recognize me as a good Garen player (which is a plus cuz my friends are pro). With Tanky Garen you deaths are gonna be assists high. And your kills...depends on how well you used ur ultimate. :3 Try it out, sorry for the **** guide. IDK how to even really make one. Maybe Youtube would be a better resort. -_-"