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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Tanky Janna

Last updated on December 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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You all like Janna. Either you main her, or she has saved you very often. You also know she could use a little more beef. Did you try tank Janna recently?

I started playing her tanky not too long ago and I have mained her since I could afford her. At first I played AP like a lot of people... Then I went full-support and my winning ratio sky-rocketed. Now I play her as a secondary tank and it is... Magic!

This guide is not meant to teach you how to play Janna (you can't learn from just reading...) but only to show you a different way to play her that works at least as good as a support build. Read on!

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About... Masteries

I go 100% utility, but this is personal. I find I have (more than) enough survivability by level 5-6 to troll around, but it is up to you to put a few points in the Defense tree.

Greed is important as will be explained, and I generally rather put Wealth than Transfusion but it is up to you.

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About... Runes

Honestly you don't have to pick the ones I chose, I think everyone has their preferences anyways, but I really have to recommend gold per 5 seconds quints. If you don't have them and don't want to spend 1500 ip, fine. Take mana regen instead since you are lacking a bit more with this build than with most others.

So... You picked Janna. You shouldn't be making much gold since you're letting your friendly carry farm it all up. That's good right? Yes it is. But then how could you afford all of these cool items? You'd have to make some money appear out of nowhere! Oh... Haha.

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About... Items

Start with a Faerie Charm, a Health Potion, 3-4 Mana Potions and a Sight Ward for that far bush. Now (except for your 1st or 2 first uses) Clairvoyance can be used for the bush at top when you see they need it, or in the jungle so you can track the enemy jungle AND you keep vision of your enemies when they are hiding. Otherwise use it near the Dragon to counter ganks.

Starting here, you want to RUSH Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold. Forget the boots until then. Once this is done, you will start seeing your gold multiply, and you don't have to do a thing about it. Now only worry about your lanemate's safety and helping him out. You should both earn very good gold.

Once you have these two very nice items that will possibly build into even better ones, you have to start planning the rest of your items depending SOLELY on what your enemies have/who they are.

I often pick Aegis of the Legion as a first items after that because it is affordable and most useful around that time of the game. I continue with either Frozen Heart, Warden's Mail (if for some reason I have only enough to buy this), Force of Nature, Guardian Angel, Quicksilver Sash (very good item) or Banshee's Veil. Sometimes Will of the Ancients when you have a lot of AP (and yet somehow no one has this yet) or Stark's Fervor (in the same conditions for AD but... more rare). If the game is extending and you are full build, don't be afraid to sell your Aegis of the Legion for a nice Warmog's armor. Only do this with your last item though, because it will be much more useless earlier.

Yes, I know this build is a little low on mana regen, but I live very well with it. When this is too much of a problem, ask for someone to leash blue for you. Otherwise do like me and spare a few tornadoes.

Also don't be afraid of buying Ninja Tabi if the enemy team has 3 or more high AD bruisers. They're much cheaper, you can get better items sooner, and it will probably save you more than Mercury's Threads. Also I switch boots from game to game. Boots of Quickness and Mobility and very good too.

There is a second starting option if you pick all the gold runes and masteries. You could start with a Faerie Charm, wait 5-10 seconds after minions spawn and grab boots of speed. While you will be at the right place at the same time as your minions, you cannot leash or gank the enemy jungler with your team (if they plan on doing so), you will not have a ward (meaning most of the time when you use Clairvoyance will be for your safety or for the lane bush) and you will not have mana potions unless you (and your lanemate) are a little more patient.

Good idea? Not really. You will be faster, yes, but you will also be losing money you would be spending earlier on Heart of Gold and Philosopher's stone, slowing down your whole gold income.

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Why tanky Janna? Because you CAN!

Pro= You can now trollolol a LOT more and take quite a few extra risks
Pro= You're richer = you're buying more wards/more auras/more tanky items
Pro= Same old great support
Pro= Now you're not behind all your teammates but with them (hence better choice of target and easier targets)
Pro= You can take a walk in the jungle
Pro= Blue buff makes you insane
Pro= People will want to target you a lot less
Pro= It is still considered original

Cons= Low mana regen early, just save more of it or grab Blue
Cons= No damage
Cons= Boots kind of late, not much of a problem.