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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Taric Boss Dogg Burster

Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Hey so this is my first guide and really its just a build that does some serious damage while having decent sustainability.

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I go with MPR marks for obvious reasons, if you wanna do damage you need to make moves and getting through armor is one of em. I go with AP glyphs for some serious hurt and they scale well with rabadon's. For seals I chose armor because armor is boss.

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Y'know what, i put all my points in the attack tree excluding the 6 defensive armor and mr points that are pretty standard. While a tanky build would prob work here, if you've gotten this far im sure your not looking for a tanky build, but who knows...

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To start feel free to get boots whenever and while i like cdr boots, sometimes mr boots might be a more viable option on ap heavy teams... Alrighty then, so this build revolves around spell vamp and Lich Bane for some added damage. SO the standards are either one or both of the hextech and/or will of the ancients. They both scale with ap so build that after your get the revolver/will of the ancients or hextech. I'd suggest you get just the revolver or will of the ancients for support because the hextech blade is expensive. Next get sheen and follow with either null magic mantle for mr or a blasting wand for more ap which in turn will be more healing. You'll want to build that lich bane asap as your ap starts to outscale your ad. SO by now you should have either rank 1 boots, a lichbane and anywhere from a hextech revolver to a hextach gunblade (hextech revolver x2 works too but would be a little less efficient than getting a will of the ancients.) Next I build a rabadon's for the destruction that follows but keep in mind you may need to build a frozen heart instead of morello's evil tomb but i found the ap more useful becuase it scales with both ap and ad champs.

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Skill Sequence

As far as skills goes, just max the stun asap and your priority will look like this Dazzle>Radiance>Imbue>Shatter so yeah just do that and you'll be golden with killing champions

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Summoner Spells

As far as summoner spells goes im gunna say its all personal preference, you could go clarity clairvoyance or ghost flash or ignite surge or even clarity, this is such a wide stylized champion that it doesnt really matter what summoner spells you use.

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SO yeah the basic style behind this build is to do damage early open up strong and try to farm like every other champion, while taric has lots of gimp issues early this build helps him rely less on auto attacks for his heal while still healing even with his dazzle. The massive amount of ap combined with spell vamp and lich bane make for high healing spells for allies and self healing, high damage abilities that refund health, and hard hitting melee attacks when succesfully played with timing auto attacks and slowing your rotation in certain instances to get an extra lich bane proc off.

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Pros / Cons

-Boss dps
-Boss healing
-Still a strong support with WOTA buff and massive heals and a stun

-Low defense
-Weak against strong nukers/and can be a problem if targeted in a team fight

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-With the massive amount of healing the only issue is mana and you chould always swap out the morello's tomb for an archangel's staff which has plenty of mana and ap at the cost of cdr.

-Lich bane makes for quick creep killing.

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Ranked Play

Basically you buy your items, you make a few changes here and there to become accustom to your opponents threat and you just boss it out like a boss till you win, its pretty easy.