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Build Guide by Bumbo Bangaroo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bumbo Bangaroo

Taric Heavy Support

Bumbo Bangaroo Last updated on November 11, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off this is my first ever build and so I would really appreciate feedback to help me improve it!

If you choose Taric know this: There are a LOT of ways to play him. I have seen very succesful damage builds and ap builds. But me, I prefer to play Taric as a Heavy Healer. This build will keep you and your team alive. But know this: If you want to score kills with Taric, then this build is not for you.

Summoner spells:

Cleanse - Cleanse is very important to have for Taric. You have to be avaliable to heal at all times. Cleanse helps you with this. It also helps you to be avaliable for stuns on champions using ultimates or in general to stun champions with high DPS.

Flash - Flash is worth getting for three reasons, I list them in the order I find more valuable:
1. You can get in for a supprize stun. I have done it many times and even if I personally don't end up killing the opposing player, my laning buddy usually does. It gives you that extra bit of mobility that helps you control the battlefield.
2. Getting away. You are though, but if your team falls then there isn't much you can do. Flash enables you to make a quick escape, especially when combined with Cleanse.
3. Flash/Heal. Sometimes your teammates will deviate from the pack. Those occasions they might have an oppsing champion on their back. Use flash to catch up, stun the chaser and heal your friend.

Ghost - Ghost is also a great option for the same reasons as I have stated above. However, even if Ghost is a great spell I find Flash to be more useful. You can blink over trees instead of going around, which takes less time. You have to be avaliable as often as you can, and to have the ability to be everywhere. If you like ghost, by all means, but in my personal oppinion flash is supperior.

Rune Commentary:

My runes focus on giving you more survivability early game and cooldown reduction. The extra health combined with the first item, Dorans Ring, gives you a lot of hp, which in turn gives you time to level and farm.

Cooldowns is also very important for Taric. Sure you can always hit a guy in the face to restore your heal, but that doesn't apply to your stun or your other skills.

Item Commentary:

I get Dorans Ring first and depending on what my estimate of the opposing laners could be, I go either Mana or Health potion. Dorans Ring gives your stun and heal a little bit of extra power. But really the Hp boost and mana reg is what helps you the most. That combined with your masteries, your passive and the items own mana regen allows you to regenerate your mana really fast.

Taric can, if you play him semi aggressive, eat a lot of mana. Which is the reason I added Chalice of Harmony to the item list. Its mana regen helps you a lot when you hit lvl 7 which I will talk about a little later. For now please settle with the fact that it allows you to run out of mana, without leaving you defenceless due to the extra mana regen. You can quickly get mana enough to stun or heal all thanks to this kickass item.

Building up to Nashors tooth is essential. The cooldown reduction is nice, and ofc the attackspeed helps you regenerate mana faster if you hit creeps. They won't die fast and you won't get ast much mana as you would with a DPS build. But you will have your heal avaliable more often, seeing as how each hit restores CD, not how much damage you do, so the fact that you don't one-hit the creeps is a good thing for this build.

As soon as you have the money for it get Catalyst the Protector, which you later turn into Banshee's Veil. The extra mana and HP combined with the possibility to remove 2 spells cast on you gives you a lot of battle control. People will hesitate to use spells on you first off. Secondly you can now flash in and get a guaranteed stun. Be careful not to be to ballsy thou. You will at this time have little Armor. But worry not! Defence is on the way!

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart is a great item for Taric. The extra mana combined with CDR allows you to spam spells and heals in combat. The extra armor helps you survive and finally the extra mana allows your ulti to be on for a longer period of time. The 25% AS slow is of course helpful to. Especially when they have you running around ruining their spells with stuns, cleanse and Banshee's Veil.

Guardian Angel
This kind of speaks for itself. You need more and more survivability. This item will help you take more punishment. You don't have to fear the other team as much. You can dive in with a small risk of dying.

Note: Banshee's veil and Nashors Tooth CAN switch places, in case you face a lot of ranged stuns. However I suggest you stick to the item order as it is. Cleanse and Mercury Threads should help you deal with incaps.

How to Taric the "Bumbo Way":

Go stun first to get a chanse to assist on first blood. Also it gives you the ability to harass or support your partner in case the enemy comes for you. Just stun the one enemy with highest damage output and you will avoid being first blooded.

If you face a hostile ranged lane, throw your stuns on the most viable target. In other words, the one who lacks or has the smallest Hp regen. That way they will think twice before harassing you and their HP will be kept low.

If you play Taric my way, its better if you go with a dps char as your laning buddy. Your stun will help them catch up and your ability to harass/heal will let your partner lane without much difficulty.

When you hit lvl 7 you should have Chalice of Harmony and your ulti. Usually that is about the time that me and my partner have pushed them back to the tower and their HP is low, if we harass them enough. Eventually they will have to bluepill. Excellent. Pop your ulti and hammer the tower with your buddy, with your bonus damage you have a high chanse of killing the tower before they return. This has been the story of a majority of my games as Taric.

When you reach lvl 9 you start to level up shatter. This can be done much more early but I find going heal and stun helps me a lot more. The bonus armor isn't necessary until the point when you start going into the mid-game.

The rest is really up to you. You can go gank, help push or farm. But here is some key elements that can be helpful to think about.

In battles:
Be avaliable to your team.
Heal the focused target and stun the highest DPS.
Be in the center of your group to give them the benefit of your Shatter.

Only pop ulti when:
Running away
The bonus damage is the deciding factor
while being focused
while attacking buildings

Note: Run and stun, never the other way around. If they catch up and you are all out of cleanse or veil, simply stun and keep running towards the nearest teammate that isn't in a dangerous position.

Moving around:
Try not to go alone, unless going for the Golem buff or farming in the woods.
Stay in the middle of the pack.