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Taric Shatterplay

Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Taric is my favourite champ and I can never get bored of playing him as he is very fun, good at trolling with his stun, hard to kill if you are good and alround a pain in the arse to play against if your laning partner is good

Pros and Cons of this build

Pros -

-You should never lose a game as you should be fed, I suggest getting a partner to do ranked with and just let him farm creeps and gank your openents rly hard with the early game stun.

-by level 3-5 you should be totally fed because you have ganked your openents so hard and by this point you still have not gone to base.

-Shatter hits so hard only game 3-5 aswell so try to use that to help your ganks

-Get a partner with Excaust and time your stun so that excaust is put on straight after so they rly cannot get away and you get first blood or w/e your doing end game

-Heals are crazy endgame

-Stun the main source of dmg on the others team so in team fights you can own harder

-Get a pink skin like me and get commented on how gay you look when rly you totally own them :)

-you need to be rly fed from the other team, if not then either your partner is bad or you need to practice, im usually get about 4assists and if your partner is smart he will let you het the killing blows so he can farm minions = equal gold.

-people in solo lane have fed the other team resulting in you being ganked some one from mid who has like 8kills at level 8 :<

-you cant rly do any dmg and some times you will find that your heals are useless because your team our bad

overall I enjoy Taric though and I got rly good scores :)

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Okay from what I have seen Taric from Frozen Heart you should have enough armour to keep alive against an AD but you also have about get abit of Magic Resist

so before the item Spirit Visage I would suggest getting a

Banshees Vale

Get this Vs Karthus, Ashe,Lux and any other Champ that is pissing you off early game then you may aswell get this to block 1 of there spells.. It all depends on whos rly fed.

Force of Nature

To choose between these 2 is hard, but if your team are really squishey champs then I would suggest Frozen Heart and then to try to offtank, this also gives you more health Regen so you dont have to go back if your pushing Inhibs or Towers.

The reason I have chosen Spirit Visage is because your ulti becomes x20 op and makes you unable to be ganked or focused if you have it up with Spirit Visage

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Laning partners

Find a friend who can play a AP or AD carry, I have tried it with my brother as

Taric / Yi - Effective all round specially with a Yi spamming Q and then getting full mana via clarity, we usually get first blood with this and works very well end game as you should have atleast 2-5kills by level level 5-6 so the game is won if you and yi our fed.

Taric / Brand - Gg for them, level 2 = double stun, get brand to use ignite and watch them cry in /all . but I would suggest not doing this cause Brand in mid is proberly more effective

Taric / Nocturn - Works okay, but I would suggest making nocturn jungle :P

Taric / Lee sin - by far my favourite comp, this is what I spam ranked with and it works like a charm. I stun, he uses that charge thing :P and its gg with Shatter and Excaust.

Taric / Xin - Xin is op atm meaning this is proberly the best laning with Taric atm, but you can easily be counted because xin is pretty week until level 3 and you want First blood remember :P

I could type some others but from personal opinion you want to work with an AD / AP carry that has high burst early game that will carry end game if fed.

Otherwise Taric is a great partner to lane with so if you havnt already try this out :)