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Taric Support - Simply put

Last updated on December 12, 2012
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This guide is not here to Dazzle you (pun intended). If you want in deapth read Taric Support - Why Gems Are Truly Outrageous (S3 Update). I build taric in a similar manner.

I will continue on this guide later, but for now it's just a simple guideline.

For now, hoover the NOTES next to each of the above sections for more information.

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Quints - Health quints gives you an additional health bar at start, which makes you look more dangerous. It's psychological warfare, basically :3

Seals/Marks - Maxing out W first together with armor runes will make the enemy ADC waste mana trying to kill/harrass you.

Glyphs - AP champions are usually pretty weak pre 6, and you'll be dealing with AD 98% of the time going bot lane. 6 scaling glyphs and 3 flat wont leave you defenseless the firstfew levels, and at 18 you'll have 20MR. Makes sense to me.

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The most important thing as support is to feel the game when building. Your items are pretty much the same, but the build order may vary a lot. For instance - consider when you need to finish Shurelyas to chase/escape in team fights. ET CETERA

The Mana-munching ADC build you really need to feel your way since it's all incredibly situational. Take these things into account:
Are you up against a sustain, poke or burst lane?
How aggressive is their jungler?
Who is controlling the lane?
Can you go on for a decent while without boots?

Against a sustain lane, poking with Sivir, Varus and Caitlyn is not recommended since their harrss wont do much good.
Against a burst lane (like Blitzreal), poking is very effective.
Against a poke lane, bursting is very effective.

Heavy poking requires a lot of mana. That's usually when the Mana-mucnhing build order is required.

You may want to buy Mikaels Crucible every few games when the opposing team is CC heavy and has made more money than yours. I'm yet to fall in love with this particular item though.

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Yeah you do! But you may not know how to properly use the sightstone. A lot of people think that just cause they've got a sight stone they don't eed other wards. Let me tell you that they are stupid, and you should not play with these peple :)

The first Sightstone lets you place 4 wards, but only 2 at one given moment.
The upgrade lets you have 3 active wards, and has 5 charges.

But to be a successful support you need to ward more during mid game. The two tri passes next to wraiths, the crooked tri-pass brush next to wolves, dragon, baron, blue/red, 2 mid brushes and so on. Ward less vital spots with the sightstone, and use the normal wards for dragon/baron/tripass.

What makes a vital spot to ward?
Figure it out.


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