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League of Legends Build Guide Author tychondria

Taric the Dazzling DPS Healer! (AD/AS/AP)

tychondria Last updated on January 2, 2011
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Taric, the Might of the Hammer!
Please comment and rate this build. Tell me how you did and any other suggestions you would make to this build.
Please don't down rate this just because of the champion or the fact that its a dps healing Taric. If you do down rate please state why in the comments!

I use to play Taric very extensively and enjoyed playing him as a healer. I never really tried playing him as tank even though most people prefer to play him that way, I always thought that would somewhat be a waste of his skills since he cant taunt and his main skills focus on helping a party out and being support than taking damage. Needless to say I played him as healer but it never seemed right. I always found myself... a healer waiting 16 secs just to cast a heal and even just as long to use my other skills and thought how is this even effective. How am i suppose to out heal a huge DPS like Tryndamere, who when played right can crit for just about 800 on anyone(except tanks :P). So i decided to make a build that would focus on his passives and offer more support for the party and be actually useful when his CDs aren't up.

Disclaimer: This is an attack damage/attack speed/ability power build. It is not for huge heals but it does have an advantage over people who stack AP and I will explain it later in the build. Don't expect to be able to kill every one with this build though most people like Olaf can die easily to it.

Heal with reduced CD every time you hit.
Ultimate allows you to get away from bad situations.
Can lower enemy's armor.
Passive gives you mp for 7.5% the damage you do.
Has about 5 sec CD with the attack speed for his heal and life steal for in between CD.
Easy to farm towers with the attack speed and Imbue.
People underestimate Taric's damage
Has a slow!
Can carry a team!
Hes not gay. Hes fabulous.

Not much damage early on.
Ultimate can drain all your mp, even though you need it so bad.
Requires more skill to play than other champions.(By skill i mean you need to know when to do what at the right time.


The reason I level shatter and dazzle before Imbue is to ensure more damage and kills for your team. Imbue is nice but with your attack speed you wont be waiting forever yo use it again therefore you can sacrifice it a little, but not too much which is why i leveled it to rank 2 before completely ranking up the other ones first.

This is Taric's passive. Learn to love it, embrace it, use it! This skill will be your fuel to your engine that keeps you going. Its a really useful passive and with it you will be able to out lane just about any one. With this build I really made use of this passive seeing that its about damage and being able to heal through other champions damage and heal your allies. I mean com'n, last game i did about 163,523 damage with Taric. So from that damage I drained 12264 mp. How can you really hate this passive. A lot of people say its useless but i never really find myself running out of mp with it when i am laning.

Alright so this skill is amazing itsss....yea just simply amazing. It keeps you in lane the longer than your enemies can stay. With it you may heal your allies and yourself. Be careful when using it though because to know who to use it on does take skill. Your ally may be low but sometimes its not best to use it on them because they may have a ton of people on them and dying is inevitable. Rather than using it on them use it on yourself and you may just escape with your life hanging by a thread. Oh and you can even use it on minions though it really is pointless unless its a super minion and you have plenty of mp and your topped off(every super minion counts :P). But best yet, whenever you melee hit someone the CD is lowered by 2 secs. With the attack speed in this build you will be able to use this skill just about every 5 seconds! This skill will allow you to go toe to toe with some of the meanest melee and stay above 50% health while score yourself a kill! Dont expect to be able to heal through every one with this skill though, some people like Tryndamere are just simply impossible to heal through. With your life steal in between the CD on this you will be able to solo anything! At level 18 this skill will heal 420 health! Really theres alot more you can use it for but to put it simply...ITS IMBUE!

This will be your harass/farming tool, use it wisely. While its off CD it will raise your armor by a good ammount and when you damage opponents with it, it will reduce their armor. With this you will be able to take out a whole wave of minions without even meleeing them. Its great for letting your allies do some extra damage on an enemy champion and also for landing the kill.

This is Taric's stun. Just because its a stun doesn't mean it doesn't deal damage. This skill hits hard and many people underestimate how hard it can hit. This baby is great for escaping a gank or landing kills. One tip I would have to give about this skill is that its very situational because the closer you are the more damage it does but at the same time the closer you are the less the stun time is on it, so if you can get at max range to let your team land a kill or get in close to land a kill yourself.
This skill will allow you to close in and get your slow on the target from Frozen Mallet and to stay on target and land many kills. It also will allow you to out dps other targets for those 1v1s. Basically its a great ganking tool, a great escape tool...GREAT FOR ANYTHING!

Alright this is why I don't get why many people don't go dps Taric. I mean seriously it gives you 1/3 to 1/4 of your any dps' attack damage...WHY NOT USE IT FOR YOURSELF >:P. With this end game I have exactly 400 attack damage. Enough to own any one I set my eyes on...except tanks(but then can a tank kill Taric :P). This is an aura that doesn't only affect you..but it also affects your whole team around you and the nearby minions. Oh I also forgot to mention that it heals you for a certain ammount depending on the rank and your ability power every second! But great power does come at a price and this one seems to be MP. WARNING: THIS WILL DRAIN YOUR MP A TON IF YOU KEEP IT ON FOREVER! The longer you have it on the more MP it will drain. Remember to Pop this on in team fights because it will help your team out a lot! PRO TIP: early game you can use this to attack a turret while an enemy is attacking you, the turret wont focus you since your not attacking the champion and any nearby ally minions will attack the champion and they will pay the price! Remember to Pop this on in team fights because it will help your team out a lot!