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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Taric - The Leagues Paladin

Last updated on June 12, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Taric - The Gem Knight
"This is an Attackspeed + Support based Taric, not DPS!

Now you might figured this out to be a DPS Taric, but this is not the case. The whole idea to to abuse the attackspeed mechanism within Taric. This will help you last-hit, regenerate mana, reduce the cooldown on your Imbue, and allow you to take down turrets in a matter of seconds. Another important deal with Taric is to tank the turrets as you attack them, this will give you an advantage over DPS if none of the other enemy minions are nearby. Basically all you need is Attackspeed, Cooldown Reduction, and Banshee Veil to defect those nasty CC'ers.

1. Versatile- Supporter, assister and tank.
2. Turret destroyer- Able to tank and destroy towers easily.
3. Walking Fountain- You can replenish everyone's Health & Mana.

1. Semi Long Cooldowns- This is why we get CDR.
2. Constant CC, Silence, Ignite- Counters this Champion.
3. Difficult to play - Takes practice, especially with this strategy.

Early Game: 1-7
Start off with Dagger and a health potion, no you shut up! Don't get Meki Pendant, get a Dagger: our goal is to stay in the lane as long as possible. By getting AS you never need to go back to the base, imo. Sometimes you will be able to stay in the lane for so long that you will be able to purchase Nashor's tooth at your first trip back. Most of the time you will be healing and auto-attacking, much of this depends on your lanepartner and who you are lanning against. If you don't get to auto-attack you don't get to regain mana and eventually don't get to heal. Personally I would play a little defensive and make sure that both me and my lane partner, can take a blow from our opponents. If we have full lanecontrol I would still worry about the ganking potential your opponents might have. If you die then you are obviously doing something wrong, or you can blame me for not putting Flash on you. If you do get in trouble or your lane parnter might die then Exhaust one of the enemy champions, you should also do this when going for the kill. Now your main goal here is to take down the turret that is in your way, you can do this easily but if your opponents got a high end burst damage and/or CC, I would be a careful when pulling such a stunt off. Everything can kill you early game, even your own teammates. Well that's why we need to check the map ourselves and our own decisions unless you're pre-made.

Mid game: 7-14
After destroying the Turret in your lane I want you to grab a Golem buff and start supporting everyone to either gank or destroy turrets. Now Before we get into this I would you to realize one thing, get Mercury's Treads if your opponents are extreamly CC heavy. I fought against Amumu, Sion, Ashe, Kennen, and Annie once. Now the funny thing is that I ignored the fact that all of them got stun, when a clash broke out I got stunned for about 10 seconds before I died. In other words you should not ignore CC, by all means eat it up but we need to make that beneficial with Mercury's Treads first. Your goals are basically the same, go around destroying towers and try helping in teamfights by healing, stunning and providing Radiance to destroy turrets. Once you've gotten 5 ranks into Imbue and a Spirit Visage you're going to see some heals it's almost disgusting. This will allow you to suck up as much damage as possible as long as you don't die, be aggressive in these fights and keep autoattacking ftw.

Late Game: 14-18
By now you should have gotten the core item buld: Nashor's tooth, Besekerer's Greaves, and Spirit Visage. Golem buffs are still a good since it can be difficult to maintain your mana when your allies decimate the minion waves in a matter of seconds. Your job is to heal and make sure everyone's full Health and use Clarity whenever necessary in tight situations or if somebody really needs mana. Now you suit as a healer and semi tank, you can also initiate and suck up alot of damage and then just heal up. You need to beware of heavy CC and Reduced healing effects; this will kill you unless you have a good team or got Mercury's treads. To win the fight you will need to work together, now I hope you read this because you should never be alone! If your pre-made or/and talking in Ventrilo you always have teammates to heal and turrets to tank. Don't forget to be in the fray, even though you have below average DPS you can still do some damage with Dazzle (2sec stun), Shatter and Radiance + Auto-attack. Good luck and have fun, also don't be afraid to die for your team. Finally I want to say that you should purchase Elixir of Brilliance to finish the game, also a substitude for Golem Buffs.

Things to Watch out for:
Tristana - Explosive Shot = 50% Reduced Healing effect!
Gangplank - His Grog Soaked Blade = 40% Reduced Healing effect!
Katarina - Killer Instincts + Bouncing Blade = 50% Reduced Healing effect!
Executioners Calling - Executioners Mark = 50% Reduced Healing effect!
Ignite - 50% Reduced Healing effect for 5 seconds!

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