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Taric, The truly outrageous paladin

Last updated on August 2, 2010
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This is a truly outrageous, truly truly outrageous guide to TARIC

This guide is in response to the people who say aura taric is the best type of taric and just owns people, well i am going to show you why i choose DPS taric and why its the better choice.

Taric is a champion that has a unique niche that he fills very well, he can heal, he can reduce armor, he can stun, he can buff your team with damage, for this reason people assume that aura items are the best items on Taric, but your wrong... there not. Fact of the matter is that his skills are set around HIMSELF, and when i say this i mean

-GemCraft this fun little passive is not massive, but remember when your hitting for 400 or more.. thats usually enough mana that if your OOM it will give u back enough to get that last stun off to finish you opponent.. making this one of the cooler but not best passives around, it certainly works for taric though
-IMBUE, decreases its cooldown by 2 seconds every time YOU hit something, what does this mean for you ? the faster you hit... the faster you heal your self or that random team mate,
-SHATTER, this ability reduces enemy champion armor by 10/15/20/25/30, this makes more of your damage go through to them, stack a black cleaver and your damage is impressive to say the least. what does this mean for you ? you hit them harder,
-Dazzle, This is Taric's main skill, his bread and butter. This skill is fun if someones running from you, it lets you catch up to them, if there closer they are punished by even more damage from the stun. What does this mean for you ? it means that you can shut down enemy champions, turn a team fight around with 1 stun, and stop runners getting the kill or assist you normally would not get.
-Radiance, This skill is hands down one of the top 3 best ultimate's in the game, its a free 30 / 60 / 90 attack power every 20 seconds, for as long as your mana can hold it up which usually is always long enough to get your kill, What does this mean for you ? It means you can mitigate another item slow to an attack speed item if you so wish because you will always have that extra damage you need to get the kill, trust me it makes a HUGE difference.

Now that i went through that, ask your self this... Why am i going aura taric ? what do i really honestly get out of it ? stand around for 40 minutes helping my team get the kills? why? when you can be helping your team at the same time being the teams carry ?!

so now your probably wondering, well what items do you think are best then shiinchan ?! well honestly there are only a few items that work best with taric, and i will discuss them. First i will explain why i say there is only a few items for taric, first reason is you have built in armor penetration, you have a stun why do you need a slow? the items i have listed here as the 6 core items are tried and true, tested and works well. But this is a guide based on how i play, there is some variations known as "luxury" items and i will discuss them and there uses as well, so with out any further waiting lets go to items shall we ?

So the bread, butter, and C******nay cooked shrimp alfredo of any character, this is where differences in killing spree's and legendary is made, usually people say oh there's 4 core items, well there are 6 on taric, now granted, you can change around a 3 of the late game items for different situations, i find that the 6 core items i will discuss win most of the games you play and if you have a bad team and do not win, well at least you are going to be positive in your KDR enough to get props from the other team. so lets show you the core items in build sequence


Alright so i see people get upset or rage at guides for not explaining item choice, and since this is my main, i will explain my decisions for you to fully understand the method i go about,

you are a carry remember this, this build with radiance active puts you at 565 damage, 475ish with out radiance, this is definatly an impressive amount.
-The reason you grab these is simple, attack speed, since you are low in attack speed to start with and only grabbing 2 AS items, it really helps, remember our goal is only 1.2 - 1.5 this is more then enough to put out damage to kill.
-This is whats going to help you critical hit your way to victory, think with radiance active you are doing 565 damage, you critical hit at 250% your doing doing critical hits around 1200 to 1500 damage, this is disgusting damage, and remember you are TARIC putting out this damage, respect.
-This is your only other attack speed item, in game i was at 1.2-ish attack speed, which is a decent amount and i was happy at that speed, if you want more speed, you can sacrifice you're Black Cleaver to pick another phantom dancer up, but 1.2 is plenty of speed, your not YI after all, plus it sets you at a great critical strike chance to make your iedge worth having.

-This is the only part of the build that is CORE, but replaceable and still keep the build synchronized depending on what you add. The reason i choose this is simple, this items armor pen + your shatter = ensure you get your damage through. the more you hit, the more damage to kill your opponent with. enough said right ? well it also has 75 damage too so yea, this is a very good item to add to the build and call core.
-And now we come to this, i have tested many items in the last 2 slots, and honestly the blood thirster x2 stack has worked the best i mean lets look at it. 1 gives you 100 damage, and 25% life steal, now to me this is more then amazing for its cost, now you say, but you have to farm it up !.. 40 minion kills? really that is hard for you ? then you do not need to play taric, wait shiinchan, you lose that bonus when you die! Ok ... do not die then, you are taric, and if you do... then you still have 60 damage and 15% life steal ... 120, 30 for 2... this is still more then enough to make you a threat.

Now that we have the core item discussion out of the way i can show you a couple luxury items to replace you're black cleaver or even 1 bloodthirster.

The high life with luxury
-Another phantom dance can replace 1 bloodthirster, this will give you extra attack speed, extra movement and dodge, and even more critical hit, this is a fair trade off from a bloodthirster for the fact you will hit iedge critical hits even more, you will hit faster, which will produce more critical hits, and you can run faster to catch your enemy's faster.
-Bloodrazor can also replace 1 bloodthirster too, the reason is you get more attack speed and as said above, hit, chase, and critical hit more times, but you now are a even bigger threat to tanks and anyone with 3k health or more. adding 30 damage per 1000 health is a lot more then you think it is.
-yes if you find that you are against a tank heavy team, you would want to replace 1 bloodthirster for your bloodrazor and the 2nd bloodthirster can be replaced with a black cleaver this means that the tank has pretty much NO armor when you come at him, and hes going to be punished for his high health, that will teach those health stackers to stack health against a taric again.
-Now this is not the best item for taric in fact its kinda, a last desperate move to get it, the only good thing about buying it, is the health. if you find that your against a team of speedy champions and there actually getting away from you ? well this will help you, although i do not recommend you being the one to get it, if you are pushing a tower you do not want this as the low damage is pointless.

Now that we have the items out of the way, lets discuss something else, runes. there are a few choices here and i shall list them in order of best 1- 3, lets take a look now

Marks rune's
1.-Greater mark of Malice
2.-Greater mark of Alacrity
3.-Greater mark of Desolation

Seal Rune's
1.-Greater seal of Fortitude
2.-Greater seal of Warding
3.-Greater seal of Evasion

Glyph Rune's
1.-Greater glyph of Focus
2.-Greater glyph of Fortitude

Quintessence Rune's
1.-Great quintessence of Fortitude

So there is the best / better rune selections for this taric build, now you may notice there is only 1 choice for quintessence's, well that is because anything else really just just a waist of time to be honest. Same for glyphs, i only like using CDR for my glyphs as you get a faster stun / heal / shatter .. and that is important.

Alright now that 2 hours have passed by writing this... lets go ahead and discuss summer spells, with this build i ONLY use 2 summoner spells and nothing else,
-ignite, trust me 1/4 to 1/3 of my kills are do to this spell. It is you're clean up spell, when you get into a fight and there going to get away this ensures that they do not.
-Clarity, and the reason i use this is a simple one, your radiance is a channel and the mana increase on your radiance gets pretty pricey, this ensures that when your pushing a tower on your own or with a buddy that your radiance stays up until the tower is down or close to being down. It also is decent to have at least one on a team for team fights, it can mean the difference in a second wind push or backing when you could have aced the last 2 enemy champions and took the inhibitor down. Another reason is, i am not gonna lie i have ran out of mana in a fight, and you being OOM does get that melee champion the extra "E-PEEN" attitude to try to come kill you then as there running at you you pop your clarity and you and your buddy just make him **** his pants. ya its fun

Alright that was easy enough right ?
alright lets move on !

Alright its lane phase time!

So you're mastery book is set up, you're runes are socketed and you polished your gems, now its time to step onto the fields of justice and show that you are more then a gay black guy in paladin tier 5 gear, you want to actually start off with 1 of 2 items, either Elixir of Fortitude or a long sword and some health pots now you need to choose which lane partner you want, it does not matter if u go top or bottom... what matters is who you lane with, these are your best choices if you can have your buddy on vent play one...
1. Jax
2. pantheon
3. olaf
4. garen
5. sion
6. xin xhao
7. shen
8. Blitzcrank
9. mordekaiser
10. singed

Now that you have your starting item, and your lane partner... you may go to your lane, now remember you need to play aggressive to a point, do not let them think they can push you around, but do not over extend and suicide, its best to have a lane mate that knows you best, maybe learn 2 new champions together, alright so last hit your creeps as much as you can and put some damage on the enemy champions when you can. Do this via your Dazzle why ? it does good damage and holds them in place stunned... not only is that damage but that also = them not last hitting, less gold for them... this is key. Now if you and you're lane mate have established dominance of the lane its important you stand on the opposite side of the creeps, stand behind there creeps, this is going to keep the enemy champs away from your creeps and if you establish enough dominance they might even have to stay out of range of xp enough for you to level 1 - 3 levels higher as well, which means you just gimped there team for a short time, now your goal is not to just push minions to the tower and sit there... go put damage on it. when you have enough gold to get your boots, get them as soon as you can. With taric you need to spend your gold as soon as you can do not save up for a big chunk unless you have to ( Example= B.F. Sword ) now the best way to kill a champion is to back up and sit in the bushes, eh to obvious.. come from the river ? to obvious, let them try to put damage on you then go out all on them ? ding ding ding.. kangaroo kick there *** when they come to harass you, they wont expect a 2 man stun all out rush on them and most likely its going to be the ranged to harass you which also means they are squishy too. Now i see taric's fail badly all the time when they fight... if you have radiance learned USE IT its on a 20 second cool down.. use it ANYTIME you go for the kill.

Now that you took down there tower, and this is important DO NOT GO TO MIDDLE! GO TO THE TOP / BOTTOM LANE!, This is so important if you go to middle lane you will start a team phase way to early that leads to turtling, what you and your lane mate are going to do is run through your jungle to the top / bottom lane, come up through the river you, you're lane mate and that lanes champions are going to gank and kill that lanes enemy champions and then power the tower down instantly.. now that this happened this allowed your middle lane to get 1 or 2 more level's in the process but this most likely made the enemy middle lane champion come up to the top / bottom lane as well leaving your mid lane champ to push there tower also, so once that is down, rush middle lane fast and if you are quick enough with it you can put some good damage on middle tower to either destroy it or leave it low enough for you to come back and back door it with your lane early game lane mate. now the team phase starts.

Oh noes Team Phase! Oh you're taric your happy!
Now the fun starts... the way you are going to play taric in team phase is going to cause 2 things.. 1. your team is either going to ***** at you about how your playing until they realize you are 12 - 2 - 13, or they are going to love you from the go, and 2. your enemy's will be QQ'ing and calling you OP. So you know those champions that tease your team ? the ones that walk out and back.. ya that prick ? you stun him first and he will be dead... because once you stun him your team is going to come down on him faster then Rosanne O'Connor at a buffet. now this will start a team fight your next stun target is there BIGGEST damage character, once you see him, stun him... once he is stunned make sure you tell your team via Ventrillo, or fast type and he will fall down faster then a hooker on drugs. once there squishy is down, and you dispatched there carry, they will scatter and you can clean up and then you will push towers. Now during team phase some times you will catch a champion alone. this is were you will stun them, shatter your pretty gems impaling there armor with diamonds and ruby's and emeralds, then you get to work on there face with your diamond hammer, most medium squishy champions will fall to you fast.... faster then they will think.. and yes with Boots /iedge / phantom i soloed a fed teemo. was hard but i did it. so can you.

HEY GUYS IM GOING TO BACK DOOR!, but your taric.. you cant bac...
You can back door as taric quite well... BUT you need to have all of your items which usually means your just back dooring inhibitors, and nexus turrets which honestly can be annoying for any champ, this is simple it doesn't need a lot of talking for it, the way you do this is run up to a tower / inhibitor toggle on radiance and start smacking away, make sure you have farmed up at least 30 minion kills for your bloodthirster's and you should have no problem doing this and your team will love you for this. as not only are you a power house in fights. now you have the enemy scattering to stop you're back door but guess what ? if you this fed by now. they need AT LEAST 2 champions to kill you so ya have fun being a power house !!!!!

Now with all this said i really hope you enjoy this guide, please Vote positive if you like it but if you do not like it instead of down voting use the comment option to discuss some points of interest you do not like please. there is no reason to down vote it if you are not liking it. remember that not everyone can play a champion the same way others can. there will be people who just cant play the way i can and in turn will die alot more then me. please if you find your self dying a lot with my build discuss on here or ask me on my email why. i am more then willing to help anyone learn taric as he is my favorite champion even more then Morgana

In game: Shiinchan