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Team Composition B: Poke Comp (With Split Push)

Last updated on December 8, 2012
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Shen Build

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ChalupaLoL's 2nd Team Comp - Go for an extremely aggressive mid game by pushing towers, zoning Dragons, and wearing the enemy team down by our vast number of poking abilities and attacks. If the enemy team tries to engage us, we have numerous abilities to disengage from the enemy, as well as a great teamfight opening to counter-attack as well.

*NOTE* Shen is a very common ban. If Shen is banned, we have the option of Cho Gath top if we need a tank (our jungler playing Nunu) or Jayce Top (if our jungler is playing Shyvana). If we pick Jayce top, Jayce would then join our poke lane while Shyvana would split push.

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Early Game

The early game will be revolved arounnd getting as much farm as possible, while limiting your opponents farm. The goal here is to win your lane and win that first Dragon fight. Kills are not a priority here (obviously go for the kill if you know you can do it safely). Dorans items are extremely strong here being that we want to make sure we can take an early Dragon and get even more ahead towards the mid game.

Shen - Focus on Vorpal Blade farming and keeping yourself topped off. The goal here is to keep yourself at least even with your lane. Once we are prepared to fight that early Dragon, Shen will ult to one of his allies and contest the 5v4 Dragon.

Cassiopeia - Max your Q poke and rush a pure damage build (2 Dorans Rings, Rabadons, Void Staff) in order to maximize Dragon fight damage as well as incredible damage from poke. Save ult for Dragon fight. Farm, farm, farm.

Nunu - Do the aggressive counter jungling opening. The more we can put the enemy jungler behind the better. Maximize your Consume + Bloodboil in order for us to take down that first Dragon much quicker. With Consume + Smite, we should easily be able to take Dragon. You will most likely not have to gank any lanes other than Top if Shen needs it. Focus on farming and getting Aegis right after Spirit Stone. Always keep Blood Boil on Caitlyn during the Dragon fight! Also grab a Vision Ward and clear any wards in front of Dragon.

Caitlyn - Farm as hard as possible. Feel free to poke as much as possible as well, especially if facing a short ranged ADC opponent (ie Vayne). Deny them hard, however you need to be able to farm enough to grab 2 Dorans Blades and a BF Sword as fast as possible. Come our first Dragon fight, Nunu will Blood Boil you which will give you sick damage. Keep Traps up to prevent ganks and try your best to not push your lane. Stay back and farm up!

Nami - Rush a Shurileya's! Keep our wards up obviously, however keep Caitlyn sustained so she can go hard farming. With your speed boost passive already, a Shurileya's will completely help us zone Dragon, chase down opponents early game, as well as disengage once we start our mid game push. Just play your standard defensive support early.

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The First Dragon FIght

Seeing how this comp is revolved around winning early game and building on that lead mid game, the first Dragon fight is probably the most important fight early on. This means we need to completely understand how we are going to approach this battle.

First of all, we need any wards cleared near Dragon. This will be our junglers job. In an ideal game, we will be able to successfully clear the ward and take Dragon soon after without any confrontation from the enemy team. Against a good team however, this wont be the case. If we push all of our lanes, the enemy team should get suspicious and group for a potential Dragon fight.

What we need to first decide is when the right time to do our Dragon fight is. If the game is 0-0 in score, I believe our first Dragon fight should come when either a) Our jungler has Aeigis of the Legion and both our AP and AD Carry have 2 Dorans or b) Our AP and AD Carry have 2 Dorans + Needlessly Large Rod/ BF Sword. If the game is 0-0, the gold should be nearly even, if not slightly in our favor from our superior CS. If this is the case, we should have more sufficient items and abilities then the other team.

Item wise, if we have an Aegis and they dont, we obviously have the advantage in teamfights if its 0-0 game. If Nunu has successfully done the counter jungle route, their jungle should behind and thus not have an item that compares to Aegis early on, granted he hasnt had a successful gank (he shouldnt with our vast range in lane, excluding Shen). Fighting immediately after receiving our Aegis should mean we win the Dragon fight.

If both teams have Aegis for whatever reason, or we do not feel comfortable with a Dragon fight, we will wait until the AP and AD carry have 2 Dorans + Needlessly Large Rod/ BF Sword. Fighting immediately after we grab these items provides us with sufficient damage and health to assure us at least an even battle against any team. If the enemy AP Carry is rushing a RoA for example, or the enemy AD Carry is working on rushing a Tri Force, our items will be vastly superior at that moment, meaning we will have an easy time taking Dragon.

Now how do we fight this battle? Obviously there will be many different circumstances that will have to be taken with each fight, however there will usually only be 3 main Dragon battles that will occur:

1) The enemy doesnt realize we are doing Dragon. We will bring everyone but top lane to Dragon and quickly nuke it. Finish off Dragon with a Consume + Smite to assure no steal from enemy team.

2) The enemy top doesnt join Dragon fight. We will start Dragon, and when the enemy team looks to prevent the fight and group our fight should look like this.

- The enemy team starts to engage. Let them. Nunu gets in a position to start ult. Nami will ultimate anyone who can disrupt Nunu's ult from going off. Nunu begins to ult as Nami's ult hits. Cassiopeia gets into position as the knock up from Nami ends and ults. During this time, Shen will ult into a teammate and taunt anyone who may prevent Nunu's ult or taunt a target to prevent damage being taken on our team. With our items, this should be HUGE damage if Caitlyn and Cassiopeia are both nuking targets. Nami should also use her stun to either peel a damage dealer off an ally or to set up a kill. This fight is now a 5v4 with Shen in here, and we should easily finish them off and take Dragon. *NOTE* Always keep Blood Boil up on Caitlyn during this fight! Finsih off the fight by Consuming + Smiting Dragon.

3) The enemy top joins the fight. We will now need Nunu to stay in range of Dragon in order to Consume + Smite it so the other team may not fight it. This may mean a less that ideal Nunu ult. We have 2 options:

- If Dragon is low and our team decides to, we may quickly finish Dragon. If the enemy team engages during this team, Cassiopeia will ult, followed by a Nami ult. This should give Caitlyn, Shen and Nunu sufficient time to finish off Dragon. We will then run in opposite direction of the engaging enemy team. Nunu will then ult + Ice Throw(?) the enemy team for as long as possible in order for rest of the team to escape.

- If we can not finish off Dragon, proceed with the Dragon fight listed as scenerio 2. It will be slightly more difficult, however we should have items better suited for this situation. Call targets, peel for the AP and AD Carry and keep Bloodboil + Nami buffs on our ADC and we will win the fight.

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Mid Game

Following the Dragon fight, we will go to base and heal + buy up if we need to. If we agree, our team (excluding top) will all head bottom lane and start our insane poke.

Nunu Constantly keep Blood Boil on Caitlyn. Ice Shard anyone within your range. If you cant attack tower (ie getting poked) and you have no one to Ice Shard, go ward any bushes that area that we could potentially be attacked from the side. Immediately go back to the group and position yourself as the tank in front of the team. If the enemy team engage


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