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Team OT Nasus Build

Last updated on September 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So, a lot of you looking at this will probably think "what the heck!? What is this good for?!" Well, like it says, it's for an OT Nasus, which I know is all "old school" but whatever. I promise, once you give this a shot, you'll see why I feel this is the best Nasus build out there. That said, this build really only focuses on building up the "Q". The higher you get your q, the better. "That's the same as every other Nasus build out there, noob." You're right. What makes this different is that instead of focusing on the damage part, which, if you build your q, and get the items I suggest, you'll do fine with, but instead this focuses on the "Off-tank" part. And, in all honesty, I've tanked with this Nasus build before. It works. Don't forget though, that this Nasus is built for Assists, and not just Kills. Don't mistake me, you can get plenty of kills with this build as well, but your main job is assisting your team, and helping the main tank (if there is one) to lead the charge.

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Pros / Cons


Really good survivability
Decent damage, and easy to harass once you get Spirit Fire built up
Fun to play
Relatively easy as well!


Not as much damage as those other "Pure damage Nasus" builds
Easy to be harassed due to being melee
Solo top takes a bit of practice to be able to do well (especially for players not used to being in a Solo top environment)

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Team Work

This build is really all about team work. You've got the survivability of a decent tank, but you really can't handle 3-4 enemy champs solo. Your job in a team is to initiate, if your team doesn't have anyone else to do it, and pop that Ult and make the enemy team VERY mad that they didn't focus you, since although you can't solo the whole team, if they don't focus you down first (which isn't easy), they'll regret it. So don't forget, TEAM WORK TEAM WORK TEAM WORK!

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These are actually more just for preference. I picked the ones I like best, but you can choose anything that you feel is lacking to make up for what you think might be missing.

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Again, these are somewhat up for debate, but I personally like to get all the ones in the Defense tree I've shown, since it really helps your survivability.

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These are the ones that I feel, besides the situational times, are really not up for much debate. Getting the sheen first helps your team early on to get those kills (Mostly assists for you. Don't be a KS Nasus...nobody likes you.) After that, rush Trinity Force for the speed, and extra damage, then that's really all the damage you need, with one exception. With the addition of the Athene's Unholy Grail, there really is absolutely no reason not to get a Chalice of Harmony ASAP. This will GREATLY help with your mana regen, and then once you can upgrade it, a whooping 90 AP, plus 15% cooldown, and tons of extra mana regen! After that, focus on raising your defenses. Based on the type of damage you're taking, and if there isn't already someone on your team with one, focus on Aegis first. This will help to balance out your defenses, and still give a nice aura for your other mates. After that, its time for some health. I personally like a Sunfire Cape, since it gives you a damaging aura too, plus a nice chunk of health, but you can really get anything that will raise it up a bit for you. You should try to shoot for about 4k when you ult, since with your passive lifesteal, it will be hard for the enemy team to focus you down before they lose a teammate or two, just to you smacking them alone, let alone in a group fight. Another item I feel is a must, since, don't forget, this is an Off tank build, is a Guardian Angel. I hope I don't need to explain why this is such a good pick... With any other gold you get, feel free to swap out items you think best fit the situation at hand, and also, don't forget elixirs for that extra umph!

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Skill Sequence


This build is really all about your Q. Your other abilities as Nasus are great, but really, if you think about it, only help you to spam that Q. Wither slows them down enough so you can land a Spirit Fire on their face as they run screaming away from you, and then slam them with a Siphoning Strike, followed by the proc from Trinity Force to wittle away what heath they still have left. And, of course, your Ult only makes it so you can withstand all those angry slaps they throw at you to attempt to scare you away. In short, Q Q Q Q Q Q.

The sequence you should take for building up your skills is Q, E, E, W, E, R, E, W, E, W, R, W, W, Q, Q, R, Q, Q. This is so that your Spirit Fire gets built up first, since it's really the only good AOE farm you have. This helps, especially early on if you're solo lane, to get the minion kills you'll need for your trinity force. After that, focus on Wither for the team fights, and use it only when you can pretty much guarantee a kill, since it is pretty costly. Save leveling up your Q though, since yeah, it does give more damage, but if you can keep getting those last hits with your Q, it'll be damaging enough until you can max out your other skills first.

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Summoner Spells

These are really player preference. I personally like Flash, for those times when you get in over your head, or your teammates aren't intelligent enough to follow you into a team fight, and you need a quick escape. And also, Ignite, for those times, especially early to mid game, when you can't quite get that last hit in to finish off the carry. Again though, these are really up to you.