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League of Legends Build Guide Author elvje

Teamcomps and Counter-Picking (EARLY BETA 10% done)

elvje Last updated on August 10, 2012
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to my first ever League of Legends guide, Team composition and Counter-Picking.

So to start off with, I'll discuss some common team composition and there pros and cons, then I'll go in-depth and try to explain the roles and positioning in these team compositions. And I'll show how I come up with team comps.

The other part of the guide will be about counter-picking, a common tactic in draft picks or ranked 5s but the player on ranked 5s won't need this guide I guess.

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Team compositions basics

When making a team comp you will have to ask yourself some questions:

- What is typical for this team comp?
- Is this easy counter-able?
- The ability to switch to a plan B.
SPACE Being able to push, aeo, cc, damage, tanky etc..
Lanes but also tactics
Team comp that only stand out in one way will be easier to counter

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Team composition #1 Balance AEO buffs

SPACE Great poke, sustain, aura and burst. Radiance
SPACE Tanky and good burst.
SPACE Tanky, great laner, ok damage and great aura damage buff ult Hemoplague.
SPACE Great ganks on all lanes, enough burst on bot,top and mid. And a great damage reduction buff Vengeful Maelstrom.

+ Very tanky even corki by the buffs. ( Vengeful Maelstrom, Shatter and Aegis of the Legion)
+ Good damage. ( Hemoplague and Radiance)
+ Very strong and sustainable lanes.
+ Not very item dependent.
SPACE SPACE - Need to hit ults to achieve max efficiency.
- No global ults.
- A level 1 invade on blue can hurt a lot.
- Only males, and taric

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Making your own team comp.

Important when making a team comp:
1. Strong lanes
2. Enough damage in team fights
3. CC
4. Not to squishy
5. Synergy

You can always start making one from one champion for example:

We start of with Ashe.

Now we need to pick the right support for an Ashe. Ashe doesn't have great burst damage, so an aggressive support like leona isn't fit for the job. However Ashe is a really good kiter*, Janna and nunu will fit in perfectly with kiters*, they can slow the enemy's and speed allies up. We pick janna this time.

Now we have Ashe and Janna.

Lets think of a team fight around baron, Ashe fires out her arrow. Now we need a tanky champion that can jump in, mmh. Mundo is a good tank, but there is a problem: Ashe her arrow is fired from close distance and only stuns for a short time, we need a chain CC effect. A tank with AOE CC, Amumu or Malphite, if they have much AD pick Malphite, they both don't really benefit more from mr, so when facing a heavy AP team they are both a great pick.

Now, we got Ashe, Janna and Malphite.

We still miss some melting power, if the CC is done we have to melt them down quick. A burst champ on mid, ahri and kass will both be a great pick, but i prefer kass because hes a strong mid laner and it is easier to focus one down when they are close to each-other. Try to get the one that counters the other mid.

Now, we got Ashe, Janna, Malphite and Kassadin.

Well, well, we have Ashe, Janna, Malphite and Kassadin. That pretty squishy. We have to get a way to get more tanky, Maokai's ult will do fine ( Vengeful Maelstrom), but with this Janna ult its easy to screw up and blow your team out of Vengeful Maelstrom. If we pick Nunu, which is a strong combo with Ashe, we got more damage and its hard to screw up then. Your choice.

Finally, a good team comp. Ashe, Janna (or Nunu), Malphite, Maokai and Kassadin

* kiter =
Ashe - One of the best kiters in the game. She can keep you slowed with Volley/Frost Shot. You have substantially less movement speed than she does, so she can continuously attack and kite you out of range.

SPACE Great cc, kite ability and damage.
SPACE Hard poke with silence Null Sphere, good passive Void Stone and great burst.
SPACE OP tank, great laner and beast ult. Unstoppable Force.
SPACE Great ganks on all lanes. And a great damage reduction buff Vengeful Maelstrom.

+ Pretty tanky. ( Vengeful Maelstrom and Aegis of the Legion)
+ High damage.
+ Good engage.
SPACE SPACE - Bot easily countered by high burst and mid pre-6 is easy target.
- No global ults.
- No kill potential bot without gank and on top it's even harder.