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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Teemo - An Experimental Build

Last updated on July 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is a very basic, experimental Teemo guide that I'm still working on. I came up with the idea for this while considering how to maximize each stat without hitting diminishing returns. I'm a very casual player and have very little experience with serious or competitive gaming, so this may turn out to be a horrible guide. Still, I'd like to put it up for others to comment on and critique.

Also, my apologies if some of these chapters seem long-winded or overly detailed. I just hate it when a guide says something like "Take 21 points into Offense BECAUSE I SAID SO" without further explanation. I wanted this guide to explain the reasoning behind my choices, and I also wanted it to be a potential learning tool for new players, so they can see precisely why an ability, item or whatever is a good choice.
For those who want to get to the meat and potatoes of this guide, I'll prove a shortened summary version at the bottom of each chapter.

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The runes I have selected are some of the most basic yet effective out there.

I chose Destruction Marks over others (such as Alacrity or Strength) due to their mid-game benefits and late-game superiority. The armor pen they grant helps deal extra damage to enemy champs, allows you to deal basically true damage to minions and monsters, and has a greater noticeable effect (than flat damage Marks) by about the time team fights break out. The Magic pen they offer not only helps deal extra damage with things like Toxic Shot, Noxious trap, etc., but is huge in melting the enemy team with items like Madred's Bloodrazor and Malady.

Resilience Seals just make sense on Teemo, as you'll be in either the top or bottom lane, where 90% of the damage you face is physical. The bonus armor they offer almost doubles the total armor you start out with, which is invaluable against common enemy champs like Jax or Graves. Another often-overlooked benefit of flat armor Seals is the damage reduction on minion attacks; the protection they offer there allows you to poke and harass the enemy champ more often in the early game, while mitigating much of the damage that minions will pour onto you for doing so.
Defense Seals (armor per-level) can also work here, though obviously their benefit is going to be almost non-existent early game. I don't consider this trade-off worth it, as you often need the physical damage reduction early game in order to get the advantage over your opponent, as well as the fact that late-game most champs can deal large amounts of magic damage, or have so much armor pen / attack damage that it doesn't matter whether your armor is per-level or not.

Shielding Glyphs are taken for the opposite reasons of our Resilience Seals: you more than likely won't be facing too much magic damage early game, and if you do, it probably won't be in such massive amounts as physical damage. You can get all the benefits of magic resistance per-level Glyphs late-game without suffering too much in the early-game.
Where the Glyphs and Seals differ, however, is that I find you can instead take Warding Glyphs (flat magic resist) without too much detriment if you know you're going to be facing an enemy champ that favors magic damage, such as Mordekaiser. Still take the flat armor Seals, though!

Swiftness Quintessences are vital to this build. The whopping 4.5% move speed buff they offer is huge on any champ, but is just as beneficial as an armor or damage buff on Teemo especially. You can take some sort of replacement Quint here, though you will be noticeably slower. Getting to lane faster, catching up to enemy champs or getting away from a gank are all benefits which are just too huge to pass up.

9x Destruction Marks (flat armor / magic penetration): because you need both penetration types for this build.
9x Resilience Seals (flat armor): because you need that massive flat armor boost early game against your most common opponents.
9x Shielding Glyphs (magic resist per-level) or 9x Warding Glyphs (flat magic resist): either one, depending on who your early-game opponent is, but you need some sort of magic resist runes.
3x Swiftness Quintessences (move speed): Speed > all on Teemo. It simply gives you the most benefit of any Quintessence in terms of offense, defense *and* utility.

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The run-down on Masteries is fairly simple:

21 points into Defense is hugely important on any champ that's going to be the focus of the enemy team's aggression, and that includes Teemo. Maybe it's his overly-friendly demeanor, or that adorable bunny suit he runs around in, but it seems like 100% of the time the enemy team cannot resist dumping all their CC onto him, ganking him non-stop or even suiciding by the dozens just to kill him. Make all their efforts in vain with the Defensive tree! In addition to all the nice defensive bonuses you get from putting 21 points here, the Defensive tree carries two amazing perks along with it: speed and tenacity. 3 points into Initiator will grant you a whopping 3% additional move speed, while Juggernaut reduces enemy stuns by a further 10% (in addition to the benefits or Merc Treads). Let the items you buy do the damage-dealing, and take 21 points in Defense.

A further 8 points into Utility let's you get everything you need there: a 15 second reduction on Flash's cooldown, bonus mana to help cover Teemo's occasional mana problems, and an additional 2% move speed. Notice that we're stacking move speed so that we can be the fastest thing out there at level 1: faster than the enemy carry, faster than thier support and faster than whoever they have coming to gank you.

Fortunately we only needed 8 points in Utility, because that allows us to put our last point into the Offensive tree. Placing it into Summoner's Wrath allows us to take an improved version of either Exhaust or Ignite.

21 points into Defense to keep you alive, because you'll be the focus of the enemy team's aggression. Initiator and Juggernaut are vital here.
8 points into Utility for the Flash cooldown, mana and movespeed.
1 point into Offense for Summoner's Wrath