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Teemo - Crit while you hit

Last updated on February 5, 2011
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Hello, my name is VeNzorrR and welcome to my crit teemo build.

Firstly, you might have noticed already that the crit chance above is 108.06%. Mobafire for some reason gives teemo a 10% base crit chance, however when I play him and check I just get the stock 2% from the mastery.

The mastery I've chosen is pretty much a stock mastery setup, with a point in ignite and teleport, as I prefer to use these spells for this build.

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Now when you look at most builds, you don't really see everything stacked into 1 major stat. The reason I have 18% Crit strike from runes is because I was using an executioner's calling. However, after extensive testing and comparisons, I found it was useful whilst levelling, but not very helpful unless against a major lifesteal champion e.g. Sion.

I've left 8 blue slots open there, I personally go for either attack speed or crit strike damage

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Skill Sequence

As much as all the other builds say to get "Blinding Dart" first, its only really helpful in a non-solo lane. I much prefer levelling "Toxic Shot" as it not only improves the damage you do, but puts a DoT (Damage over Time) on the target. Its really crucial to getting a good farm on mid, as I try not to go back at all before level 7.

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I've played this build with an Exectutioner's Calling a lot. As I said before I don't find it amazingly effective.

Crit Strike is nothing without being able to do decent damage. Based upon this fact, I choose to go for a dual bloodthirster spec for teemo as it gives 100 damage each when fed for the +40 bonus, along with 25% lifesteal each.

Overall, with the Infinity Edge and the two Phantom Dancers you get 100% crit chance and do a crit damage of 985 before armor get taken into account (1002 with the 8 Crit damage blues).

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When it comes to lane choice, I prefer to mid, however the sky is the limit, if you don't feel confident going mid, feel free to go lane in top or bot. First Item I take with this build is a Doran's Blade, great for giving you health/damage with a little bit of lifesteal. (At base damage of 52 you need to hit 5 times to make get the same amount of HP back as you would with Doran's Shield).

When the game starts, I just last hit the creeps on whatever lane I'm on, harass the other champions responsibly (Meaning I go in, hit them once or twice, and run off so they can't stun/slow/generally hurt me). At level 6, start shrooming up (Putting mushrooms on the floor). I put two in each bush e.g. If you are on bot, in each of the bottom bushes, on mid, two in each of the river bushes. When on mid, you might also want to shroom up on the path that is on your side of the river, to stop people backraping you.

After level 7, feel free to go back and buy up, I usually have about 1.5k-2k gold, I usually get my boots and a vampyric scepter before I start to build for my first phantom dancer. When you have the first phantom dancer, you can easily move between lanes for ganks. Be sure to keep shrooming up, and if you feel like it, you can even go for a red or blue buff, both are very useful as teemo (Red for slow, blue for lower cd on shroom picking). Don't worry if you die once or twice, I personally die a couple of times, just due to not being able to keep 5 people off you till late game.

During mid game, its all about ganking, you should be able to pick up about 5-6 kills easily. If you start to get fed, it will be a lot more. Get the infinity edge quickly, teemo can take out a creep wave very quickly using shrooms and auto attacks. If you shroom well enough you can expect another 2-3 more kills from them, just by people running through bushes whilst trying to get away.

Late game is your oyster, if you're fed, well done, you've successfully won a game of LoL, if you're not fed, get in on kills, just try to get assists or even full kills.

Please let me know what you think of this build. Thanks for looking at it!