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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Teemo: Gotta Go FAST

Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Teemo Build

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Introduction.. fast!

You may be thinking, "THE **** IS THIS!?!?! FAAST TEEMO? OMGFSBBQLETHERBELT MOTHER OF POOP!?=!"#)")¤!"#¤ N00B!!!!" but if you do, then you dont get to play gotta go fast teemo.
Gotta go fast Teemo is all about going really, really fast! and also to laugh your *** off while doing it, btw that has always amused me, what do they mean with laughing ones *** off? does it fly off when you laugh? that wouldnt be funny.

But back to GTGFTeemo!
When playing Teemo, you can go fast, and with this really fast! as i will talk about more in the item section, and that opens up alot of possibilities for chasing and quick lane to lane movement.
Now to skills.

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Skill Sequence

If youre still reading this, then you must be intrested in GTGFTeemo, be really bored, or have survived the apocalypse only to find that the one remaining datafile is not anything that can help you, but actually a build for going fast.

The thing you've probably found out is that Move Quick is not maxed at an early lvl, instead its maxed at 14! that may confuse you to the purpose of this, but putting some points in Toxic Shot really helps with the damage output, as most Teemo players will probably tell you, and as such the first skill to get maxed is Toxic Shot :)
Blinding Dart is taken at lvl 4 and then ignored for quite a while, to give room for the other two, dont worry about this though, it works well enough without it :D

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Items! FAST ITEMS.. but not cheap

Now to the fast part! As GTGFTeemo tou want to go really fast, and this will help you!
Start with the standard boots and three pots and then get boot of swiftness for a solid 3 movement buff, why not Boots of mobility? haha leet me tell you, I tried with both and the boots of mobility dont work as fun as the Swiftness boots do, because of the flat bonus, sure when running outside of combat the other is better, but as Teemo you can double your speed with Move Quick, so the mobility boots works well :)

Shurelya's Reverie - The regens from this help to keep you in lane just a tad bit longer if things get hectic, and the cooldown reduction helps to go fast and pump out those Blinding darts.
And the most important aspect, the Active, it makes you go even faster for 60 seconds and can assist your allies to when chasing down a bleeding foe.

+Try to get enough gold for either Philosophers Stone or Kindlegem and your boots before you go back the first time :)

Lich Bane - Now to give that fast little rat some punch! With lich Bane you start to hurt your opponent more then before, and the movement bonus is always welcome to GTGFTeemo's inventory of speed.
Start with a sheen and then work it up to Lich bane (you would probably do that anyway)

Fiendish Codex - this is more of a personal taste with GTGFTeemo but i like to keep the cooldowns down and this brings with it an extra 30 ability power :)

Nashors Tooth - More Poooowaaaah, and! even more cooldown reduc, youre GTGFTeemo, waiting is not in your vocabulary!

Then top it all Of with a Trinity Force, for an all around good bonus item :D

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Quick note on Runes

Runes.. runes.. Except the Greater Quintessence of Swiftness take whatever the **** you want, its not that important to me, but if youre serious about trying this then try what works for you :)

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There you have it :D Now go out and rush everywhere and never stop!
Make GTGFTeemo proud! This build was made to have fun while playing but still having some kick in if you get cornered or engage in a fight!
Dont forget Shurelya's active :D

Have fun kids!