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Teemo guide

Last updated on November 10, 2016
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Teemo Build

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I like teemo and I made this for a friend who asked me to. This isn't for the general public.

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Summoner spells

Top: I prefer Ghost and either Teleport or Ignite. Depends on the matchup. I take ignite if I think I can carry by snowballing off of killing my lane opponent, teleport all other times. Flash is also good instead of ghost, but I like to kite in all-in situations, and ghost helps me more with that once move quick is used up.

Jungle: I take Ghost Smite. Same notes for Flash here.

Support: I prefer Ghost Exhaust. Same notes for flash can be made here. Ignite can also be taken here over exhaust. Situational.

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Pros / Cons

Top pros:

+can go ad or ap based on what you need
+ranged autos, easy to harass all melee chars
+incredibly strong levels 2-5
+early all in potential
+good shrooming can keep you safe from ganks
+last hitting is easy
+can split push

Top cons:

-squishy early on, no matter how you build him
-if the opponent all ins you, they'll win 90% of the time, and they can keep doing it
-very weak to ganks pre-6, you have to anticipate getting ganked, you can't react to it
-weak to cc, have to avoid getting hit when chased so that Move Quick stays up

Jungle Pros

+can kite camps easily
+can go either ad or ap based on what you need to accomplish
+ranged carry jungler
+can get level 3 ganks/first blood pretty easily
+shrooms help you control objectives/camps

Jungle Cons

-VERY susceptible to counterjungling
-no cc, makes it hard to help lanes get kills, moreso relies on you getting kills yourself
-if you fall behind, catching up isn't likely

Support Pros

+shrooms = weak but free wards
+blind can deny enemy adc minions (cannons) + win trades
+Teemo creates a kill lane
+can be a huge source of damage compared to most other supports

Support Cons

-if you don't shroom often, you're useless
-hard engage will also make you useless

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

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Builder is being funky right now so here it is in text.

Tree 1

Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter

Tree 2


I've been told Thunderlord's isn't optimal, but I like it. Provides huge burst starting at level 2 with the auto > q > auto combo. The damage it does is very underestimated. Teemo isn't meant for prolonged fights.

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Skill Sequence

Always max E first. Maxing W or Q next is situational, but I generally do W second.

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This is gonna be the most content heavy part, as I take a lot of different items for different situations. Gonna explain why I consider most items and when I consider getting them.


Corrupting Potion - Great starting item. Cost efficient for pots over time, helps to win early trades, stacks on teemo's auto attack DoT

Doran's Blade - Teemo is auto reliant. Use this in a lane where you need to keep up in sustain super early on and you may not get to kill them, such as Galio or Dr. Mundo

Recurve Bow - buy this if the enemy laner builds mr first with a Null-Magic Mantle or something. Teemo scales well off of attack speed because of his E's on-hit damage. Add on the bonus physical on-hit damage of recurve bow, which will build into Blade or Runaan's, and your early damage will be pretty good.

Blade of the Ruined King - one of your core items. Continuing off of what I just said about recurve bow, you get this if the enemy buys MR first and you plan on building attack speed/carry Teemo. Lifesteal helps you sustain, on-hit percent damage stacks on your auto + toxic shot damage, and the passive stacks on the Runaan's missles as well. Use the active when you all-in someone or chase them down.

Nashor's Tooth - instead of blade, get this first if it looks like the enemy may build armor or has a high armor base stat. The passive will apply the AP given to you by this item, stack on your AP runes, and stack on your e. You don't need huge amounts of AP to make this item worth buying on teemo, I find that it's almost always a good buy.

Runaan's Hurricane - I get this second almost always for on-hit teemo. After I get one of the on-hit effects of Nashor's or Blade, I want the Runaan's missles to start throwing that **** around as fast as I can. You become a wave clearing monster, and you can harass while farming without even trying. This item can be mixed into an AP build and still work well, as the missles apply toxic shot, which scales on AP.

mercury treads - These shoes mitigate CC, which is a huge plus for teemo. Build Sorcerer's shoes if you're AP focused, but CC destroys teemo so I like to have these. I usually approach max attack speed by full build, so I almost never consider berserker's greaves.

Zhonya's Hourglass - Getting your *** whooped by an AD all-in champ? Build this first and stop feeding.


Guardian Angel - build this when your damage is fine but you're dying too much (to everyone)

Zz'Rot Portal - dying a lot but pushing well; it looks like the game is salvageable by split pushing

Banner of Command - enemy team is AP heavy and your team is refusing to build MR. This item gives them some, helps you split push without having to be there

Lich Bane - Enemy has armor, fights are lasting too long and you need some burst

Luden's Echo - same as lich bane, but you feel you need a little more team fight presence, little extra move speed feels nice

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - health, gives you a little cc, some more ap. The slow and the extra (slight) tankiness are great. This item goes great with Liandry's

Frozen Mallet - Like crystal scepter, but the slow is on your auto attacks. You become a slow spitting machine when this item is stacked on runaan's.

Guinsoo's Rageblade - you're a fed ******* who just wants to kill people faster.

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Trade with auto > q > auto. Farm. Once thunderlord's cools down trade again. Learn how much damage this combo will do and know it like the back of your hand. Once you can kill them, pop ignite, corrupting potion, ghost, move quick, and go in.

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Split pushing

Teemo is a fantastic split pusher. Shrooming the relevant jungle (top or bottom) will make it really hard for them to approach you with out you knowing. Your massive waveclear will make you a pushing monster that they can't ignore. If you know they're after you you have several options.

1. Move quick. Get to safety.
2. Go invisible. Nearby bush, make them think you've left. After they push the wave and go back to their team, come out and keep pushing.
3. Ambush them. Go invisible, shroom nearby. When they step on it, kill them. Nothing will tilt them more. You can keep pushing after you kill them unless they send someone else after you.

Split-pushing can tilt enemies and carry games by forcing them to send certain champions after you, giving your team the advantage in 4v4 fights. Teemo can sometimes carry a game to victory with lane pressure.