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Teemo Build Guide by uatatax

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author uatatax

Teemo -how to kill in 0,5 seconds!

uatatax Last updated on October 14, 2012
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Teemo Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

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pls read this first

sooo: i am GERMAN, thats my first guide, and so i cant write englsih soo well... i dont play ranked. u should try this for fun, i promise u, ull hhave tons of fun with that build.

i have ca 700 wins in normal games this time, so im not so stupid.

everytime i use this build I have at least 20 kills at minute 30. it really works awesome.

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so, i prefer ap teemo, ya see. the point of that build is to kill even tanky targets in a matter of seconds, and support ur team with ur mighty ap mushrooms. right ON THE LANE!

if u look at that build closely....ull get how much burst he does!
here is the combo(stealth, wait until target is close enought or step on shroom):
deathfire grasp: ca 50% of enemy health
Q: 80 % of your ap additional
normal atack: 80% of your ap + lichbane 100% of ap = 180% ap scaling in one atack!
ur mushroom: 80% of ap
isnt it a hell of damage?
deathfire grasp+80%+80%+80%+100% of your ap.
thats why i build him like this. try it. u will love it.

if they have oracles just hide in bush and assasinate em in a good opportunity.

thats all u need to know, the rest u must practise urself to learn. but it will take only a few games to learn this style to play. so give it a try. i dare u.

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how to kill?

soo.... when great teamfights starts, u get urself to midlane and place mushrooms right on the lane. place em so the minions wont destroy em to fast, and the enemys will not pass alive to your tower hide in a good place where the enemy will probably run if he has eaten enought shrooms or where they just pass often.
u can use deathfire grasp fast if u put it in the second slot of your inventory. then just push the *2* above ur w button and u can fire it.

so u hide.
press 2 so u can aim deathfire. enemy gets near`? fire it, fire q, autoatack. the prey now should be death. if not, use ignite and another autoatack right after u use ur sprint ability, so lichbane is activated another time.

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Pros / Cons

can kill insane fast, even tanky targets
the mushrooms are pure awesomeness.
the blind can save ur teammates from ad champions
he is the last REAL stealth champion left in league.
every single autoatack is powered up by ap.
the target dont recognize what happens if the screen suddenly turns grey after ur deathfire,q,autoatack kombo. they will dont even have time to react.
its really a hell of burst. u can kill with even only q and an autoatack if ur target is the enemy ad carry.

simply squishy. if the enemys are more than 3 u better stay on distance.
if u dont watch urself, u get ********ed really fast.
u will suffer from surprize atacks (use ur mushrooms like wards to make it easyer for u)