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Team Guide by Dismund

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dismund

Teemo like whoa

Dismund Last updated on December 14, 2009
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I'd be lying if I said this team had any kind of real strategy besides letting Teemo kill the whole rest of the team with the rest of us putting on what pressure we can. Because that's all we do all the time in every game since level 1 those couple of months ago we started playing.

A few characters are interchangable without losing the scariness of the team:

Rammus for Cho'gath
Corki for Teemo
Malphite for Nasus
Annie for Sion (The stun is what's important)

The way games are supposed to go is this:

Cho or Teemo takes mid, either one is great. Teemo has a far greater ability to get a first blood if he has a teammate however, so Cho'gath is preferred.

Our lanes usually look like:

Cho = Mid
Teemo + Nasus = Lane w/ Lizard
Blitz + Sion/Annie = Lane w/ Golem

Teemo makes great use of Lizard for ganks
Sion/Annie also gives great gank ability if Nasus hasn't taken it for pushing purposes.

We usually have control of Dragon from the start of the game with Teemo getting Blind at level 1 and our Knockups he's very easy to kill. And we continue to control the buffs throughout the game. (That's why Sion takes Smite) Clairvoyance helps this immensly and is in my opinion essential. We do switch up the heroes from time to time with great success, but the "strategy" if you want to call it that stays the same. Overall it's been working great for us.


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