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League of Legends Build Guide Author TeemoUser111

Teemo owns mid MUAHA

TeemoUser111 Last updated on September 5, 2010
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The point of my build is the harassing *******.

Exhaust: I use this for the obvious reason.
Clarity: I use this so I can harass nonstop and keep the middle enemy from farming and having him to keep goin back to nexus to heal up as i take the turret with ease. and plantin mushrooms everywhere freely.

Red Runes - Magic Penetration. It works really well with teemo's "E" skill.
Yellow Runes - Dodge. Because Teemo is squishy he will need this.
Blue runes - Cooldown. So he can blind more often and harass with his passive skill as the enemy runs away because he cannot hurt you.
Quintessence - Flat Health. Again, Teemo is squishy and extra health will help him harass early and mid game as middle.

1.Doran's Blade and Hp pot: Gives extra HP and dmg for Teemo so he can Harass without any worries of thinking you are squishy early game and the Hp pot for the obvious reason.
2.Madred's Razors: extra dmg and chance to deal 500 dmg to minion,need this to build into Madred's bloodrazor
3.Pickaxe:Extra dmg, and builds into Madred's bloodrazor
4.Recurve Bow: adds attack speed which teemo needs and also builds into Madred's bloodrazor
5.Madred's bloodrazor: This item makes tanks fear the little guy.
6.Ninja tabi : for the dodge that helps teemo survive better.
7.Guinsoo's rageblade :Stacks attack speed, stacks up to 8 times and each attack speeds up.
8.Bloodthirster:The lifesteal is usefull for teemo's fast shooting and also extra dmg.
9.8th item is Infinity Edge: extra dmg and when you get a critical hit it deals 250% more dmg which is nice.


Early Game:
In early game, I would buy Doran's Blade because it gives teemo that extra hp and dmg so he can harrass middle easily with his passive skill (Toxic Shot). And that Hp pot, just because.
REMEMBER, when you are playing Teemo as middle. you want to hurry and buy the doran's blade and hp pot and run to middle to camaflouge before your middle opponent shows up so when he pops up to check if you are at middle, you can shoot him and you do a lot of dmg early game already because of your magic penetration runes and plus your extra health, you got nothing to be afraid of early in the game even when you are facing mordekaiser.
Even if you are uncomfortable with it you can always use exhaust to slow him down so you can retreat towards your turret. But the point of being middle is to NOT get outfarmed, so if you are the one gettin harassed then play safe by tower hugging and get a blind shot and a basic shot on the enemy when you have the chance and run back to safety, so basically hit and run and let the turret protect you.

Mid Game:
In mid game you should be lvl 6 with mushrooms =] and is time to limit where your opponent's space to walk so you may keep the pressure on him. Mushroom placement is very important when you are at mid. Whenever you can put a mushroom down just put one anywhere at mid because it reduces your chance of gettin ganked. because by the time they get to you they already ate like 2 mushrooms the most and as teemo you can take out 2 champs easy with your exhaust and mushrooms doing dmg to them already and plus you have your "Q" skill, which is blind shot and causes all of your oppoenent's basic shots to miss for the duration. Easy double kill. If you are the one harassing the whole game then you don't need to go back to ur nexus to buy because you can continue harassing and plantin mushrooms because you have clarity as a spell. I usually take out middle turret in less than 10 minutes.

Late game:
this is when you should be getting into team fights. And I will tell you bout your positioning in team fights. as a teemo you are a harasser and a carrier, so you should stay in between your teamates or behind because you want to survive not first to late game you should probably have the Madred's bloodrazor and Guinsoo's rageblade by now for the big dmg even against tank and the super fast attack speed stack. When in team fight you can take out the enemy squishies in less than 3 - 5 seconds which helps the team a lot by making it 5 vs 4 already.

I hope this helps you new teemo players out there. This is how I play and my KD is usually 15/3 average.

Peace out.