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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptainCharisma2

Teemo Taunt: Tough Teemo

CaptainCharisma2 Last updated on February 22, 2011
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Teemo is one of the most fun champions imo to play, and really annoying to enemies. There are many ways to play teemo, the most common is perhaps malady and razors maldred for a dps build, the other way, which i prefer building him is with ap.
Too be more specific i build a teemo that balances damage and defence, and it is centered around teemo's unwritten 6th ability, the teemo taunt.

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red: magic pen, yellow:mana regen blue:magis resist quints:hp
common runes that most people should have. magic pen and mana for dmg and regen to place more shrooms. magic resist and flat hp quints for defense. both flat mr or mr per level work fine.

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the basic caster mastery build will be suffice. going 21 down defence tree also works with teemo, especially if you have dodge yellow runes, then you take advantage of timbleness. Otherwise utility tree ks more useful, xp bonus to set up shrooms faster, more movespeed on top of teemo's new move quick, and cd reduction to place more shrooms.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a staple imo, sometimes defense items and move quick just isnt enough or sometimes to get the final hit for kill.
The 2nd spell is exhuast, it can be offensively or you can use it to save someone. it also works well with your blind, both spells used to negate your enemies.
Ignite also works well teemo, this is more recommended if you an aggressive player that can put this spell to good use. more often i am a non aggressive player, so i dont go for ignite.
Cleanse is also a choice, if you choose to do down defense tree you can consider this, also if your playing in ranked you can see if they have alot of cc.

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Skill Sequence

priority: mushrooms> blind > poison > move quick
one point into move quick at level 4, then max the rest first.
new move quick is great, helps with many things, escaping, chasing, getting back to lane and to help your teammates.
constantly place shrooms, place them in areas where people may gank, keeping an eye on dragon, escape routes etc. you control areas with shrooms, and later you can control jungles to frustrate enemies more.

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doran's sheild, mercury treads, abyssal sceptor, zhonyas hourglass
doran's shield first, it helps make you more tanky and survive laning phase
i put mercury boots because more often then not you'll be facing a lot of magic damage and cc, and you need to survive them. (other choices can be spell penatration or cd reduction)

here i will introduce the teemo taunt. when you play teemo, you will be targeted... alot. if a player would see 5 champions vulnerable to attack, they will target teemo, if they are ganking a lane, they will attack teemo, it is perhaps people think teemo is an easy prey and free gold, also you pissing them off with shrooms everywhere isnt helping.
so what do u do? u get tanky and u make them pay for chasing you. surprise them with your durability and good dmg on your shrooms and your blinds.
this is achieve with ap/defence items such as abyssal sceptor and zhonyas hour glass, along with your runes and masteries. you move speed is also key, whether to chase down for kill, to escape, or to teemo taunt them into shrooms and your allies.

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ap teemo is very team dependent, its unlikely you can carry with this build. it is perhaps while most teemo play dps, and have more success in solo queue. my problem with dps teemo is that, if i'm going dps why in the world would i use teemo over ashe, sivir, mf, tristana corki, or ezreal? They have better spells and auto attacks that scale as game progresses, they have better steroid spells, and importantly they have better range. Ap teemo is the way to go, with added toughness, you will frustrate many heroes. If you dont own teemo, then i recommend buying teemo. Teemo if my favourite hero, and i;ve play many games with him and still haven�¢ï¿½ï¿½t gotten bored of him, and honestly, he the only reason i still have fun playing league of legends after 6 months.

I hope you try out this build of teemo before you judge, and hope you do not vote down only because it doesn�¢ï¿½ï¿½t correspond with many of top players build with teemo.