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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Teemo the AP Scout

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on November 21, 2010
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Welcome back to more Chaotic Theory-Crafting on

This is a different look on the Swift Scout. Some players make AS/AP or AS/AD. I like personally like Avoidance and Atma's Teemo my self. But this is a chaotic take on AP Teemo. Lets get started shall we.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

10/0/20 for caster things in Offense and than all the fun things in Utility: XP, Buff Duration, Movement, and Reduced Death Timer. All these will give you some edge in game.

and are summoner spells. That will give you survival and extra dmg. The 10AP and -10 MR and Armor will give you some noticable dmg output. Very effective in this build, since it can be played as an assassin due to camoflauge. So much fun things happen with this build, and all you really need to do is scout and hide... thats it


I dont care what anyone says, if you arent maxing out , you're a fool. It gives survival and awesome for setting up ganks. Ablind target can only run. This will punish anyone that commits to you. Make sure that they pay for commiting or over extending. Now if you add this to you are sure to get the kill since they wont be able to attack you.

is to be lvled second. Combine this with and you have doubled up dots that get you the kill. Some players will say that this should be lvled first, but that takes away from one survival. And lets face it, nothing it more humiliating than getting controlled by Teem, and allowing you to not get next to no dmg on him. This will help you early game, but survival is key for Teemo early game.

is last on the list... its good to get at least one rank early game to help you scurry about and do what you do best. Its a powerful tool though.

is one of the most annoying Ults in the game, yes? Even with the new changes, this Ult can still be used the way it use to be. PLacing this in key locales: Dragon, Lizard, Golem, Wolf, Wraith, Baron, River and other choke points will give you and your team an edge in map dominance. Not to mention, if you drop this and sit on it when you know someone is coming, you'r dmg output will be that much better.


Ive got a very unique rune book here. Its based on two things. AP and MPen. These work well together, and combine it with the ability to survive and gank, you have a nasty combo.

for more early game power. Im all about the early game. These are very good for most AP DPS champs, and this build falls into that catergory.

is also for that early game power. I know that AP per LvL is 'best', but if you can dish out more in the early game, the better off you are.

and are the mix of the AP and Mpen. These are all about the earlt game and getting that edge. Having a fair amount of AP and Mpen fomr the start will give you a big advantage.

and for the same reason as the Glyphs. Early game power is key to almost any game.

Items Some people have commented that Im unclear about item builds. So Ill go into more detail in this build.

is a better item to have with this Yodle. This is your first item. You will want to start off with , since it is the most expensive item needed. The 20 AP will be nice to have when added to your startig AP. This will also increase the effectiveness of all your spells as you apply the MR debuff. Its cheap and if you play smart you can have it by LvL 5, if not sooner.

are next. Boots are important to have, and since your first item is cheap, you can get these on one of your first returns to the platform. You will want to get these early. Getting all of your Mpen early will be a great use to you.

NOTE: If you are one of those people that like to rush Boots, than go for it. This will not effect the game play what so ever.

is going to be one of the best items in your arsenal. With the great stats and ever better active, you will be a force to be rekconed with. This will give you some ganking power too. The active, which can be activated using the corresponding number key so you dont have to click, will allow you to deal great amounts of dmg. Now you will want to get s few stacks of the debuff so you can get more bang for your buck, but either way this will give you an edge dmg wise. This is best used while you are under the effects of your passive.

is must have for this build. Each spell and attack will give you more AS and AP. Cant beat that. As you gain stacks, your will do more dmg per attack and per tick. Hmmmmmm...

NOTE: Since this is an expensive item, you can rush this early game. Its a powerful item and it matters not when you get it. Its a personal choice. I would suggest getting this mid to end game since you will have better farming and killing power.

is where you will get a lot of your power. This is one of those items I like to get as the game goes on. Its better to have it late when you have more AP. Some people rush this due to cost, but I think its best to get it late. The stats are great, and the passive is AWESOME! Enjoy the ganking ;)

is the last item, and I doubt you get it lol. You have to be extremely fed or you are just that good. This is more a luxury item IMO. The active gives you survival, and it can be used using the corresponding number key. I like to make it #6. Its farther from Q and W. That way I have a less chance of hitting the wrong key and wasting it.

Item build

Recommened start: to start.

1st recall: botos of speed and or x2. Getting double dags will send you closer to . If you go Dag/Boots, you will gain movement and gets you closer to your first item. I prefer double dagss since will give you a lil more speed. Not a lot but enough for you to throw off skill shots and chasers. Mobility is key with

2nd recall: Finish and start working on Kage's lucky pick. This will give you some AP and the money will be nice too. You will hold this item for a lil bit. Use this to help you save for your next recall

3rd recall: This is where things can go one of a few ways. You can get so you can get on your next recall, you can get or for , or you can start working on . I like to get for the extra power. If you will still want to save Kage's till your fourth recall.

4th recall: finish and continue on or . You have the core items, so now you build accordingly.

Game Play

Early Game

blinding shot and amplfying tome will be what you start with. This is a great solo build. The effects of will provide great harassment and it will allow you to stop them from farming for a short time. You will want to stay in the lane as long as possible. Make sure that you are keeping up as long as you can. Remember the Mpen and AP you have will be overwhelming at first. You will want to take advantage of camouflage too. Push the lane, and when your creeps look like they will die, run back and let it kick in. Wait till the champ passes you, and open up on them. Make them pay. Follow the recall item build and you should be ok.

Mid Game

If all goes well for you, than you should have , at least , and kage's lucky pick. These will help you now that its ganking time. If you want you can keep pushing mid, line it with shrooms, or go ganking. Do what works best for you. If you have heavy AP champs, go assist them. The MR debuff will help their dmg as well as yours. Shroom placement is key. Map awareness can save your team from a gank, allow you to have buff control, and can help you farm dragon and baron. You will want to play smart here. Keep with the harassment and you should have and by the end of this game. is close now.

Late Game

Here you will finish DFG, and start on or . You should keep up the scouting, shroom placement, and ganks. You will want to watch and make sure that your shrooms are up in all key locales. Again, map awareness is key to success. Dont get too aggressive. Play smart, not Greedy. is lvl'd in this game for the simple fact that you will need to be extremely mobile. If you can complete LB, than you will be moving like you are strapped to a rocket. Use this for shroom placement, scouting, chasing, and escaping.

NOTE: Shrooms can be used for Tele-Ganking. If you have mates that have , they can use your shrooms to port to. That will maximize lane time without giving up much as much.

1v1 & Jungling

Often very squishy, if you can get the drop on someone, is a very good 1v1 champ. Its best if you can open while stealthed. You gain a 40% AS buff for 3 seconds. If you can get that stealth opening, this is how things should play out.

>Auto-attacks for debuff> > / proc>Consume LB proc/ >GG

There is so much burst here its crazy. Most champs try to swarm when they see its a squishy, but this build will give you 5 seconds of the blinding effect on the target. That will kill champs like , , , and to name a few. Take advantage of this kind of control.

Jungling isnt somthing I think should do. IMO, the only reason he should be there is for setting up shrooms, getting the buffs/ stealing enemy buffs, and cutting across the map. If you are needing to farm some gold, than stop at a few camps. You are important to the team, in terms of map awareness, so stay on top of key points.

Ganking & Team Pushing

Ganking is similar to 1v1. Find the carry or support thats hiding in the back and go for them. Now if you cant make your way to the back, than find a focus in the middle of the fight. is a great item to use on tanks so save this if the tank is giving you trouble. If you can communitcate ganks with the team, you should try to get the ganks started in a place where you have plenty of shrooms. Keeping the enemy slowed is one of the great things the scout is good at.

Team pushing is something that you need to learn to be good at. You will want to put shrooms behind your team as you push. For example you are pushing top lane. As you pass each section of brush, plant a shroom. Anywhere the enemy could come from behind, you need to shroom. This will let you and your team know if someone is trying to flank you. Also, since you are suppose to be standing in the back, you will be able to cover your flanks better.


HOMIES: Stunners and Taunters. , , , ,

HATERS: Its hard to find Haters with this build. The blinding power is crazy, and it makes killing you hard. But usually heavy burst champs and stunners are killer. , , ,