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League of Legends Build Guide Author ManGoPow

Teemo: The Hasty Slayer

ManGoPow Last updated on February 26, 2011
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Greetings fellow summoners. This is the first build I have created. If you have played as Teemo, you know that he can be very much a nuisance to the opposing team as well as the primary target of any enemy champion strolling by. Although Teemo may be quite squishy, that is not to say that he can't avoid a lot of what is coming for him using his cunning speed and slowing effects.

The build that I have put together uses mainly attack damage (AD) and attack speed (AS) along with some helpful lifesteal (LS) and ability power (AP).

If you are new to using Teemo, I have found that this build is quite helpful in soloing enemy champions. The beginning of the game is always quite difficult for him because of his very low health, but as the game progresses, he becomes a killing machine.

Please feel free to try out my build and leave me comments telling me what you think and if there are any renovations that should be made. Thanks!

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Pros and Cons

There are many pros for playing as Teemo, as well as many cons. Sometimes it just depends on what type of team composition you are playing against as well as what champions your teammates use. But here are some pros and cons that are consistent:

- Strong and fast attacks that also cause damage over time.
- Surprise attacks on enemy champions using passive ability.
- Mushrooms can be used as farming tools and damaging wards.
- Can usually out-damage an opponent one-on-one once gear is acquired and skill is used.
- Hit-and-runs can be effective in slowly taking down enemy champs.
- Very useful in solo lanes.
- One of the faster champions that can use speed to chase down enemies that run.

- Probably the most obvious, Teemo is a very weak and squishy champion.
- If the opposing team has any common sense, Teemo will be its primary target.
- Might have a hard time at start of game against certain melee or ranged champions.
- Must constantly move to place mushrooms on the map and escape enemies.

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With the items I prefer, I gain a lot of AD, AS, and some AP and LS as well. This is primarily an AD build so that is what the items revolve around.

Vampiric Scepter - I've found this item to be one of the most useful at the beginning of the game. It doesn't provide any health but it does give 12% LS which will help sustain Teemo's health a little better so he can last in the lane longer. It will also build later on into The Bloodthirster.

Berserker's Greaves - These boots will be of great assistance early on in the game with their movement speed increase as well as the 25% AS increase.

Phantom Dancer - This item and The Bloodthirster can be interchangeable in purchase order. I prefer Phantom Dancer first because I find it more beneficial to receive multiple small bonuses quickly instead of waiting for one larger bonus, especially this early in the game. It provides more AS and movement speed.

The Bloodthirster - This is where the Vampiric Scepter purchased first comes into play. With this item you gain a lot of AD and LS. It also provides bonus AD and LS that caps at 40 kills. Obviously you won't be getting 40 kills in one game, nor 40 kills in one game uninterrupted. The bonuses are lost upon death which can make them kind of pointless if you are getting killed every once in awhile, especially since Teemo is a primary target, but they are an addition along with the great stats nonetheless.

Hextech Gunblade - This item, Madred's Bloodrazor, and Infinity Edge are all really interchangeable in purchase order. The Hextech Gunblade provides Teemo with more LS but mainly a nice boost in AD and AP. The active ability can be used against runaway champions if they are at low health or need to be slowed down.

Madred's Bloodrazor - This item will greatly assist Teemo in quickly taking down squishy champions with the extra AS and the passive ability. The passive ability also helps with stronger tank champions that might have more armor and resistance.

Infinity Edge - This last item will increase your critical strike damage by 50% and give Teemo a lot of extra AD and critical strike chance.

If you successfully purchase all of these items you will be one-shotting minions easily and taking down champions with ease. Squishy champions should be a peace of cake but there might be a little bit of kiting technique involved. In team fights try to take cover from a distance while taking down the primary damaging enemies first.

I know that it is very unlikely that somebody will be able to purchase all of these items in one single match because they have quite high costs, but even just having the ingredient items of them is a major help.

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Teemo does not have an array of skills that he will be trying to manage constantly in battle, which can be very nice in some circumstances.

Camouflage Camouflage - This is Teemo's passive ability. It is very useful when ganking enemy champions or hiding when necessary.

Blinding Dart - Teemo's one ability that he will be using frequently in battle. It causes the target to miss its attacks for a certain amount of time as well as doing some decent damage. It can be useful when starting sneak attacks. You want to up the rank of this skill without hesitation.

Move Quick - This skill is less of a priority. It increases your movement speed for a certain amount of time unless damage is done to you by a champion or turret. It can be useful when trying to run away from battles. I would not suggest trying to tower dive using this skill though.

Toxic Shot - A great damage-over-time skill. It is passive so you don't have to worry about managing it. All of your attacks now deal damage-over-time to targets. This can be very effective in farming minions. Hitting each minion once or twice and moving on to the next will kill them all quickly until higher levels when you will be one-shotting them.

Noxious Trap - The famous mushrooms! These fatal fungi can be planted all around the map in strategic spots. They are helpful as wards to be placed by the dragon or Baron. They do quite a decent amount of damage as a damage-over-time effect. They can also be used to farm minions quickly all at once. Unfortunately, if the enemy has stealth detection they aren't of that much use. But usually they do a fantastic job as lookouts and disabling traps.

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Runes are usually based on what the player wants more of or less of. It's the same case with this build. Since it is based on attack damage, speed, and crit, obviously these are the runes you want to incorporate into the build. As for what type of rune to use for each statistic, it really depends on what you prefer to have more of. These are just the runes I have had the most success using.

Greater Quintessence of Malice - This rune provides you with a good amount of critical strike rating. Using all quintessence rune slots, the greatest amount of one statistic is provided next to marks.

Greater Mark of Alacrity - I prefer to have more attack speed than everything else, so I used all of my mark slots for AS runes. Using all mark rune slots, the greatest amount of one statistic is provided (above quintessences, seals, and glyphs).

Greater Seal of Might - Since we have already built up quite a lot of attack damage, getting AD out of runes is less of a priority. That is why I chose to use seals to build up the AD a little bit more. Using all seal rune slots, the 3rd greatest amount of one statistic is provided (above glyphs).

Greater Glyph of Furor - The least important, in my opinion, is critical damage. Glyphs can really be interchangeable with any of the other statistics seeing as they don't give much of a bonus anyway. They help a small amount though. Using all glyph rune slots, the least amount of one statistic is provided.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells are also your preference.

Exhaust - I usually use Exhaust because it is very helpful in team fights when taking down the easiest, most devastating targets first. It can also be used when ganking. I put the one point into Cripple in the Offense tree but it can be put in any of the masteries in that tier.

The second spell is up to you. When playing 5v5, I sometimes like to use Teleport to get around easier when necessary. In 3v3, I will grab Heal or Ignite since those matches can get more up close and personal.

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Combining all of these items, ability, and runes, Teemo can become quite a devastating force to wreckon with. Please feel free to critique me on anything that you feel would be a better method than what I have posted. Any constructive criticism and feedback from fellow players would be fantastic and would benefit more people than just me. Thank you!