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Teemo- Tips and an Efficient Build

Last updated on June 29, 2010
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Teemo Build

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I highly enjoy playing Teemo, in large part due to his versatility. All sorts of builds are viable, but this one manages to be both affordable and extremely effective in cre GOOGLE "BLUE WAFFLE"ating a DPS Teemo. I'm going to assume that you, the readers, are at least acquainted with Teemo, so I won't be explaining what his skills do or anything like that. However, I will try to go into interesting ways to use them that you may or may not already use, so give that part a read too!

Teemo is both a strong offensive support and a highly effective assassin. Keeping this in mind, this build focuses on boosting attack power and attack rate. Your mushrooms and poison won't be as effective as an AP Teemo's, but you'll be far more powerful and capable of getting kills in mere seconds by about midway through the game.

Blinding Dart
Blind is one of the more useful status effects when it comes to fighting non-caster champions, and that's what this does. It can be used for all sorts of things.

OK, disable is a bit misleading, but a melee champ who's unable to hit anything is effectively made useless. It's relatively easy to lure a greedy enemy champ off on a chase, let them close the distance, and blind them. From there you can kill them with ease! Or if you prefer the direct approach, jumping out of the brush with a blind followed by a facefull of poison works too.

Blinding makes a team gank much easier. You may choose to lure them in as described above, or simply surround them with a buddy or 4. Regardless, blinding them first makes most characters about as tough as a pinata for as long as it lasts. But again, this isn't very useful against casters.

3)Psychological Warfare
A bit extreme of a term, but this move coupled with your poison can cause players to fear you, especially early game. Whoever you're laning against early on will most likely not want to mess with a Teemo who can bring them down to half health with a blind and a few quick shots. You won't want to try to gank too early, but if an enemy champ is getting too close for comfort, you can easily create some breathing room. Just be sure to use your creeps as a barrier, and attack from a good range.

I don't place Blinding Dart as high as Poison Shot priority-wise, because a few early levels are enough for a while. That extra time is nice though, so you will want to max it out relatively early.

Move Quick
This is why Teemo moves so darn fast. It's a cheap ability that doesn't make you pay anything beyond when you toggle it, so use it whenever you're trying to get from point A to point B.

1) Chasing
This will hopefully be what you use this for the most. With move quick and a decent pair of boots, you can outrun just about anybody. Because of this, you can hunt down weakened enemies with relative ease. Just don't too cocky, or you may get yourself killed instead.

2) Fleeing
I have a story on how useful (and entertaining) fleeing with this skill can be. We were at the bottom enemy entrance, and I got a bit greedy, leading to me being about one hit from death. I went to retreat, but their Tryndamere (who was at half health) apparently had enough of me and began to chase. Thanks to this build and Move Quick, I ran with him at my heels through the jungle and back to my base. He then got killed by our entrance turret.

Ideally you won't need to flee for your life, but in the event that you do, no one is as capable as Teemo.

Really though, one rank of this skill is enough for most games. I place it at level 7 because you really shouldn't go hunting or need to run across the map until you have mushrooms and a few items, but if you feel you need it, level 5 is a good choice as well.

Toxic Shot
Almost any Teemo player will tell you that taking Toxic Shot from level 1 is key. I've found this to be true for several reasons.

1) Poison Spreading
Poison spreading is a great way to tear through creeps and last hit easily. Shoot each creep in the wave once, then repeat after shooting them all. The poison will most likely net you the last hit, or at the very least guarantee that you will get the most exp you can.

2) DOT
Damage over time. You'd be amazed at how much damage Teemo's poison can deal, even if you let your enemies run. Feel free to let a nearly dead enemy run. Worst case scenario, they survive by a hair or with a last minute heal and blue pill it back to base, leaving their team down a man. Best case, you get a kill, or assist if an ally catches them.

Be wary though; Teemo's poison draws tower fire, so don't try to tower dive a poisoned enemy unless you're sure you can net the kill and get out in time.

Since Teemo's damage is almost completely reliant on his normal attacks, and we're playing a DPS Teemo, this his his most important skill (yes, even more than mushrooms). Of course, you should still level that at every opportunity.

Noxious Trap
AKA mushrooms, and the reason Teemo has a badger skin, these little buggers are incredibly useful. I could go on and on about how useful these things are, but BlueSquared does a great job of it in his guide. I'll even link you guys, just to be nice.

Seriously though, mushrooms are great, even if you aren't using them as often as an AP Teemo would. Scouting has never been more fun, or more deadly.

I use Exhaust and Teleport with a lot of characters, and I find it works well with Teemo. That said though, Flash is a great substitute for Teleport if you don't want it, or plan to take Move Quick early. I like Exhaust for being another blind, as well as a slow, something Teemo lacks.

I'm leaving this section empty for now, as I'm not level 30 yet. That said though, BlueSquared once again has a great build for a DPS Teemo. Check that link if you haven't already.

Now we get to the point of the guide. I recommend that you start with a Dagger and a health pot. From there, build greaves, and depending on how well your laning goes, a Malady when you return. At this point, you're capable of doing some serious damage. I'd generally recommend that if you're going to purchase parts of items that you're going to finish later, you pick the ones that boost attack speed. Use your discretion on that one.

You may have noticed that I don't have a 6th item. This is because at this point it rarely matters. Again, use your discretion. Remember though- you don't really need more HP. Your attacks are so strong and fast that you can down the most HP heavy characters in mere seconds, especially if you've got a level advantage. If you are pressed for life though, try a life steal item. It goes well with the rest of the build.

I'll add more to this guide over time. Feel free to make recommendations and comments!

Last note- thanks to BlueSquared for linking me to this site through his guide.