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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mudkep

Teemo, your Backdoor Neighbor

Mudkep Last updated on December 19, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

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Hello this is my first build ever, I play Teemo in a very herbivore yet an aggressive manner. However, this is a very unreliable guide because your score may fluctuate depending on who you are laning against. Please read through this guide and make a comment, because I would like to know how bad my guide is.

My Item Choices

The core items I picked to start out was the�
Ninja Tabi
Provides extra dodge rate and armor increasing your survivability and makes use of �Nimbleness�
Madreds Blood Razor
Allows you to melt through tanks especially after you have Nashors teeth, instantly tears 4% of their HP per hit
Frozen Mallet
Increases your HP by 700 and slows them down allowing you to utilize kiting a lot easily and chasing your prey. Not to mention that wonderful tiny attack boost. (I mean honestly, how can not you catch them, Ninja Tabi, Nimbleness if activated, Move Quick)
Nashors Tooth
Provides a 25% Cooldown Reduction allowing you to utilize the full usage of those annoying mushrooms that everyone hates (except for your team that is�) and an even higher attack speed! Also� that extra mana regeneration which I normally ignore due to the fact I hog the golem buffs.
Blood Thirster(s)
Life steal and damage? About time you get your normal damage up in bursts along with life steal.

My Rune Choices

Well I guess they somewhat help as the dodge rate increases % of getting nimbleness allowing you to get that wonderful 10% MR increase. Other than that I use these runes because Mana Regen on the Glyphs is really cheap for 205 each I think and yeah� these are actually the runes I have. I am not rich. :D Plus armor penetration really helps with the early game/mid game harassment� believe me IT makes a difference.

Playing Style

Early Game:
Get last hits, unless the other team is really bad then do not over-push seeing that you are very vulnerable in the beginning of the game. Harass the enemies once in a while but do not over-push it Blinding Dart + Regular Hit and back away. Toxic shots will do the rest for you. However, if you think you can get a lot of hits off their tower, do not harass unless they get too close. Toxic shot will force the turret to automatically attack you and your wonderful 200 hp will disappear.
By now you should have you shrooms, set them in key positions such as bushes that are closer to mid warning you of ganks. Other than that, just place it in your lane but not where minions walk by. Your goal is to run if you feel uncomfortable, or if they are trying to be sneaky� well fail once they step on a shroom, get your blinding dart + regular hit on them once that happens. If you have a phage, you can pretty much kite them back and forth. If you want to gank, feel free to seeing that a Phage MAY slow but it is not guaranteed.
Late Game: Do you feel quite useless in team fights? Well, just set shrooms around one lane and continuously pursue that one lane. Your teammates may distract the teammate as you farm gold and backdoor your way their base. Your items should allow you to deal some major damage if they attempt to stop your pursuit of happiness backdoor. Unless you play a major role in team fights, then continue with that wonderful backdoor!!!

Summoner Spells


Flash: I personally love this spell, this allows you to flash your way out of danger, and turn on Move Quick for a quick get-away. Also, you can flash in and out of Dragon/Baron! A perfect escape! >:D
Teleport: This allows you to get to a tower quickly, or to a shroom for an epic backdoor. You may not like it, but I personally love Teleport.

Good Ones:

Ghost: Well if you are not getting Crowd Controlled like crazy, then you should be able to escape or kite�
Ignite: Well you better be really aggressive if you have ignite�
Revive: Meh� dedicated to laning? :P

What you should NOT get:

Exhaust: Blinding Dart exists for this purpose, other than that you also have a �frozen mallet/phage� for the slow
Heal: Really good in the beginning of the game, terrible late game.
Fortify: Yeah� maybe for support characters but just not you
Clairvoyance: Shrooms *whistle whistle*
Rally: I have no idea how this works� I have never used it before >_>
Clarity: Steal a golem buff, or your Nashors tooth will provide for you

People you do NOT want to lane against

Malphite: Throws this barrel at you and has Dirt armor, too difficult to harass, you are the one who suffers the bigger loss
Mundo: All your efforts wasted in that one Ultimate, not to mention his cleavers HURT. But he�s not that good� *cough cough*
Zilean: Same as Malphite, except it hurts more but he does take damage :]
Galio: Builds magic resistance making you weak in the beginning of the game, not to mention if he�s really good it WILL hurt
Ashe: First couple of levels your alright with the harassment, and then bam, she�s spamming volley like there�s no tomorrow QQ
[Need more ideas on which champions to avoid, and how to improve a guide]