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League of Legends Build Guide Author Squirtle


Squirtle Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Utility: 0

Foreword: Play it before you rate it. Comment when you rate it too, thanks. I also want to mention that this guide mostly applies for Summoner's Rift, and that I might talk about Twisted Treeline later.

Mastery Tree:

Found that 21-9-0 build covers the improved versions of my summoner skills as well as a boosted attack and a fair amount of defense that is helpful during the game. Teemo doesn't benefit a lot from having 21 in either defense or utility in my opinion partially because stuff from masteries are small anyways, and if you ever get hit as a Teemo, you're generally dead anyways because you ARE squishy and they WILL target you with their CC.


Armor pen runes are just good, and that's period. Shredding through their armor and then some seriously cripples any squishy that you would face, and you probably would face many. Magic pen runes could also work here, if you choose a more AP side, but generally, Armor pen runes work a lot better in terms of pure damage early and mid game.
Generally, the preferred seals would be Dodge, because it saves you from otherwise gruesome deaths from auto attacks. Sometimes, I also consider attack speed, mainly because high attack speed with Black Cleaver and Guinsoo's is really... just really... indescribable.
CDR glyph runes are pretty amazing here and it's pretty great for just about any characters that you would come across. I guess by this time you could tell that my runes are pretty much like the average runes that work on just about any character >.>. Yet somehow these runes have amazing synergy for a typical Teemo.
Health Quints! Aiight I wont go through the talk about this set being useful for most champions that anyone would come across, these quints really do help poor Teemo survive rather fatal blows during the course of the game.

Summoner Spells:

Teemos need Exhaust. Might be a blunt statement, but what's Teemo's job in a teamfight? It's mainly to make those melee dpsers useless. If their melee dpsers are useless, that makes the teamfight for them THIS much harder to win. It's also good for chasing or running early game.

Flash is really just so good in so many situations, mainly helping Teemo survive after he finishes disabling the melee dpsers. Other options could be ghost, teleport or ignite. An exhaust/ ignite Teemo is something to be reckoned with. Ghost makes Teemo run at around 550 speed, making you faster than everything else around you for a time being, and it's also super fun LOL. Teleport gives you better lane control and lets you get around to plant mushrooms everywhere, so it's pretty good in that sense.


Probably the funniest skill. Early game, you could load faster, buy faster, get to your lane faster, camo, and get a few first hits on their champs as they come along LOL. You could also score a few kills when you shroom an area around the bush and inside the bush, then hide in the bush. Did you know, when you camo inside a bush your invisible to other people hiding in the bush? It's surprising how many kills that are possible if you hide in the right bushes. Let them recall for like 5 seconds, and their attention will shift to other things while you suddenly pop out with a large boost in attack speed and run them over before they look back to see what happened.

Blinding Dart_
Your nuker and your disabler. Unless your building AP, it wont be that much of a nuke, but it still hurts, believe me. This is the first skill you use in a teamfight, unless you decide to drop a few shrooms before-hand. Please don't waste this on their tank that's initiating. 6 seconds is a LONG time to wait in terms of a typical team fight. 3.5 seconds is also a LONG time too =D.

Move Quick_
This thing is badddd. Seriously wont help you run away at all. Probably helps early game, but late game, you wouldn't be getting away from anything. That's why you always keep this skill on, since it does give a serious boost in speed. You should always prioritize putting points on this skill last. One point is enough early game to make you faster than everyone else.

Toxic Shot_
Some people like to have a point in Blinding Dart first, but I generally like the idea about weakening the enemy to a point where you could nuke them for a surprising 80 damage later on when they least expect it. Instead of harassing with Blinding Dart, saving it up for a quick First Blood is better. Having Toxic Shot instead of Blinding Dart also saves you mp for shrooms later.

Noxious Trap_
What makes Teemo Teemo is this skill. I talk about this skill more in the later section, Playing Tips. Some people like to shroom the Baron when it appears, but its not really needed that early in the game unless they have a good jungler. Shroom Baron starting around 30-40 minutes when the game really gets intense. The other only time that you shroom Baron when it appears is if you notice that the game is probably going to end before mid game ends. Another good place to shroom is the Dragon, which is a significant mid game monster that you should always keep your eyes on. Shrooming your buffs also work in your advantage, preventing buff stealers, and might even give your team an easy gank. When shrooming any of these camps, always keep in mind that your shrooms job is to scout, so place them in places where they will generally not be hit to ensure a successful gank. The enemy will probably be more careful if they step into your shroom.

Item Build:

Here's a breakdown of the item build if you felt frustrated while looking at the one with pictures.
What really helps out is having mana and health pots here and there, they seriously don't interfere with the gold gathering, in fact, I think they actually increase it, since it allows for more lane presence. Although I neglected to mention pots in the build(it takes up space to me) it doesn't mean that you shouldn't have pots. Common sense to bring along a health pot with your Doran's blade at the start of the game.

Doran's Blade
Boots of Speed
Doran's Blade
Boots of Swiftness
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Infinity Edge
The Black Cleaver
Phantom Dancer

I wont lie, Doran's Shield is way more useful in terms of lane presence, but we Teemos aren't there to get hurt are we? The blade allows for more damage while also giving you some lane presence, which is enough to keep you in your lane while ensuring some form of harassment if they get too close. Since Teemo is just SO squishy, tacking on another Doran's Blade isn't a bad choice, and I usually wait until I can get both my Boot and my blade,(around 800 gold) before I pop my blue pill to shop. Malady + Guinsoo are amazing on a Teemo, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. These 2 items practically make up the core of your build, with everything after it part of a practical AD build- to hate on squishies. The whole AD part, from Infinity Edge down, could be customized to your liking; the general ideas would be to add some form of bulky damage output and another form of attack speed. I've listed a few ideas, and will post more up as they come along.

Mejai's Soulstealer
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Lich Bane

Madred's Bloodrazor
Nashor's Tooth
The Black Cleaver

Playing Tips:

Golden rule_
Never hold more than 2 mushrooms at one time, if you find that you have 3 mushrooms in hand, unless you don't have mana, immediately plant that mushroom where ever you are, it doesn't really matter unless you're in your spawn.

Early Game_
Most importantly, ONLY LAST HIT, you don't want to push your lane early game, you're still vulnerable to ganks and the like. You also don't want them to start tower hugging on you, making First Bloods almost impossible to get.
Look at who you're laning with, if they go along the lines of caster or healer, STAY BACK. These guys generally over extend themselves because they either hurt you a lot, or have the ability to maintain their lane presence for a LONG LONG time. General rule is to hit them if they get too close, or harassing them while moving in and out of bushes so that it's super hard to target you with their abilities. If you lane against melee dpsers, or tanks, harass them so much while trying to keep the creep wave near the center, which basically means trying to zone your opponent out, there's a YouTube video about zoning if you're interested in that. Always stop harassing if you find that they start tower hugging, and just lay back and let them push your minion wave to give you space to harass them. Don't forget to last hit though, it seriously doesn't help you push your minion wave because the minion is already about to die.

Mid Game_
By this time, you should be higher than level 6, should have your boots handy, and if possible, letting your lane partner solo his lane. Your job at this point is to gank and set up mushrooms everywhere. Always pay attention to where your enemy is, and don't wonder from lane to lane if you cant see them. Having a stock of mana pots at this point lets you plant more mushrooms while not having to warp back. If you find your team getting harassed pretty badly, you know where you should prioritize your mushrooms. Other than that, shrooming up the mid lane is probably the best choice. Your second priority is your jungle, helping you keep out random people trying to steal your buffs and such. It also makes it super hard for the enemy to gank your team when they can be seen when they decide to travel through your jungle. You should also pay attention to which lane is always abandoned, and drop a few mushrooms in the middle of those lanes to hold back minion advances. There's the 4 bushes in the river that is probably the best places to keep a shroom in, since they are the most used gank spots.

Late Game_
Keep up your mushrooms. If you're winning, start shrooming your enemy's jungle, and drop mushrooms in the middle of lanes that's always pushed the most so running away is THAT much easier. In teamfights, disable the strongest melee dpsers, then flash out. Sometimes you really don't have to flash out because your team is more coordinated and cover you as you do your blinding. Always prioritize squishies. I always see people hitting the tanks and it really annoys me when they don't realize that tanks cant do anything without a team. I know it's probably natural to aim for tanks, they are initiating. If you leave the tank to initiate and you don't retaliate, it's not like their team will start running in, but don't keep focusing on the tank when his team is there too ... Oh btw, if you're every holding any shrooms during a teamfight, you're playing Teemo wrong. Drop those mushrooms as they come along if you're in a teamfight, it could be the difference between life and death sometimes.

I check back often to update it according to people's opinions, so feel free to drop a criticism, suggestion, or even a simple comment knowing that I WILL look at them.