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Temmo the poison master

Last updated on July 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Pre- Game Build
This part of my guide explains what summoner spells I use/ rune set and mastery tree the reason for using them.
First is my summoner spells. The most important spell that I use is
Clairvoyance- reveals an area of the map for 6 sec (usable anywhere)/
I found that by using this spell I can help-

- prevent ganks, see, golem/lizard spots, see baron, find junglers, ect.
- see how the lanes are going to be set before we see them from the fog of war
- set up team battles/ key points
also this spell can be casted while in stealth. ^^
Ignite- Ignite is a tick spell that deals damage and lowers that effectiveness of health regen/ heals.
- i use this for the final blow for first bloods/ reduce healing from the other team
Next is my rune set. I go with armor pen. marks, dodge seals, cooldown glyphs, health quient. I know that Temmo can played as a caster but I play Temmo as a hybrid ranged DPS.
with this rune set i can survive first bloods slightly easier and still deal decent damage to low level low armor foes. the cooldown help to cast blinding shot much faster.

other spell-
exhaust- a slow and blinding move very popular to set up all sorts of situation
Ghost- allow temmo to blaze through the map at great speeds, combine w/ move quick and some boots , temmo can reach movement speeds of 500+
Flash - a spell that teleports the champion to target location (range maybe 700 range + 50 range)
Clarity/Heal- heals health(heal)/ Mana(clarity) for a set amount rising as you lv these two spells can make it so you can lane longer and help well in team fights.
teleport- teleport Champion to nearby minion or pet. this can also be used on traps, shrooms, towers, wards, loads of uses.

Spells i would avoid
revive- revives champion at spawning pool instantly 9 min cooldown. not worth to use this does not help stay in fight or push lanes, does not prevent ganks. to me worthless unless it can revive you at the spot where you died at but most likely not. not worth grabbing
rally- due to the recent nerf. it does not heal you or your allies any more it just a beacon that give 10-35 extra damaga that is it. i still has uses but not with this champion.
smite deals lots of damage to minions or pets. Temmo cannot jungle so this spell is more of less useless for him. this spell can help kill pets faster but leave that to your jungler.
fortify - give turrets invulnerability and doubles their attack speed for 6 seconds. while on cooldown, increase damage to minion by 9. this spell is nice but Temmo can use better spells to protect his turret.

My mastery build follow the Utility tree for cooldown reduction/ mana regen and the Offence tree for the cooldown reduction/, spell pen.

Start- (lv 1-6)
since Temmo can lane anywhere with almost no change to any build you are planning to use, you have lots of options. I usually start with a ruby crystal. This will give another 180 health. so with runes this will give Temmo around 740 health -+ 4 health. So pick whichever lane you need to be at. For me I will head to the bottom lane. As you head toward your lane use your clairvoyance spell towards your lane to see who you are facing. This will give you a status on your enemy. you can also use this spell as you reach your tower. (remember the clairvoyance spell have a very low cooldown. abuse it! around 55 sec and last for 10 seconds)

As you start pushing towards the enemy tower be very defensive. Always be ready to cast blinding shot whenever you can(usually only use on the enemy champions not the minions). when you recall for any reason remember to save up for the first main item on the list
(phage) and maybe some boots of speed (item cost on first recall 1190) this is possilbe to do if you can get 1 kill 2 assist and get around 25 minion kills(estimate).

mid game (lv 6-14)
at this point. you should have at least 2 ranks in toxic shot, 2 ranks in blinding dart 1 rank in move quick and 1 rank in noxious trap. of course you can choose to have more poison damage or more damage with a long range spell. Also decide of which ability to max out toxic shot or blinding dart. Having 1 rank in move quick has a decent movemet speed buff already. so max out move quick last. This is where you need to set up possible points on where the enemy might be at. for me place trap near dragon/baron, lizard/golem buffs. start there. if you still laning around this level start placing these trap all over your lane. Ideally bushes because even if they a vison ward, in the middle of the lane or an oracle, if they go into a bush and you have a trap waiting at the edge of it they will still step on these traps. of course assuming that the vision ward is not in a bush or near some bushes. If you can start either pushing the enemy tower in your current lane or move to a lane that need the push (most likely middle lane) make sure to stay at some distance towards your enemy. because melee champions will take you down quick if you are not careful, otherwise pick a weak target and wait for an ambush or gank (use whatever word you wish to use it means the same thing LOL)
when you reach level 14 you should have
-full rank in toxic shot and blinding dart
- 2 ranks in noxious trap
- 1 rank in move quick.

Late game (level 14 - endgame)
now at this point you should at least complete 3 items on the item build(phage, choice of boots, emblem or cutlass. ) now this is where the majority of the team fight will start at if not already. use your speed and range to your advantage. with phage your opponents should not get too far from you to finish him/her off. it okay to run away if the going get tough but try to gauge your power and survivability so you can be the most effective to your team and to yourself. continue to finish the emblem or cutlass to final item form (Emblem= Stark's Fervor/ Cutlass= Hextech Gunblade) remember to also keep upgrading your champion abilities.
At 18 you will have every skill maxed out
- 5 ranks in toxic shot, blinding dart, move quick
- 3 ranks in noxious trap
also keep up with the kills to finish up the item build. (see full build in item build)
the build is 5 items so now if the game keeps going decide on what you and the team needs most.

Thank you and keep scouting out for more chances to shine. so "move out"