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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Terrifying Top Teemo

Last updated on March 3, 2014
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Teemo Build

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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How to piss people off.

This is a pretty standard harass build that I use for teemo. The whole idea is that you Q to blind them and proc your lichbane and follow that up with one auto attack and back off. The auto attack gets the extra dmg from lich bane while also applying his poison. The blind either scares the player off after being hit or they try to engage and chase after you with your blind buying time to back off without taking any real kind of dmg. Lich bane also gives that base speed increase which combined with teemos W makes him extremely quick very early.

By harassing like this you can completely shut down the enemy's farm because if they get close enough to last hit a minion you inflict the pain. You just sit there farming and if they get close smack em. Just keep in mind your q range is longer then your aa range so if you cant land your aa afterwards dont chase them down just for it. Wait for q to come back up and try again. Getting caught after blind wears off is a bad bad thing.

The items are pretty self explanatory. I get the tome first for a little extra dmg. Either that or boots first doesnt really matter. Boots might be better at first until you get used to the shoot and run play style. So pick one of those and health pots. Teemo doesnt use alot of mana until he hits 6 so no point in mana pots.

Deathcap and Liandrys are interchangeable. If it seems like the jungle is coming top alot get liandrys first. It does double dmg when they hit your shrooms because of the slow effect from shrooms. They by the time they reach you they are pretty beat up. If jungle isnt much of a bother just go deathcap first for that heavy dmg.

Also for your trinket go with the sweeping lens to clear wards. Obviously teemo doesnt really need wards because shrooms.

Mushroom placement is extremely important. I always start with 2 in the river bush, one at both ends, and on in the top tribush. This pretty much gives complete sight on anyone heading your way. Depending on what side you are on I also put on at the river entrance to blue buff. It will piss off anyone trying to counter jungle. After that I set them up in trails along the river or in their jungle depending on how far forward you are. That way either their jungle is hitting multiple shrooms on his way up or the enemy top is hitting them when trying to run away. There is really no point in putting any shrooms in the top bushes. Everyone expects them to be there so they never go in the bushes anyways. Just sneak into the bushes every once in a while to make it seem like you are dropping one in them.

Always always always try and keep one shroom stored up at any given time. This is mainly for any kind of champs that have a jump or gap closer. ie pantheon et al. Then you can just drop the mushroom right behind you and back off. important to place it behind you and not in front of you or on them because it takes a second to set before it can explode and if they are smart/quick enough they can dodge it. Another fun thing is to place the mushroom where you are standing to farm but make sure its not somewhere minions will walk into and make sure the enemy saw you place it. Then basically they know if they jump on you they will hit the mushroom no matter what. Just another way to keep them at range.

Few little things:

Try and save your W for backing off. Only use it to chase if you are going for the kill or they are at least low enough you know they wont turn on you after blind wears off.

Summoner Spells. I prefer ignite flash on everything all the time. Thats just me. Id say keep ignite no matter, just so much damage over time with teemos kit, but flash can be swapped out for sprint or teleport depending on playstyle.

Fun little combo for people that like to jump on you is: drop a mushroom on yourself, q, aa, ignite if ready, zhonyas. You can just watch all those DoTs taking all their health while invulnerable. By the time your hourglass fades they cant do much and your combo is much closer to being off cooldown.

Masteries. I prefer putting the extra 9 points in utility. Just seems to work best with my playstyle. Putting them into defense for the extra health and resistances work too.

Runes are simple. Stick with ap, magic pen, cdr, or even movement speed. Whatever you already have. They really dont make to big of a difference.

Keep in mind this build works best against melee/bruisers/tanks. Its kinda squishy so avoid getting caught. Once you have the deathcap you do massive damage against aps and squishy ranged. Avoid high burst champions with gap closers. Le Blanc, Talon, and champs like them will just smack you around like the little girl you are.