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Last updated on January 21, 2011
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Cho'Gath Build

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There are two ways to build Cho'Gath. Which variation you choose highly depends

on the composition and playstyle of the enemy team.

To start with, i always take a Doran's Ring ((Doran's Ring)) because of the

health, and more importantly the mana regen. Try not to spam your spells too

much at the start as this big guy runs out of mana very easily. Instead use

Fissure ((Fissure)) to help your laning partner to escape from ganks, or to

harass your enemy.

Lane for a while, and by the time you are lvl 6 you should have a decent idea

about the quality of the enemy team. Go back to your base and get Mercury's

Treads ((Mercury's Treads)). This is where you make a choice:

A. They don't play very well, and you are almost harassing them to death.

If this is the case, you're lucky. Get Rod of Ages ((Rod of Ages)) as your next

item, starting with the Blasting Wand ((Blasting Wand)). This item gives great

AP and some survivability + mana for more spamming. Keep harassing and you

should have the tower down pretty easily. Use Feast ((Feast)) primarily for

taking down enemies, as it will be dealing HUGE damage Feasting on minions to

get stacks is ok as well, but you won't really need them.

After RoA go for Rabadon's Deathcap ((Rabadon's Deathcap)). By now you should be

a great pusher/farmer, taking down minion waves with just 1 Rupture ((Rupture)).

Next get Rylai's Crystal Scepter ((Rylai's Crystal Scepter)) for the slowing

effect, Void Staff ((Void Staff)) for the Magic Pen and finish with for example

a Zhonya's Hourglass ((Zhonya's Hourglass)) or Lich Bane ((Lich Bane)). Of

course you sell the Doran's Ring ((Doran's Ring)).

This build will deal insane damage with Rupture ((Rupture)), Feral Scream

((Feral Scream)) and Feast ((Feast)), and even your Vorpal Spikes ((Vorpal

Spikes)) will eat away about 20 HP per hit.

Core build: (icon=Mercury's Treads size=64)(icon=Rod of Ages size=64)

(icon=Rabadon's Deathcap size=64)

B. They are able to hold their lane well, and/or push you back to your tower.

In this case you'd best go full tank. After your Ring and Boots immediately go

for Warmog's Armor ((Warmog's Armor)). Farm minions to stack your armor's

passive, and play defensive. If you lane with a carry like Yi or Jax, give him

the kills. Try to feed your carry and babysit him (= stay very close to him so

he'll get away if ganked).

Your next item will depend on the enemies you play against:

- When you encounter 3 or more heavy AP nukers such as Ryze or Kassadin you

should get a Banshee's Veil ((Banshee's Veil)). This will cause them to waste

one of their abilities on your spell shield, ad gives you some very nice

survivability. Next you buy Force of Nature ((Force of Nature)). By this time

their casters should have serious trouble getting you down. Then you get a

Guardian Angel ((Guardian Angel)) to be a pain in the @$$. Last item is up to

you, but usually the game will be finished by the time you can buy this.

- When you're playing against 3 or more melee carries like Yi or Tryndamere get

a Thornmail ((Thornmail)) right after your Warmog's ((Warmog's Armor)), because

it'll hurt them as well. Beware of Madred's Bloodrazors ((Madred's

Bloodrazors))! After the Thornmail ((Thornmail)) buy Guardian Angel ((Guardian

Angel)). Then you can buy a Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen to slow the enemies.

- When you play against a mixed team (which is the one you will be seeing 90% of

the time) you first get Warmog's, then Banshee's ((Banshee's Veil)) or Thornmail

((Thornmail)), depending on who you lane against. Then you buy the other one, so

you're a balanced tank in teamfights. After those 2 get Guardian Angel (Guardian

Angel)) (i really like this item as it gets on the enemies nerves).

Core build: (icon=Mercury's Treads size=64)(icon=Warmog's Armor size=64)

(icon=Guardian Angel size=64)

Its possible to mix the AP build with one of the Tank build variations, but it

will decrease the effectiveness of both offense and defense. Try to focus

enemies with Madreds in team fights, as you'll suffer a lot of damage from them

(due to Warmog's ((Warmog's Armor)) and Feast ((Feast)) stacks).

So in short: If the enemy sucks, go AP and nuke them. If they are good, go Tank

(items depending on their team) and babysit your carry.