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League of Legends Build Guide Author chase


chase Last updated on September 11, 2010
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: Karthus will get mid very often and in order to stay on the right amount of mana, or you have to come back for items, teleport will be very usefull. Another way in which teleport stands out is tactical map usage. Sounds strange? Let me explain it to you. Often you and your team push a lane and find yourselves blocked by the enemy. Everyone is just standing there doing nothing. With teleport you can swap lane fast and go for a turret kill or force the enemy to split. With the ability to devastate turrets (explained in the item section) and superb push capabilities this is an excellent spell for Karthus.

:(beginner)A good Karthus doesn't need clarity! The skill lay waste is very often understood as waste your mana. But it is also wise to have clarity to practise the -lay waste- (Q) skill. Practise to get the optimal amount of gold from minions and blocking your enemy to get his kills.

(advanced players): Karthus, just the same as anivia, has low survivability, and is pretty slow. Getting away will always be a problem. CC (crowd control) has the upper hand when it comes to getting away and be killed by the enemy. Then your wall of pain will be of no use. Flash is the solution. Getting away from target range and have all the time laying a nice wall of pain! This skill should only be added if you won't have to get back all the time for mana.