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League of Legends Build Guide Author bobgeerts

TF dps

bobgeerts Last updated on March 23, 2011
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With this build, i try for the max amount of damage, even without mastery or runes, you will get attack speed and ability cool downs maxed out.

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I chose to forgo any health, armor, or magic resist, purely for the damage you can get. I put in the glyphs of force for early game blue card mana regen, and late game gold card dps. The armor penetration and attack damage runes are mainly for red card / auto attack / gold card damage. Main reason for no speed runes is because of items which will be explained later.

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For the masteries you should realize by now that I am trying to get it so that you can pump out as much damage as you can in a very short fight, all because if you don't kill your enemy in the time that your gold card runs out, they most likely will kill you because of your low health. So you have all your ability power in the beginning for your blue card, make sure you use ignite whenever you can (wisely of course) to give you that extra 10 Ap, and with the amount of AP you have you should have absolutely no problem with mana at any point of the game.

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Ok, fun time here. This is only a list of what you should get IF you are fed, or have enough of a gold income to make it work for you, otherwise forget about getting a few items and try to find something cheaper that will fit the spot of getting you to 2.5 attack speed, and 40% ability cooldown (with the 15% from stacked deck, you only need 25% which you can get with malady). I chose to put in the black cleaver so that you can get the most out of your damage by reducing your enemy's armor even further then with your runes and mastery. Only reason the blood thirster is in there is for the passive increase of your damage, the lifesteal is just an added bonus for if you are jungling or killing minions, it is by no means supposed to keep you alive when attacking an enemy player. Another thing to try to do is early game pick up the sword of the divine when you dont have any stacks of stacked deck, that way you can put in that "burst" of damage early game, and in late game make the enemy reel in pain after you have your attack speed maxed out. Otherwise malady was put in there to give you some extra damage (if they have some but not much magic resist) when using gold card... and if you really wanted to i guess blue card too.

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Summoner Spells

Plain and simple, ghost to catch up or strategically retreat to / from an enemy, and ignite for the extra dps when its on them, and the extra dps from mastery while its on cool down.

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In all, you should see that this is all just suggestion, but after a long time of painful games, and hard learning, i found that this should give everyone with enough experience as TF the little bit of an edge that they could use to kill quickly, just remember though, you are a glass cannon, you hit like a truck, but the second your attacked, your almost or already are dead.

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Pros / Cons

1. You can use destiny every 72 seconds (the lowest you can get it cause of ability cool down cap)
2. your burst and steady dps should be enough to take down anyone with 3k hp in just a few seconds
3. early mana regen from blue card makes it so that you dont have to port back or wait on your mp/5 to kick give you enough to actually do something
4. Gold card hits like a truck

1. Any effect that makes you either lose control of your character, or hinders your movement...will cause you to die.
2. Someone with a high "first attack" like eve coming out of stealth, will severely injure you if not mortally injure.
3. If you are under leveled, didn't get mid, or you just failed a lot and were dead 90% of the time, have fun catching up to your team mates.
4. Not fed, takes a long time to get items.