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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeonuK

TF - Holding the Aces

NeonuK Last updated on April 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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AD - Attack Damage
AP - Ability Power
AS - Attack Speed
TF - Twisted Fate
CD - Cooldown

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Twisted Fate is an all around good champion. There are many different builds for him. People agree and disagree on whether he should be played AD, AP or Hybrid. I have played all types now, and find Hybrid to fit my play style best. AD/AS is generally more consistent damage, but you have to be involved in the fight for longer to get good damage out. AP is very much burst damage, so you run in, do your damage, then get the hell out of there until your cool downs are finished. I find Hybrid to be the best of both if you like. You get the burst damage from the AP side, agreed the burst damage from the AP isn't as high, but then you get the good AS and AD, this means you do a combination of burst and constant damage. This means that you can stay in the fight longer.

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Pros / Cons


Good support with Destiny
Has various CC's such as a stun and a slow
Can earn back mana easily to stay in the lane
Long range attack with wild cards


Auto attack range is short compared to other champs
If mid, can sometimes be hard to harass
Hard to master 'Pick a Card'

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This is the best start item for Hybrid TF. The reason behind this is that it gives you that health boost to steer you away from being a '4 bar squishy'. It provides you with a good amount of AP, and also that important mana ragen.

This is the next item to grab. This is en essential part of your early game as TF. You need these to keep up with your opponents, to get that stun in, or that last hit.

This item is vital because of the movement boost and the attack speed. There are alternatives of boots obviously if you are against a heavy stun team, or heavy AP team, then grab . If against a heavy DPS team, then grab

This is the next item to buy. The reason for getting this before the is the fact that it is cheaper, and offers AS, which in my opinion is better than the base AD and AP. The AS helps your Stacked Deck ability, resulting in greater DPS.

This is key item for TF. This is because of the base statistics, it gives a good amount of AD and AP, but the most important part is the passive, this allows you to gain more AD and AP and AS each hit, as I play TF with a good AS, this is an invaluable item.

Is your next item. This item gives a massive boost to your AS, but also adds you your stacked deck. This items passive, hits 100 magic damage every 4th hit. That is in line with your stacked deck. For most other champions this item is situational, used for champions with high dodge chance. But for TF it is a must!

This item is what you grab next. This is to give an added boost to your AS, but also your AP. This item is good for the CD reduction it brings. This is where your build could change, if you have a champion with a lot of health, good examples are, mundo, vladamir, olaf then you should replace with . Getting this items means you will rip through their health with the high AS combined with the passive of .

This should be your final item. If you get this far, you will be dealing some serious damage already, but will also be getting focused. If you are managing to deal the damage, and get away virtually untouched, they get . If you are getting seriously focused by the enemy team, then think about getting a if the enemy team contains a lot of AP, or the person focusing you is AP. Think about getting a if the enemy team contains a lot of AD/DPS characters, or again the person focusing you is AD. Now if earlier on in the item build you are starting to get picked out, then don't hesitate to get these items, don't worry about where you are in the build, buy one! Getting the necessary defence is key, so you can survive the fight and come out on top. As people say, less damage is better than no damage.

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Skill Sequence

TF is not an easy character to fully master. I am still learning with him, but what I find to be the most important with him is his ability. I find that getting to know the order the cards appear, how long the card will last, and the timing on the ability, so when you need that stun, you can get it ASAP to save yourself.

When I am laning with TF, i generally try to harass with my and so I level these first. When I am going in for the kill, I will firstly tell my team mate what I am planning (so tell him, I am going to go for 'Sivir'). I then charge my to 3, so my next attack deals bonus damage. I go into a bush, and activate my and pick a gold card (stun). I will then attack the squishiest champion, with auto attack and my team mate, get him down.

When in mid, the same applies, but you had to of heavily harassed the enemy, this is why I choose to level when I am mid. This allows a long range harassment, but be careful of the mana cost. Once the enemy is harassed you then charge to 3, so your next attack deals bonus damage. I then activate my and pick a gold card (stun). I then stun the champion and hit with charged, I auto attack, and that should be the enemy dead.

When you are passed level 6 with TF, you will have . This is an amazing ultimate if used right. The first thing to remember when using it to gank an enemy is, to activate and pick a gold card (stun). You then activate your ultimate, click again to teleport where the enemy is going to run! This ultimate has a few second charge so always aim where the champion will be, not where he is at that moment. You then stun the enemy, and , them down.

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I have created this guide, simply because I have played TF many different ways and this is how i get the best out of him and how I now build him! I have seen other guides, tried them, taken the bits out of them that made TF awesome. I think I have created a detailed guide, for people to realise the actual potential of TF. Have fun with the build and I wish you good luck "doin' it".